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Where UNESCO and ISIS Converge
Caroline Glick

 Cruz's Hail Carly 
Ted Cruz's announcement Wednesday declaring former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina his running mate is an act of desperation, but it's a calculated act of desperation. Cruz is running far behind slump liar-Trump — in fact, he's mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination outside of a contested convention — but Cruz isn't going to go softly into the night, either. Not when Indiana and California still present the opportunity to stop slump liar-Trump from reaching the magic delegate number of 1,237.
          As Cruz's new running mate said to Fox News's Megyn Kelly: "This isn't over until someone reaches 1,237. ... I believe Ted Cruz will be our nominee. Donald slump liar-Trump and Hilly Clinton are virtually indistinguishable in their positions. And he cannot be our nominee, and if he were to be our nominee, Hilly Clinton would be our president. And that is a future that I'm not prepared to lay by and allow to have happen."
          In naming a veep pick before the Republican National Convention, Cruz follows in the steps of Ronald Reagan. He accomplished two things: He disrupted the focus on slump liar-Trump's foreign policy speech and added a rhetorically sharp attack dog to his team. Fiorina blunted slump liar-Trump's attacks like no one else, and she has also eviscerated Hilly Clinton at every opportunity. With slump liar-Trump's comments about women, Fiorina presents an alternative to the misogyny. And when the race turns to California, she carries some weight after her Senate run there, demon sheep ad and all. But there are questions about Fiorina as a running mate. Ideology and constituent-wise, how does she help? She has only one delegate, and she won't particularly appeal to moderate voters in the general election.
          But all that is for naught if Cruz doesn't take the 57 Indiana delegates in next week's winner-take-all primary. Losing means it's effectively the end of the road for him, so it's now or never. 
-The Patriot Post
 Nobody Seems to Know How Much Money 
 Iran Is Getting  In Barack nObama's first term, Congress had to pass deals in order to find out what was in them. These days, even after the deals are rammed through, Congress cannot get answers about what the deals entail. While the deal was being discussed, Secretary of State John hanoi-Kerry said Iran would get $100 billion in unfrozen assets if the nuclear deal with the mullahs was reached. Now, hanoi-Kerry has changed his story and Congress cannot get a straight answer.
          During a recent speech, hanoi-Kerry told supporters that Iran had received only $3 billion (so far) from the deal — a fraction of what the nObama administration said. Meanwhile, Iran has declared it collected all $100 billion. And when lawmakers approach the State Department to understand just how much money is going to Iran, it never answered them specifically.
          Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) said, "Secretary hanoi-Kerry himself has acknowledged that some of this money will end up in the hands of terrorists. The State Department's inability, or refusal, to accurately estimate the amount of money the Islamic Republic of Iran is receiving raises even more serious questions." How much will the U.S. eventually give Iran? Furthermore, how much will go to fund terrorist groups and destabilize the Middle East?
          In the meantime, Iran has set off ballistic rocket test after ballistic rocket test, with another scheduled for just after the inauguration of the next president. (Contrast that show of force to Iran freeing 444 American hostages upon Ronald Reagan's inauguration.) And the nObama administration has been sluggish to respond to these deal violations, possibly even lying to Congress. Unfortunately, the effects of this deal will probably only be fully realized when Iranian-backed terrorists topple Middle Eastern states in violence and batteries of nuclear-tipped missiles point up toward Iranian skies.   -The Patriot Post
 Redefining Deviancy: 'Justice-Involved Youth' 
In a recent press release describing the Justice Department's efforts to provide housing for rehabilitated juvenile delinquents, the department described the demographic as "Justice-Involved Youth." From the very fist line of its message, the Office of Public Affairs wrote, "In an effort to help young people involved in the justice system find jobs and housing..."
          And this is how we're introduced to the most recent example of the Left's newspeak, a strain of our vernacular that George Orwell described as "largely the defence of the indefensible." Obtuse phrases such as "justice-involved youth" hide the true meaning of what's happening. Which side of the law are these individuals on? As Investor's Business Daily facetiously asks, "If these young people are 'involved' in the justice system, doesn't that mean they already have jobs? Like, say, as a trainee in the dispatcher's office, or a desk clerk in the attorney general's office, or maybe a janitor at the local courthouse?"
