The Failed Republic!!!

I couldn't hardly believe what I had heard today. Cut spending on our military when we most need them. Cut troop personnal by 120,000 troops. 120,000 more people unemployed and on welfare and food stamps. Is this anyway to treat our soldiers. No! And cut their pay for those who aren't let go. They don't make enough now. If anyone deserves Cadillac plans on Insurance, pay, and benefits its our fighting men and women. Sure as heck not Congress or the Adminstration. The number one job of the Federal Govt. is to protect our Country and its People. And they can't even do that. They can spend Trillions on failed Banks, Corporations, Failed Energy Companies, Acorn, Planned Parenthood, Fast and Furious, Benghzia Scandal, Shutting down Coal Companies, etc., etc., But can't take care of the Nations Safety or our Troops?  They must need to divert more money for the Gigantic Welfare State that they are putting us into. Or Obamacare. The militaries budget is only $500 Billion. Thats a drop in the bucket compared to all the Trillions that have been wasted under this Adminstration and Congress.The security to our Nation and whole free world is in the balance here. They'll fund our enemies , and countries that don't like us all day long. They'll even fund terrorist groups. They now want to pull funding from our ( The Peoples) one ally. The Military. With the full help of the Republican Congress they just gave them blank check debt ceiling where there is no ceiling. So they can waste alot more trillions we dont' have. Then try to convince us we need to cut the military. Hog Wash. Theres something that stinks like a skunk here.None of this makes any sense. Unless your anti-military, anti- american. And your trying to deliberately make us more unsafe and take America down. And if you cut the real military you can sink more money into your private police state. And what really ripps me, Is the gutless Republicans in Congress will probably go along with this. Mind numbingly, Stupid.

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  • they said they want to focus more on terrorism. wonder what terrorist they will be focusing on, i'll bet it want be muslum

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