The coming of the new era.


Seek the truth – stand by the truth – live the truth.

Our agenda is to establish a government base on the truth and our Christian principles


By: Juan Reynoso-       --

The coming of the new era.

Americans are in complete denial, most they can't believe that Obama and many of the senators and congressmen are part of the organization that want to destroy the USA. The whole issue is the control and slavery of humanity. The strategy is to use human rights, civil right and economy prosperity for everyone. That is why most people are buying this propaganda. They brainwashed most Americans using this type of propaganda that promoted social justice; but the reality is the opposite. All started with Reagan he was the promoter of free trade and that policy was the beginning of the end of the economy prosperity of the USA and the world. The true is that free trade is the globalization and control of the world economy with only one purpose to create a concentration of wealth capable to own and control the natural resources of the world, the production and distribution of goods by the slavery of humanity. From the 1970 the present time, we have experience a continuous increase of poverty in American and the world, the middle class is disappearing and the elite rich get richer and in control of Washington. I don't want you to believe me, do your own research, seek the truth, use your common sense and be an activist to reclaim your freedom that, is you right and duty; do it for God and our country. God has blessed American the land of the free.  Our hope of salvation are the people of faith, the believers of Christ and Jehovah the stewards of God’s creation; they will not let this corrupt system of government to slave God’s people, for the grace of God we are free, that is God’s will and we will not compromise, our faith and courage come from God and his purpose is to save humanity through us his people; this is a manifestation of love and trust on us from God all mighty.

On God I trust and our salvation is through Jesus our Lord.|19911|bible%20prophecy||C||40520276041&gclid=CIaxufz1gL4CFU9p7AodFmQAMg

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  • Republics, and especially America seem to be attacked on all fronts and one thing is lack of media coverage by the Marxist supporting Liberal media. They will report on something and then drop it quick!

    Want one really big piece of information that was reported, but dropped? We do have weather altering stations in our world. One for the US is in Alaska; one for the UK is in Northern England; and Communist China also has one in the North! What these do is change the ionosphere which controls weather. It is not real microwave because the antenna array is a giant group of straight vertical systems. A picture was shown of one, the one in Alaska. These do effect our weather! Is this so we believe in the lie of MAN MADE Global Warning? Sure it is. Michigan has just had over 30 days of rain with only 2 days it did not rain! The Philippines, a Republic and our friends have seen a typhoon increase of over 3 fold the last 3 years!

    As Americans do not our elected officials have a right to know what is happening with these ionosphere transmitters? This is not bad info and no one followed it up, not even Fox!

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