          Using the Left's phrasing, it's hard to have an honest discussion about the Justice Department's program. While returning to society after paying a debt to it by spending time in jail is often a difficult task, citizens have the right to know how "involved" these youth were in this nation's justice system. Are we simply giving out taxpayer funds to hooligans who will turn around and contribute to insecurity and instability of our society? As long as they vote Democrat, yes.   -The Patriot Post
New York City’s Public Hospitals Are in Trouble
By Jillian Jorgensen
{} ~ A single topic dominated Mayor Bill de Blasio’s budget presentation today: the dire finances of the city’s public hospital system... New York City Health + Hospitals, the sleek new name for the Health and Hospitals Corporation, is facing a cash crunch spurred by declining federal dollars and the cost of tending to the uninsured—and if unaddressed, would face a $1.8 billion shortfall by fiscal year 2020. "The challenges in our public hospitals have been growing each year, and in many ways have gone unaddressed,” Mr. de Blasio said at a City Hall press conference, as he rolled out alongside the budget a plan to grow revenue in the hospitals. “Unfortunately it’s been a perfect storm for the HHC.”...
Rutgers Goes Sharia-Compliant
By Robert Spencer
{} ~ The April 5, 2016 issue of The Gleaner, the student paper of Rutgers University–Camden, published a cartoon of Muhammad, Buddha and Jesus in a bar... Its content, however, cannot be known at this point, because at the behest of Muslims on campus, and in a case fraught with implications for the health of the freedom of speech today, the entire issue has been deep-sixed. Two weeks after the cartoon was published, the April 19 issue of The Gleaner contained a letter from the Muslim Brotherhood campus group, the Muslim Students Association, saying that it found the image offensive and asking The Gleaner to remove the image from the April 5 issue and circulate a new edition of that issue without it. The MSA letter claims that Christians and Jews on campus told MSA members that they, too, found the image offensive. The MSA letter states: “Even though freedom of speech and press is emphasized and is something all of us value as proud Americans, the University prides itself on diversity of people of different faith and backgrounds so we feel that it is necessary to respect those faiths and backgrounds by honoring their beliefs.”...This country is really in trouble.
backstabber-Boehner likes
slump liar-Trump, savages Cruz
Chris Stirewalt  By Chris Stirewalt          
{} ~ The Republican establishment is getting jiggy with the idea of nominating Donald slump liar-Trump. How jiggy?... Former House Speaker John backstabber-Boehner on Wednesday told a crowd at Stanford University that he was “texting buddies” with the celebrity businessman and would have no trouble voting for him in the fall. According to the school’s student newspaper, backstabber-Boehner “accepted slump liar-Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee,” though he declined to endorse slump liar-Trump’s specific policies. As for the remaining obstacle to s;lump liar-Trump’s takeover of the GOP, backstabber-Boehner sounded rather slump liar-Trump-like himself...     
slump liar-Trump’s ‘Foreign Policy’:
Incoherent and Shallow
{} ~ Donald slump liar-Trump complained today that the United States has “lacked a coherent foreign policy” since the end of the Cold War. His vow that a slump liar-Trump administration would impose coherence... is about as credible as his vow to make Mexico pay for his fantasy wall. Indeed, the foreign-policy speech was itself incoherent . . . quite apart from the fact that, just the blink of an eye ago, slump liar-Trump was enthusiastically supporting — with his tongue and his wallet — the very policies he now bemoans. Let’s just consider American actions in Libya, Iraq, and Syria, which slump liar-Trump blamed for helping to “unleash ISIS.” There is some validity in slump liar-Trump’s 20–20 hindsight. In Libya, for example, based on policy spearheaded by then–secretary of state Hilly Clinton, the nObama administration switched sides in a jihad: toppling Moammar Qaddafi, whom our government was then funding and describing as a key counterterrorism ally. The beneficiaries of this shift were rabidly anti-American Islamists in Libya, including jihadist factions about which Qaddafi had been feeding us intelligence. As Senator Ted Cruz whom I support has repeatedly pointed out, the easily foreseeable result of the Clinton/nObama policy has been Libya’s transformation into a terrorist safe haven, which is now a stronghold for both ISIS and al-Qaeda...
nObama Admin Dodges Congressional Inquiry Into
Illicit Iranian Missile Tests
By Adam Kredo
{} ~ The nObama administration is dodging a congressional inquiry into its refusal to designate recent Iranian ballistic missile tests as a violation of an international statute barring such tests, prompting frustration on Capitol Hill from lawmakers... who accuse the administration of breaking past promises to enforce the missile ban, according to recent communications sent by the State Department and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. Lawmakers launched an investigation earlier this month into what they describe as nObama administration efforts to mislead Congress about the nature of last summer’s comprehensive nuclear agreement. The administration’s refusal to say that Iran’s missile tests violated the nuclear agreement has emerged as a key diplomatic sticking point in recent months and prompted congressional leaders to launch an investigation into claims that the administration misled lawmakers about the terms of the deal...
