4063608362?profile=originalDuring the debate, Obama performed like the classless lying Chicago bully-in-chief that he is. Every answer out of Obama's mouth was a thinly-veiled personal attack calling Romney a liar, lacking in character, or pronouncing him ignorant.

Romney's responses were too classy for my taste. He let Obama get away with far too many attacks. They say the aggressor sets the rules. Since Obama started it, I wanted Romney to deliver multiple factually loaded verbal left hooks to Obama's jaw.

Smooth talking manipulators such as Obama turn my stomach. I have known characterless lowlifes like him all my life. They know all the right words to get the girl, get the money and get their way. Meanwhile, there is not one once of sincerity in their words or their intentions.

Obama touts women rights while implementing policies that hurt women. He talks about putting Americans back to work while demonizing business owners, vowing to punish them with higher taxes and strangling them with thousands of new regulations. Obama has the nerve to pat himself on the back regarding national defense while refusing to call a “terrorist-attack” a “terrorist-attack”.

Case in point. Families and surviving heroes of the Ft Hood shooting are denied combat benefits because the Obama Administration insists on classifying the shooting as “workplace-violence” rather than what is was, a terrorist-attack. Why? Because Obama has said the war on terror is over. Thus, classifying the Ft Hood shooting as a terrorist-attack would contradict and embarrass Obama. Consequently, surviving heroes of the shooting and their families, no benefits for you! Disgusting.

Obama is nothing more than a jive talking Chicago thug. Polling immediately after the debate declared Obama the winner. I see right through Obama's smooth and compassionate sounding hogwash. I do not care what the polls say. The American people are over Obama's snake-oil salesmanship skills and are donating their “Hope & Change” t-shirts to Good Will, cutting them up for rags or using them as painting shirts.

Every policy Obama has implemented over the past four years have created the complete opposite of his stated intentions. Obama says the right things while doing the opposite wrong things in plain sight. The mainstream media supports his every lie and assault on our Constitution and our freedoms.

Romney did get in a few strong jabs during the debate. As I stated, I would have loved to have seen a more aggressive Romney confronting Obama's lies and empty rhetoric.

However, watching the debate, I asked myself, “Which of these men do I believe most qualified and trustworthy to handle foreign policy and to turn our economy around?”

Unquestionably, my answer is Mitt Romney.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American



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  • Yes Crashaxe, I see the Evil and I pray we don't have to see it for another 4 years.

  • Have you ever had someone come at you with anger in their face and heart.  If you just stand there and let them unload, they looked helpless because you are not caving to their desire to get you angry and make it a real fight.  I commend Romney for his composure and ability to look Obama right in the face and allow Obama to be shown to the world the angry hateful man he is.  If someone thinks that Obama is a winner because of his juvenile behavior and his lack of experience in knowing what being Presidential is, then I ask that you take another look at the man who maintained and let Obama explode as he probably does everyday of his life when he does not get what he wants.  My hat goes off to Romney - Good Job Sir.

  • Obama and his party are shrewd and dangerous liars with an  " anything goes means to an ends " Alinsky approach. They are making more Americans dependent on their handout programs in exchange for votes, and it's so obviuos that it hurts. Class warfare is part and parcel of their handout programs and policies. They have divided this Country to conquer it. They want power and wealth and that is their strategy to keep the party going for four more years. They are destroying the American work ethic , ignoring the immigration laws of this Country and could care less about what happens 1 day after their next term (if they get it) while enriching themselves. e.g.- Biden's brother has cut himself into a deal with Hill International to build homes in Iraq , worth 1.2 Billion of tax payer's money. This makes Haliburton look clean by comparison.The Dems and their fearless liar/leader will turn America into Greece if they get four more years. They are truly un-American and are leading this Country into a socialistic swamp of entitlements and debt that can't be repaid in decades. They will walk away rich men and the middle class will be far worse off than if real jobs were created VS unsustainable welfare and food stamp programs. They are wrong on everything from illegal immigration, job creation, energy policy, environmental policy , foreign policy and size/role of government. Obama was not vetted in 2007 but now we know what he is about, and it's not good for America. His statements about fundamental changes to America and wealth redistribution were real and voters did not understand the ramifications. America alraedy redistributes wealth in the form of a graduated tax system whereby the top 10% of the earners pay 70% of the taxes !!! Many other social safety nets exist in our system and the poor here often live like the rich in many counties of the world. He wants to make redistribution worse but he also knows there isn't enough money in the top 10% to make a dent in debt and help the middle class. This is purely class warfare. This election is crucial to turning this mess around. lf there are more people with their hands out than working at productive jobs, we are in for a very rough future. I don't mean to ramble on, but this administration is so bad I could write a book. Spread the word and vote for Romney/Ryan and a republican congress for America's sake.  

