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A Turning Point?
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scumbag-Schiff and scumbag liar-Nadler 
Rage Against ‘SpyGate’ Probe and 
the ‘Politicization’ of DOJ
{ } ~ The Democrats may be claiming that their “formal impeachment inquiry” is in full swing, but they certainly aren’t too sure about that... They’ve refused, time and again, to authorize their probe with a vote, hoping to drag the process out just as long as they can. If that happens to interfere with the 2020 election, that would be all the better in their eyes. You see, the left sees no qualms with interfering in elections, and we needn’t look much further than 2016 to see this. Under then-President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama, that election may very well have been tainted by a despicable maneuver on the left, in which candidate Donald Trump was spied on by US intelligence agencies for the purpose of finding “dirt” on his team’s alleged connections to Russia. In order to authorize this surveillance, the “deep state” may have even utilized information from an unverified and unverifiable source: The salacious Steel Dossier. Now, as the investigation into this “SpyGate” debacle has turned into a criminal probe, a number of top Democrats are lashing out in anger. Of course, their motives appear clearer the deeper you look. For years, scumbag-Schiff claimed that there was evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election, but an investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller turned up none.  Instead, scumbag-Schiff and fellow Democrats sought to block or discourage investigations into the origins of the Russia investigation — including possible political bias by law enforcement and intelligence officials, and alleged criminal leaks of the names of Americans who were caught up in surveillance of foreign communications. scumbag liar-Nadler and scumbag-Schiff did not acknowledge that their own efforts to press forward with an unauthorized “impeachment inquiry” might be seen as creating “a political narrative for the next election,” one that damages the rule of law.
GOP lawmaker: Democrats cherry-picking 
what to leak in impeachment inquiry
{  } ~ Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) slammed Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for his handling of the impeachment inquiry... saying the process is filled with "cherry-picked leaks, withholding of key facts and ... lying." Zeldin told John Castimatidis on his Sunday radio show that the impeachment process "kind of a flying by the seat of your pants type process" for scumbag-Schiff, who is leading the impeachment process."Something that I find outrageous is the cherry-picked leaks, the withholding of key facts and the lying about other claims that's misleading the American public," Zeldin said. Zeldin said he has sat in on a total of almost 20 hours of testimony between former special envoy Kurt Volker's and former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich's testimonies as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Oversight Investigations Subcommittee. Four more testimonies are scheduled for the upcoming week. The New York representative said the depositions should be held "live in front of the American public for everyone to hear." "Why are sitting inside of scumbag-Adam Schiff's bunker turning in our cell phones before we come in and being told that nothing here can be told to the American public?" Zeldin said he thinks the minority party in the House should also have subpoena power in the impeachment process...   
Lawyers for Michael Flynn Accuse FBI’s 
Lisa Page of Altering Text Records
{ } ~ The case against former White House adviser and military hero General Michael Flynn has been a strange, winding road that looks now to be leading us back into the heart of the Deep State... Flynn stands accused of lying to the FBI, a charge that itself has been battled vigorously in court, with the General’s lawyers making the case that the circumstances of his conversations with these agents were misrepresented. In other words, Flynn had been the victim of some form of disingenuous entrapment by the Deep State actors looking to find a foothold against President Donald Trump. Now, in yet another damning bit of legalese, Flynn’s defense team is blowing holes in the FBI’s case once again, this time insisting that records relating to the case were altered in order to behoove the Bureau and bury General Flynn. When Flynn’s new lawyer Sidney Powell first made those allegations in September, prosecutors replied that she was  indulging in “conspiracy theories” and noted his client had already pleaded guilty to the crime of lying to the FBI in 2017. Flynn has been awaiting sentencing since then, and even  told the sentencing judge in 2018 that he would not claim FBI misconduct, despite growing evidence that they had departed from normal practice in interviewing him and had only completed their “302” — the report of their meeting — after he had already been forced to resign from his position in the administration over the allegations. The new defense filing alleges that the government is refusing to turn over a mountain of potentially exculpatory evidence, some of which has begun to emerge in the media — either through leaks or through ongoing inquiries into the origins of the probe into alleged Russia “collusion” with the Trump campaign, later found not to exist. Here is where it gets wild, however...