Pentagon Warns of Conflict Over Chinese
Buildup on Disputed Island
By Bill Gertz
{} ~ China’s plans to build up a disputed island near the Philippines could lead to a regional conflict, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told Congress on Thursday... Carter was asked about the strategic significance of China’s plan to add military facilities to a disputed island known as Scarborough Shoal located about 120 miles—within missile range—of Subic Bay, Philippines, where U.S. warships will be based. The defense secretary said Scarborough is “a piece of disputed territory that, like other disputes in that region, has the potential to lead to military conflict.” Carter said the Pentagon has similar views about a number of island disputes in the South China Sea, where China has been claiming most of the sea as its maritime territory and demanding that other states, including the United States, keep out of the region...
Iran Held Accountable for Terrorism—and,
Unsurprisingly, It’s Not by nObama
By Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt
{} ~ There should be no doubt the biggest advocate on behalf of Iran’s mullahs for almost eight years now has been President Barack nObama. While initially donning the armor of one who would do battle to ensure the Iranians never acquired nuclear weapons... nObama quickly removed that armor to get in bed with the mullahs. The nuclear agreement he concluded with Tehran last year says it all. Under it, the mullahs were granted a pathway to legally obtain a nuclear arsenal in ten years – sooner if they pursue it illegally. Practically everything the mullahs sought in their negotiations with Secretary of State John “Neville Chamberlain” hanoi-Kerry was granted. This included releasing $150 billion in sanctions relief nObama claims it is far less – only $55 billion), even though it is well understood some of those assets will be used to fund Tehran’s terrorist activities...
Palestinians: University Students Vote For Terror
By Khaled Abu Toameh
{} ~ Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction suffered yet another humiliating defeat at the Bir Zeit University student council elections, held on April 27... Last year, for the first time since 2007, the Hamas-affiliated student list on campus also won the vote. The results of this year's election at one of the Palestinians' most important universities reflects the growing discontent with Abbas's Fatah faction among Palestinians in the West Bank. Palestinian political analysts said that the Hamas victory is an indication of what would happen if general elections were held these days in the West Bank. The Wafaa list, which belongs to Hamas, won 25 of the student council seats, while Fatah's Martyrs Yasser Arafat list got 21 seats. A list belonging to the terror group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) won five seats...
Kenya Next: Embattled Country
Erects Wall at Somali-Border
By Tiffany Gabbay
{} ~ One by one, countries beset on either side by migrant hordes or Islamic terrorists, are beginning to enforce their borders... Hungary has been one of the strongest countries thus far to erect and enforce a razor-wire fence in an effort to stem the flow of incoming migrants. Now, add Kenya to the list. Rather than face a migrant problem, however, Kenya, a Christian-majority nation, has been plagued by terrorism from al Qaeda affiliate al Shabaab, based in neighboring Somalia.   Kenya's new barrier, according to the report, consists of a concrete wall framed with barbed-wire electric fence, trenches, and fully-monitored observation posts. Defense News reports...Better late than never,USA.
hanoi-Kerry on Terrorism’s Appeal:
‘Regular Meals, Companionship’
By Pamela Geller
{} ~ The more wrong the nObama administration is on the issue of Islam and jihad, the further off the wall their explanations for the what is self-evident and obvious... This is nObama’s foreign policy: the complete denial of reality. The whole of jihadist war is Islam. Their reason for living and dying is in the cause of Allah. But the nObama administration will create out of whole cloth fictions and myths in order to protect and defend Islam. It is extraordinary treason. John hanoi-Kerry claims that regular meals and companionship lure Muslims to jihad. Why not go to a soup kitchen and get that very thing without all the beheadings, religious fervor,  and jihad wars?  What idiocy! Further he goes on to say, “Efforts to smear them collectively for the actions of a few are despicable – and no more logical than it would have been in the 1990s to hold all Christians accountable for the atrocities committed against Muslim populations in Bosnia and Kosovo.” What about the Muslim atrocities against the Christians? That was why the Christians were fighting. They were not killing in the name of Christ. There were fighting back against the jihadis. America was on the wrong side in that war. That was an ill conceived misadventure...
Where UNESCO and ISIS Converge
Caroline Glick
{} ~ Last month, UNESCO's director general Irina Bokova issued a statement congratulating Russian- backed Syrian forces for liberating the ancient city of Palmyra from Islamic State (ISIS).