  • Once again Lloyd, you have expressed how I feel perfectly!  Obama is such a disappointment to any American who really loves America, values Patriotism, and cherishes the sacrifices the American Military and others have made for our freedoms.  I want Obama voted out so bad, for the very reasons you have stated and many more.  The Progressive Democrats (socialists, communists) laugh at how gullible most Americans are, using our poor to simply control them, rather then giving them a helping hand out of poverty, they entrap them with the food stamps, welfare with virtually little rules to prevent drug use, while at the same time offering them free abortions so they have the quilt of sacrificing their own children while entrapped in a welfare system themselves. Things really do need to change.  It seems the church ministries which help people with rules that encourage fellowship, learning, teaching skills for work, and helping people get out of poverty are the one strong answer, however, the government under this current administration does not seem to support faith based ministries helping the poor, imprisoned, or homeless like the George Bush and Reagan administrations did.  Statistically these programs function the best, yet they are undersupported now.

  • Romney came off as tired. Struggling to find the right words. He did land a blow when he said that Obama made contact with our enemy's but shunned Israel on his tour. He failed to come back many times and say "You have a four year record of failed polices". It seemed to me that the questions produced the same rhetoric that we heard before. Romney failed to bring out 'fast and furious' debacle and hammer Obama for refusing the pipe line from Canada Oil fields.
    I feel that Romney failed to bring out the failures of the last four years. I am disappointed with the debate!
  • @ Pastor, if the force of power does not get him 4 more years, his recourse is the power of force thru the barrel of a gun.

  • Romney was a class above his opponent.  It is interesting that the president has hid who He really is for years and his presidency has been the same.  I wonder just how few truth's the president actually stated honestly and openly and despite this he wants us to give him 4 more years.  I beleive he will try and get 4 more years and beyond any way possible!!!

  • I wanted Romney to tell obama off but in the end I think Romney's strategy was wiser. obama was goading him and trying to pick a fight and Romney said things like "attacking me does not solve the problem and your not answering the question".

    As usual Romney showed that HE was the adult in the room.

  • Obama is an arrogant self serving lying ass wipe, he cant tell the truth if he has to, his whole life is bound in lie after lie and these debates showed America what a lot of us saw, a person who is beyond clueless, someone that has no idea what it takes to be successful, and one that lays blame for their own faults on the backs of others, how many lies did this pile of dog shit spew in that short 90 minutes, 10, 15 20, who knows, but what we do know is the "true" Obama was out and there, and like that fat ass knuckle dragging wife he has, all he wants is the free ride, the free planes and all the credit for the hard work of others, the Seal Team is a good example

    To end this, there is now notices, letters, cables or emails saying Obama and all his flunkies had not only information in real time as the American Embassy was being attacked, he had a drone flying over the top that could have ended this, he could have called in a fighter strike, something to save these lives, what does the pud f-er do, he goes champainging,

    Obama, Billary and this whole damn cabinet must be charged with the deaths of these brave Americans and all of them charged with conspiracy to commit murder, all of them knew and as hard as it seemed for Grtea to not loss it last night, i think she did a great job,

  • YOU ARE A GOOD MAN LLOYD ! It's sad that more of the brothers don't choose to follow other good leaders like you .

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