Sidney Powell Discusses 
Flynn “Framing” With Lou Dobbs
by sundance
{ } ~ After filing an explosive response motion to compel Brady material, outlining a conspiracy to frame her client, defense attorney Sidney Powell appears on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs to discuss the stunning material within her presentation to the court.
AP Reporters Gave DOJ/FBI Ukraine Info and Code 
to Private Locker of Paul Manafort in Apparent 
Effort to Push Criminal Prosecution
by ~ Judicial Watch today released two productions of heavily redacted FBI documents – 28 pages and 38 pages – about an April 11, 2017, “off-the-record”... meeting set up by then-Chief of the Justice Department’s Criminal Fraud Section Andrew Weissmann, between the DOJ, the FBI and the Associated Press in which AP reporters provided information on former Trump Campaign Director Paul Manafort, including the numeric code to Manafort’s storage locker. Two months later, in early June, Weissmann was hired to work on Robert Mueller’s special counsel operation against President Trump. Weissman then reportedly spearheaded the subsequent investigation and prosecution of Manafort. Included among the new documents are two typed write-ups of the meeting’s proceedings and handwritten notes taken during the meeting by two FBI special agents. According to a June 11, 2017, FBI write-up: The purpose of the meeting, as it was explained to SSA supervisory special agent, redacted was to obtain documents from the AP reporters that were related to their investigative reports on Paul Manafort. No such documents were included in the documents released to Judicial Watch. During the meeting, the AP reporters provided the FBI information about a storage locker of Manafort the Mueller special counsel operation raided the locker on May 26, 2017: The AP reporters advised that they had located a storage facility in Virginia that belonged to Manafort…The code to the lock on the locker is 40944859. The reporters were aware of the Unit number and address, but they declined to share that information. The reporters shared the information that “payments for the locker were made from the DM Partners account that received money from the Ukraine Party of Regions.” The notes suggest the AP pushed for criminal prosecution of Manafort...   
Europe's Populist Wave Reaches Portugal
by Soeren Kern
{ } ~ A Portuguese populist party called Chega! — Enough! — has secured a seat in Parliament, after winning more than 65,000 votes in legislative elections held on October 6... It is the first time that an anti-establishment party has entered Parliament since Portugal became a democracy in 1974. Chega leader André Ventura, a 36-year-old law professor and television sports personality, campaigned on a theme of law and order and opposition to both political correctness and the imposition of cultural Marxism. He rode a wave of discontent with traditional center-right parties, which in recent years have drifted to the left on domestic and foreign policy issues. The Socialist Party won the election with 36.3% of the vote, far short of an outright majority. The center-right Social Democrats won 27.8%, the party's worst result since 1983. Chega, which was founded in March 2019, won 2% of the vote in Lisbon and 1.3% of the vote nationwide. Political observers agreed that Chega's result was impressive for a party that is only seven months old, and that Ventura's entry into Parliament would give Chega greater prominence and media visibility, in addition to financial support. Ventura, who has said that the traditional parties "no longer respond to the people's problems" and that he represents "disillusioned Portuguese," has called for lowering taxes, strengthening borders and increasing penalties for serious crimes. He has called for a reducing by half the number of Members of Parliament, introducing term limits and implementing measures aimed at increasing transparency and reducing corruption. Ventura has also called for a public referendum on reforming the Constitution in order to replace the existing parliamentary system with a presidential system that better guarantees the separation of powers. The existing political system, he said, was created by Marxists and fascists after the 1974 revolution in order to share the spoils after four decades of dictatorship. Indeed, the Portuguese Constitution calls for opening up "a path towards a socialist society."...   
A Turning Point?
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I know we’ve all been disappointed with investigations to expose the Deep State because they always seem to go nowhere. So I hesitate to even bring this up, but…