Bokova said Palmyra “carries the memory of the Syrian people, and the values of cultural diversity, tolerance and openness that have made this region a cradle of civilization.”

Bokova added, “The deliberate destruction of heritage is a war crime, and UNESCO will do everything in its power to document the damage so that these crimes do not go unpunished. I wish to remind all parties present of the absolute necessity to preserve this unique heritage as an essential condition for peace and the future of the region.”

Last week, UNESCO’s executive board passed a resolution unanimously outlining the steps the organization would take to rebuild the devastated site, whose major monuments were destroyed or damaged during the city’s 10 months under ISIS rule.

All of this, is all very well and nice.

The problem is that UNESCO commits the very crimes for which it condemns ISIS. Indeed, it committed the crime of seeking to wipe out history, whose preservation is “an essential condition for peace and the future of the region,” the day it passed its resolution on Palmyra.

Right after UNESCO’s board unanimously passed its resolution on Palmyra, it also passed a resolution whose goal is to erase Jewish history in the land of Israel.

The resolution, titled merely “Occupied Palestine,” a country that doesn’t even exist, defined the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most sacred site, as an exclusively Muslim site. Jews who visit it were referred to derisively as “right wing extremists.”

The Western Wall, Judaism’s second holiest site, was similarly referred to as an exclusively Islamic site.

The resolution reinstated a previous resolution’s false claim that the tombs of the patriarchs and matriarchs of the Jewish people in Hebron and Bethlehem are mosques. The resolution, like the one from last week, was also a war crime, where UNESCO acted with malice to destroy the historical record.

In another act of cultural aggression, whose goal is to destroy the historical record, in last week’s resolution UNESCO falsely and maliciously referred to Jewish cemeteries as “fake graves,” in “Muslim cemeteries.”

And if that weren’t enough, UNESCO denounced Israel for the “conversion of many Islamic and Byzantine remains into so-called Jewish ritual baths or into Jewish prayer places.”

UNESCO’s acts are not the ravings of lunatic extremists or genocidal imperialists shouting about caliphates, crucifying and enslaving innocents. The latest resolution was sponsored by supposedly moderate Islamic countries, two of which – Jordan and Egypt – have peace treaties with Israel.

Support for the resolution wasn’t limited to Islamic countries voting as a bloc. France, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, India, Russia and Argentina were among the nations who voted in favor of a decision that referred to the Western Wall in scare quotes.

The US sits on UNESCO’s executive board despite its open anti-Semitism. By doing so, the US grants legitimacy to a body which is waging a culture war against Israel no less determined – and arguably no less criminal– than ISIS’s war against all vestiges of non-jihadist culture in Syria, Iraq and throughout the world.

And why shouldn’t it act in this way? Much of the cultural elite in the Western world has joined UNESCO in its campaign to erase Jewish civilization from the historical and scientific record.

UNESCO’s culture war against Israel is of course led by the Palestinians. The entire Palestinian national narrative is based on a conscious cooptation and theft of Jewish history. The Palestinians themselves understand exactly what they are doing.

