This is a first for me on this site.  It will be a good place to vent the frustration I share with other patriots.  I am retirement age, and I am appalled at the direction I see our country headed in.  Being a veteran, I felt that others saw socialism and communism as threats to our way of life as I do.  After all, we have fought wars over this question.  Now I see our so-called leaders espousing this damnable heresy.  

Our representatives are largely ignoring any calls for sane policy on finance, amnesty, and privacy rights. This means they are not our representatives. They represent their own self-interests.  We thought we could depend on Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, and McCain because they were Republicans.  Some of us thought the Republicans were conservatives.  We have had a rude awakening! 

We must look for conservatives wherever we can find them.  They are our only hope for restoring our republic.  What we have now is just a facade for wholesale corruption and lawlessness.

POLL: Does Congress need to revive the House Committee on Un-American activities?

After a recent review of the Declaration of Independence and some background reading on the French Revolution, it appears we are in the same predicament as our predecessors.  We have the elitist who look down on the citizens and place odious burdens on them.  Though citizens tried to use reason and diplomacy; most of the time their efforts were unheeded.  

My opinion is that we are governed by those who favor tyranny and are only looking to enrich themselves in whatever way they can.  As citizens we are only a source of money and power for them.  The French had their way of dealing with these types.  They carted them off to the guillotine.  The early settlers of this country declared independence from their tyrannical oppressors and took up arms to defend themselves.

I hope our similar problems can be settled in a less dramatic way, but the oppressors don't seem to care about diplomacy.  The only thing they understand is the force they are dealing out to others. 

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I hope we can find a way to be free from the present tyranny.

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  • Use the Psalm 109.8 Let his days be few and brief: and let others step foward and replace him.

    these are words from the Bible 

  • We will, for God's judgement has already fallen upon them. The unravelling has already begun, and will only get worse for the enemies of the people. Keep your eyes on God, and trust him, and continue to pray and fast!

  • The real fight needs to be in the Republican primaries.  If we only start fighting in the general election, it will be already too late.

  • All this talk about Obama is useless, that's right, useless. That is as long as we keep electing incumbents. Shame on us, 95% of the members of Congresss are incumbents. That's like the saying. trying the same experiment time and time again and expecting different results. The collective 'We' keep electing people like Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, McCain, Grahram, etc. along with Polosie, Reid, Schumer, etc. Talk about slow learners, meaning the voters.

    This talk about Revoulution needs to include, and our first agenda, the ballot box. Let me ask a serious question: "How many of you are registered to vote?" Seriously! History shows us that only approximately 70% of eligible voters are registered to vote. Furthermore, only 60% of registered voters vote in a General election, less than 50% in Mid-Term elections, and a lowly 25% in Primaries. If you do the math, you'll find out that only 21% of eligible, not the registered, voters elected Obama. Folks, you get what you vote for and if you don't vote then SHUT UP!!!

    Time for action. Some of us have our primary in a matter of days. I'm lucky in that my Rep is being primaried. But, to all of you, Nov in not that far ahead. Do you know the voting record of your Rep and Senator. Remember all Representatives are up for re-election. 33 Senators are up for re-election. If you do not know if your Senator is up for re-election, then you are part of the problem. Its not too late to make a difference 7 months.

  • Talk is useless especially to deaf ears. The Japanese had representatives in our country talking as Pearl Harbor was being attacked. Good stradegy. Keep 'em talkin'. I will be patient but my fist is balled up ready to strike. I have deaf ears to though. We have been, are being and will continue to be lied to. The lazy, ignorant and takers by nature love the present government. These citizens make me sick. We won't have to fight them. They are cowards and weak. The time for talk is over.
  • Peter..I could not agree with you start 1st with educating your children and grandchildren because they are indoctrinated every day in school against you....

  • DUH!!!!! We have only been shouting this for 5 years now!

  • Yep, Being a VET myself I see things differently than some folks. Like little things don't bother me as much anymore, I don't get bent on slight and trivial things. And Just like a Duck I let things roll off my back. Skin is definitely thicker. I try my hardest to take care of and groom family to be successful. I woke this morning thinking things are normal until I saw that New York Times add that said Vets are like Nazi, the lady that wrote that needs to move to Iraq for a Year or Afghanistan as a woman that thinks were Nazi.
  • Why are people not paying attention? Part of the problem is that there is more people receiving some type of government entitlement than there are workers. More takers than makers. 47% of people do not pay income taxes. These people vote and they do not want to rock the boat. Getting them to react to the government's over reach is like trying to push a rope up a hill. Face it folks, we are in the minority. Too many of them listen to the media, which is on Obama's side. Even when you go one-on-one with them they do not believe you because they did no see it on the TV news. The only way for us to win is to re-educate them and/or start a revolution. Remember half of the colonists were loyalist.
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