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August 19

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james c. cochran commented on james c. cochran's blog post First Government Owned Gas Station
"the thing about it is, the public will fall for this just to save 3 cent on the gal. and they are. if this works for the city , it will be expanding to other areas , it will put the little mom and pop owned business out and the government will be…"
Jul 21, 2014
james c. cochran posted a blog post
Somerset's city-owned gas station opens to publicUpdated: Sat 12:13 PM, Jul 19, 2014SOMERSET, Ky. — Somerset’s City Hall ventured into the retail gas business Saturday, opening a municipal-run filling station that supporters call a benefit for…
Jul 19, 2014
james c. cochran posted a blog post
RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS-Regime gone Rogue -As many of the readers of this blog know, Diane Sori of The Patriot Factor and I are partners on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS, our radio show on CPR Worldwide Media and a few months ago, between our two blogs and our…
Jul 12, 2014
james c. cochran commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Because He is Black, Americans Suffer and Die
"good post lloyd thank you"
Jun 8, 2014
james c. cochran commented on capblack's blog post From Kids To Combatants In New Orleans
"i totally agree with you cap , look what happened in louisville this passed week, when you have 12 and 13 year olds running the streets at all hours of the night , where are the parents? until they start holding the parents responsible . i think if…"
Mar 30, 2014
james c. cochran commented on David Huntwork's blog post Why Not Rand Paul?
"the only thing i've got against paul is some issues he has done some double talking and he is backing Mitch McConnell. instead of Biven which is a fiscal conservative"
Mar 24, 2014
james c. cochran posted blog posts
Mar 1, 2014
james c. cochran commented on Darrell D. Olson's blog post The Failed Republic!!!
"they said they want to focus more on terrorism. wonder what terrorist they will be focusing on, i'll bet it want be muslum"
Feb 24, 2014
james c. cochran commented on Herschel Reeves's blog post Unite, or Die rally Flag!
Feb 20, 2014
james c. cochran posted a blog post
February 19, 2014WYMT Home WKYT HomeStation InfoiWitnessText AlertsShare on facebook Share on twitter Share on google_follow iO: Apple Android Google Play Mailing List Daily Email Share on rssWYMT | Eastern KY | News, Weather, SportsHome…
Feb 19, 2014
james c. cochran posted blog posts
Feb 9, 2014
james c. cochran commented on Gordon Avery's blog post What is your impression of this new method of trade? Our dollar is sinking like a rock in this Obama economy and if he is not impeached and indicted it will become worthless; is this to become the new
"bitcoin leading the way for one world government amd one world currentency  (MARK OF THE BEAST)"
Jan 20, 2014
james c. cochran commented on Donnie Lowe's blog post What I Believe
"thank you donnie , great post totally agree"
Jan 13, 2014
james c. cochran posted a blog post
IT IS NOT OVERBy Chuck Baldwin January 9, 2014NewsWithViews.comEverywhere I go, I meet people who seem to believe that it's all over, that there is no hope, that freedom is forever doomed. The doom and gloomers are omnipresent. But there is a great…
Jan 9, 2014
james c. cochran commented on Kristi Ann Mod's blog post I Like the Tea Party!!
"amen to that, kristi"
Jan 9, 2014
james c. cochran commented on Marcia Wood's blog post Poster Child of Socialism
"right after this book was released his office got fire bomb"
Jan 2, 2014

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  • God Bless you and your family and friends!!

    Love Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann
  • Thank you Lloyd,I feel the same way, Obama and his cohorts used skin color to their advantage and soon those who were ignorant enough to fall for it will suffer the most because they will find out that what was promised to them will not come to fruition..it's a disgrace how this administration is putting skin color into use, just look at that twit Wassermann-Shultz gloating about how many minorities and blacks they have on 'the left. The excuse that just because Susan rice is black she is being picked on by Congress, she lied about Benghazi, plain and simple...I could go on and on but you get my drift...
  • Thanks, James.  I'm from Richmond.

  • Thanks James.  JHN
  • RIGHT ON !
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