Several reports have appeared recently in the anti-Trump media that seem to suggest nervousness about the probe being led by U.S. Attorney John Durham. As you know, Durham was appointed by Attorney General William Barr to investigate the origins of the Russia collusion hoax in the 2016 elections. 

The stories indicate that people at the CIA have lawyered up. Other reports suggest that Durham “found something” that led him to request additional resources for his investigation. And there are reports that former CIA Director scumbag/commie-John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence scumbag-James Clapper are now under scrutiny.

That sounds encouraging. But as I wrote before, unless Durham’s report is concluded in the next eight to 10 months, we may never know the results if the left succeeds in lying its way back into the White House.

Meanwhile, my expectations for the Justice Department inspector general’s report are fading fast. That report is about potential Deep State abuse of the FISA court to enable wiretapping of the Trump campaign. Every couple of weeks we’re told that the report is ready to be released, but then it gets delayed. 

The delays are reportedly due to redactions to protect national security. At this point, I suspect they are trying to strip the report of anything that could expose the Deep State’s abuse of power. 

It seems Sen. Charles Grassley agrees. Monday night Grassley tweeted his concerns that the Deep State might be trying to “deep six” the FISA abuse report.

Poll Position

Monday The New York Times released its latest poll results on the only issue that matters to the left — impeachment. The Times surveyed voters in six swing states — Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Here’s what it found:

  • Asked whether they supported the impeachment inquiry, voters were ambivalent, approving of the inquiry by a narrow margin of 50% yes to 45% no.

  • Asked whether they supported removing Trump from office, swing-state voters rejected that option by a decisive 10-point margin of 43% yes to 53% no.

Meanwhile, a recent Rasmussen poll finds little faith in the Deep State. A majority of voters (51%) believe it is likely that senior government officials broke the law in order to thwart Trump’s presidency. Only 36% have confidence in the Deep State or believe that “high-level illegality is unlikely.”

Lastly, a new poll on the Democrat primary in Iowa, one of the key early voting states, is raising eyebrows. According to the USA Today survey, former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren are essentially tied with 18% and 17% respectively. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is third at 13%. But Sen. commie-Bernie Sanders is fourth at 9%.

Four years ago, commie-Sanders nearly won the Iowa caucuses. In fact, it was the closest result in history — 49.8% for scumbag/liar-Clinton to 49.6% for commie-Sanders. Just a few months ago, commie-Sanders was vying for first place against loose lips liar-Biden. Now he’s fourth, unable to break into double digits.

Clearly, the news about his heart attack has impacted his support. It remains to be seen whether he can bounce back.

dinky/liar-Warren vs. Israel

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren made it clear this weekend that if elected president, she would side with the Palestinians and against the state of Israel.

When asked by a reporter whether she would use U.S. aid to Israel as leverage to stop Israeli construction of homes in Judea and Samaria, dinky/liar-Warren said this:

It is the official policy of the United States of America to support a two-state solution, and if Israel is moving in the opposite direction, then everything is on the table.

When the reporter attempted to ask a follow-up question, Warren cut him off and doubled down, saying, “Everything’s on the table.” By the way, dinky/liar-Warren is not alone in her position.

But her position is shocking for several reasons. Usually when politicians use the phrase, “Everything is on the table,” they mean that as a euphemism for military action.

Setting that aside, the United States cannot impose a peace deal on Israel or the Palestinians. Nor is Israel the problem.

The Palestinians have repeatedly rejected generous peace deals that would have created a Palestinian state. They also continue to subsidize terrorism against innocent Israelis, and they are teaching their children to hate Israelis.

Moreover, who would run this new Palestinian state? Hamas, which already controls Gaza, is committed to Israel’s destruction and is leading in most polls. It is not in Israel’s interest or ours to create another radical Islamic state in the Middle East.

A New Scandal

A modern sex scandal has erupted on Capitol Hill. What’s that? You haven’t heard about it? Take one guess as to which party the accused belongs. That’s right - Democrat.

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) allegedly had an intimate relationship with a female member of her campaign staff along with her now-estranged husband. In addition, she also reportedly had an affair with a male congressional staff member. The conservative outlet Red State has text messages and photographs.

Hill serves on the House Armed Services Committee and has access to sensitive military information. She would be a perfect target for blackmail. Who knows, perhaps she’s being groomed to be a Russian asset. (Sarcasm alert!)

Illicit sex in Washington is hardly breaking news, unless it involves a Republican. Not surprisingly, every major media outlet is ignoring this story. But Hill has clearly violated House ethics rules, passed in the wake of the #MeToo movement, that ban relationships between members of Congress and their congressional staff.

Yet the media breathlessly reported on a false dossier that claimed Donald Trump did unspeakable things in a Moscow hotel. Just another day in fake-news land.

By the way, the latest CNN revelations from Project Veritas claim to show a cover-up of sexual misconduct by network executives.

Canadian Election Results

Kudos to Mark Steyn for his concise summary of the Canadian election results. According to Steyn, apparently blackface (Justin Trudeau) beats two-face (Andrew Scheer), the Conservative Party leader who refused to run as a genuine conservative.   ~The Patriot Post  

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