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Linda GrayWolf commented on Donnie Lowe's blog post Lou Holtz nails it! ... Told As Only A Coach, An Old Coach Can
"Big surprise coming for the parasites in this country."
Sep 8, 2014
Linda GrayWolf commented on Admin Dee's blog post Drawing A Line
"God bless you, John Mankin!  The Lord loves you anyways, even though you have ZERO faith in him.  All of you are sooooooooooo pathetic!  No faith, no hope, just a bunch of negative comments.  "We the People" will win without you, so my fellow prayer…"
May 18, 2014
Linda GrayWolf commented on John Wright's blog post Senator Introduces Bill to Silence Christians and Conservatives
"He is now cursed. He will not succeed, and will indeed suffer much for this crime against God, Country, and "We THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!"
Apr 27, 2014
Linda GrayWolf commented on Alvin Donald Murphy's blog post Revolutions
"We will, for God's judgement has already fallen upon them. The unravelling has already begun, and will only get worse for the enemies of the people. Keep your eyes on God, and trust him, and continue to pray and fast!"
Apr 22, 2014
Linda GrayWolf commented on Admin Melony B. DeFord's blog post Taking up the Mantle
"God is at work, fellow Patriots, so do not fear. Does not the word mention that 365 times in the Bible. Judgement has fallen on this government, and the Obama is finished. Keep praying, and watch how fast God moves to restore our land. Do not EVER…"
Mar 22, 2014
Linda GrayWolf commented on Joseph Gilbert's blog post The "Party of No"
"Could be scams too.  How about all the fear mongering going on to?  Anyone get those emails from the Tea Party about someone's video on how to prepare for the final collaspe of the dollar, etc., and then the fear mongering begins, and oh, buy my…"
Feb 7, 2014
Linda GrayWolf commented on Marcia Wood's blog post If Not Us, Who and If Not Now, When
"So Bob, is that what you really think is going to happen?  Have you given in and are now accepting your fate?  Is this what you really hoping for?  Alot of you who post comments like this only bring down the rest of your fellow Patriots.  It shows a…"
Feb 7, 2014

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  • I have not given up, but I will fight to the end wherever the fight takes us. There is an end to every fight as the Romans found. I am only being realistic and a little pragmatic.   

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