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July 2

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Dan hero commented on Cathy O'Brien's blog post SENATE SET TO RAM THROUGH ANOTHER BAD BILL
"Lets talk about the bill. Its the financial stabilalization act. Its a TARP 2 but bottomless amount of endless money to any bail out The PRICVATE federal Reserve feels fit. It also gives the PRIVATE company Federal Reserve power of other companies…"
Apr 21, 2010
Dan hero commented on Stephen Grande's blog post Tea Party Core Values: Let's Keep It Simple
"Why does DALE who goes on TV always, play he,s a high time servive man? Who, cares except FAUX news. Are we BEING PLATED again???????????/ Constitutional law and Order has Nothing to do with being a veteran... Something is WRONG with DALE, I know he…"
Apr 11, 2010
Dan hero commented on Tom Bryant's blog post 3rd party
"Tom, I couldn,t agree more. The 2 parties have become 1. We must join or form a 3 rd party. There are a few independent parties already waiting for votes, and candadites. If we don,t, we will continue to see disater in 2011. Bothy parties are bought…"
Apr 4, 2010
Dan hero commented on Dave Noyb's blog post Avoid Being Assimilated By The Borg (the RNC)
"Ann Coulter wants to nuke countries that don,t think her way. Since when did our country have that demeanted attitude? not in the 80,s not 90,s."
Mar 30, 2010
Dan hero commented on Dave Noyb's blog post Avoid Being Assimilated By The Borg (the RNC)
"Tea Party doesn,t need a Ann or Sarah, they are just Rino plants. The Rino,s and Dem,s have Bankrutped our country, as they say, for our own good and under general welfare clause. Its Protect General Welfare, not PROVIDE. Tariffs Protect the General…"
Mar 29, 2010
Dan hero commented on Gordon M. Hitchcock's blog post American Spirit
"I was offered Mortgage Ins. then Boat ins, and even Life Ins. The State wanted me to have Workers Comp. Ins, and Unemployment Ins, demanded I have business liab Ins, and I was forced to pay Super Fund Ins. We have maternity ins. dental ins,…"
Mar 28, 2010