In 2011, The Guardian and al Jazeera published what they referred to as “the Palestine Papers.” The papers were taken from the PLO ’s negotiations support unit, charged with instructing Palestinian negotiators with Israel about their positions in the talks.

Among the papers was one that explained why the Jewish connection to the entire land of Israel – rather than just to Judea and Samaria – must be denied at all costs.

“Recognition of the Jewish people and their right of self-determination may lend credence to the Jewish people’s claim to all of Historic Palestine,” the document warned.

That document was nothing new. Rather, it was simply a restatement of the PLO Charter. The charter states, “Claims of historical or religious ties of Jews with Palestine are incompatible with the facts of history and the true conception of what constitutes statehood. Judaisim, being a religion is not an independent nationality. Nor do Jews constitute a single nation with an identity of its own; they are citizens of the states to which they belong.”

PLO chief and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas lives by these lies.

He has repeatedly denied the historical record, proclaiming that there was never a Jewish temple in Jerusalem and that Jews have no history in the land of Israel.

No Palestinian leader has ever disagreed with him.

Rather, the PLO has a long, unbroken record of committing war crimes no different from ISIS’s in deliberately destroying Jewish antiquities, starting with the Temple Mount, which, since the PA was established in 1994 has been the focus of sustained campaign of destruction ordered by PA leaders and conducted by Palestinians.

Like the Temple Mount – the cradle not only of Judaism but of Christianity as well – so Jewish sites throughout Judea, Samaria and Gaza have been systematically plundered, torched, vandalized, turned into mosques and destroyed by the Palestinians, often acting on orders from the PA . The Shalom al Yisrael synagogue in Jericho was first destroyed immediately after the PA took control of the city in 1994. The same is the case of the ancient synagogue in Gaza. Joseph’s Tomb and in Nablus was torched and turned into a mosque.

In 2014 UNESCO declared the ruins of Bar Kochba’s fortress of Beitar a World Heritage Site. Except that they called it Battir. And they said it was a Roman site.

And they erased its Jewish roots, claiming the terraced agriculture the Jews of ancient Israel developed was a Roman innovation.

When UNESCO began considering Beitar’s application for its protected status, The New York Times eagerly published its historical revisionism.

This is not surprising. The Times has repeatedly reported stories whose purpose is to erase the Jewish history of Israel. Last October, the Times published a story about the Temple Mount which cast aside mountains of evidence, gathered over decades by professional archaeologists, in order to question whether the Jewish temples were really located there.

In elite universities, students receive doctorates and go on to receive tenure despite, or perhaps due to their publication of politicized research, which free from evidence, demonizes Israel and Israelis as colonialist implants with no history or rights to Israel.

For instance, in 2007, Barnard College granted tenure to Nadia Abu El-Haj. In 2001, El-Haj, an anthropologist with no training or experience in archaeology, published Facts on the Ground: Archaeological Practice and Territorial Self-Fashioning in Israeli Society.

In her book, El-Haj alleged that Israeli archaeologists have deliberately falsified their findings. El-Haj claimed that the artifacts and sites they discovered and excavated were actually Islamic but the Jews hid the evidence. Jews, she said, also destroyed Christian sites with bulldozers.

Harvard Professor James Russell referred to her book as “malign fantasy,” designed to demonstrate the “colonial essence” of Zionism by denying the history of “Jewish sovereignty and long historical presence.”

But most of El-Haj’s esteemed colleagues applauded her act of academic aggression against history and science. Her colleagues at Barnard rewarded her with tenure. Her colleagues throughout the academic world showered her book with applause.

In so doing, they, like the governments that supported the UNESCO resolution denying Jewish history, and condemning Israel for stubbornly defending its heritage, and like the New York Times and other elite publications that publish as fact Palestinian historical falsehoods, are committing the same war crime that ISIS committed in Palmyra. They are, in Bokova’s words, engaging in “the deliberate destruction of heritage.”

Just as Bokova pledged to document all of ISIS’s war crimes against ancient heritage sites “so that these crimes do not go unpunished,” so Israel should document the actions of UNESCO and its allies that aid and abet the destruction of Jewish heritage sites.

History itself will convict them.
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