Tea Party Core Values: Let's Keep It Simple

Tea Party Core Values: Let's Keep It Simple

This is what motivated me to participate in the Tea Party Movement and what I think most of us share in core values: Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and a Free Market.

Though I believe many of these Core Values listed by TeaParty.org are admirable, they are not what motivated me or most others to become active in the Tea Party. Also, I think TeaParty.org is way off base in their definition of the Tea Party. If the main objective of the Tea Party was "security, sovereignty, and domestic tranquility" as TeaParty.org states, then what differentiates us from any nation, democracies and dictatorships alike? Doesn't every nation want security, sovereignty and domestic tranquility? For that matter, if that is all our patriots wanted, why should we have ever broken away from Britain? Didn't Britain want security, sovereignty and domestic tranquility? No, what TeaParty.org defines as the "Tea Party" movement and its "core values" is not correct. The only thing you can say for certain that motivated so many people to participate and what they have in common is: Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and a Free Market. Now that is pretty much what motivated the original Tea Party Patriots to break off from Britain and found our own nation. The British government was becoming overpowering (in need of being constrained and limited by a constitution), was interfering with our Free Market (Stamp Act, restricting trade, etc.), and much of this all started with Britain's own overspending and attempting to bail themselves out by overtaxing the colonies (Fiscal Responsibility). That is what motivated the Tea Party then and what motivates the Tea Party today.

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  • Dan Hero - I believe in free speech and will not ban or suspend people for lively debates. I do not care for slanderous statements which you seem inclined to make. You have not met me, called me or made any inquiries other than gossip channels. I'm not an entertainer, but ask that you that seek to bring value to the debate vice personal attacks. I do not know you and I can not evaluate your character other than what you reveal. I know that you are presumptious and believe what the gossip channels tell you. If you have evidence please provide the who, what, when, where and why. Any legitimate research requires some degree of credibility. You lack evidence and truth. Radicals love to marginalize by slander when they lack substance and truth.
  • First of all the existence of www.teaparty.org is Sept 04. I had attempted to work with other national groups but my research indicated that all groups are manipulated by a core group whose more concern about controlling (power) than our nation. I had no option but to launch this movement. The groups you tout are funded by political power. We have expanded the three basic principles to develop this current list, however, because you attack instead of inquire you seek to neuter opposition than seek understanding (wisdom). If you can't check the facts then you will believe the lies. I know you won't confirm facts, but the three Principles of the Tea Party unlike your repetition of the same issue is this: 1) Non-partisan, 2) Streamlined Constitutional (fiscally conservative) Government, 3) Free Enterprise. These 3 planks are listed in our mission statement which existed before any of your profiteers, politics and cronies left their cushy couches. I knew I would be attacked and did not have the resources to defend. A relative David/Goliath story, but I have not been afforded the same air time to address the false allegations and slander. Signed Dale/TPF. Facts are facts.
  • Well said Stephen!!! I would like to add a core value I believe all can agree with, and that is integrity, the most valuable and respected attribute of ones character. That is why my first blog is titled, "Focus on Integrity". Before we vote in November, we should carefully research, scrutinize and evaluate the character of candidates; because we certainly do not want to elect those who would compromise their integrity as we witnessed during the health care reform voting process, or break promises made only to get our votes. When they compromised their integrity, by default they compromised the best interest of this nation!!!
  • Let's stick with the main topic that everyone can agree. First and foremost TeaParty is/means (taxed enough already)

    Here is my article about this subject, I may need to revise it a bit, but the general public should be united on this subject, and perhaps this subject alone. Although there are sooo many under pinnings of this umbrella subject it remains difficult to focus on this one thing.


    And yes there are associated sovereignty and state sovereignty and other constitutional issues as well.

    But how to discuss with others who may otherwise disagree I believe the overall uniting factor is still taxes which is WAY TOO HIGH for them to spend 5.4 million on stemware/wine glasses etc etc etc etc.
    They voided the American People in this last health care vote and that is the last straw.
    Encourage people to focus on taxes and wasteful spending.

    Please pass this article around and consider this topic.

    Happy blogging.
  • Why does DALE who goes on TV always, play he,s a high time servive man? Who, cares except FAUX news. Are we BEING PLATED again???????????/ Constitutional law and Order has Nothing to do with being a veteran... Something is WRONG with DALE, I know he we censore me vs discusising it
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