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The Left's Next Target: 'Christian Nationalists'
Mark Alexander    
John Ratcliffe Discusses DOJ/FBI Expectations 
and SSCI Involvement in Blocking 
His DNI Nomination
by sundance
{ } ~ Representative John Ratcliffe was/is a key member of the House who has investigated the details of the DOJ and FBI intelligence abuse during the 2016 election... Factually, Ratcliffe is one of only a few high-clearance House members who had seen all of the unredacted and classified documents associated with the DOJ and FBI activity. Representative Ratcliffe appears for a discussion with Maria Bartiromo and states his confidence that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will be indicted for lying to internal investigators. Additionally, and perhaps more interestingly, Ratcliffe outlines how SSCI Chairman Richard Burr working together with Majority leader Mitch McConnell, blocked his nomination to the Office of Director of National Intelligence.  There are always a few interviews and discussion per month that are more important than the general DC banter. This is one of those insightful interviews: Long before most realized how specifically rigged and corrupt the current political system is, CTH was sharing research -very specific examples- highlighting the origin of the most consequential corruption. Thankfully the election of Donald Trump helped to open many more eyes. People now see what years of ‘Last Refuge‘ discussions were all about...  
Why Arabs Hate Palestinians
by Khaled Abu Toameh
{ } ~ Is it true? If so, why? Sadly, the Palestinians are known for betraying their Arab brothers, even effectively stabbing them in the back... The Palestinians, for example, supported Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Kuwait – a Gulf state that, together with its neighbors, used to give the Palestinians tens of millions of dollars in aid each year. This disloyalty is precisely how a growing number of Arabs, particularly those living in the Gulf states, have been describing the Palestinians for the past few years. In recent months, however, Arab criticism of the Palestinians, mostly aired through traditional and social media, has further escalated, and sometimes turned ugly. Some Arab writers and journalists expressed outrage over the Palestinians' opposition to peace plans, particularly the US administration's yet-to-be-announced "Deal of the Century." They accused the Palestinians of losing countless opportunities and said that the "Deal of the Century" could be the Palestinians' "last, best chance to achieve a state." Khalid Ashaerah, a Saudi,  denounced the Palestinians as "traitors" and expressed hope that Israel would be "victorious" over the Palestinians. The Arab attacks on the Palestinians reflect an intense and increasing disillusionment in the Arab world with the Palestinians and anything related to them. At the core of this deep sense of disillusionment is the Arabs' belief that despite all they did to help their Palestinian brothers for the past seven decades, the Palestinians have proven to be constantly ungrateful toward the Arab and Muslim people and states...
Iran is once again trying to blackmail 
the world for billions – we can’t give in
by Olli Heinonen and Tzvi Kahn
{ } ~ Iran is once again trying to blackmail the world for billions of dollars, after announcing that it is beginning work to develop centrifuges to accelerate uranium enrichment... a step needed to start producing nuclear weapons. The world must not give in to Iran. In a letter to the European Union, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced that as of Friday his nation is no longer adhering to restrictions in the 2015 nuclear deal on its atomic research and development. While the Islamic Republic claims it is only interested in developing nuclear power for peaceful purposes, its behavior points to its desire to keep its options open to develop atomic bombs. Those bombs would pose a threat to Israel, other U.S. allies in the Middle East, and eventually Europe and the U.S. itself. Iran’s deputy foreign minister, Abbas Araghchi, stated that Tehran would further breach the nuclear deal if Europe fails to provide Iran with a $15 billion line of credit aimed at offsetting the impact of crippling U.S. economic sanctions. The United States and Europe would be making a mistake of historic proportions if they surrender to this latest Iranian threat. Instead, they should stand firm and make clear that Iran will receive sanctions relief only if and when it negotiates a comprehensive new nuclear deal that meets the 12 conditions stipulated by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a May 2018 address...
What San Francisco’s Declaration Of The NRA 
As A Terrorist Group Says About America Today
By Tristan Justice
{ } ~ On Tuesday, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors unanimously declared the National Rifle Association to be a “domestic terrorist organization” and urged the city to re-evaluate its financial commitments... to organizations that conduct business with the interest group. City leaders labeled the gun rights group that represents nearly five million members a “terrorist” group in response to several mass shootings that took place this summer, including one that took place at a food festival in Gilroy, California killing three people just south of  San Francisco. “The National Rifle Association musters its considerable wealth and organizational strength to promote gun ownership and incite gun owners to acts of violence,” the supervisors declared in the resolution. “The National Rifle Association spreads propaganda that misinforms and aims to deceive the public about the dangers of gun violence, and…through its advocacy has armed those individuals who would and have committed acts of terrorism.” The board of supervisors continued in the resolution to recommend that the city assess its financial relationships with companies that work with the NRA, and urged other cities, states, and the federal government to do the same. The NRA has been vilified by Democratic politicians and elites in the wake of nearly every mass shooting as wrongly responsible for killing sprees by crazy people. But San Francisco’s declaration of the gun-advocacy group as a “domestic terrorist” organization has taken this vilification to new heights. In declaring the NRA a “domestic terrorist group,” San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors have shed further light on where extreme politics have taken the country. Rather than engaging in a productive dialogue on gun violence, San Francisco’s city leaders have instead declared their political opponents are something worse than enemies: “domestic terrorists.” This is a gross mischaracterization of an organization of more than five million people and illustrates a growing culture of contempt destroying American civility...
Marine Corps Assesses Hurricane Damage in Carolinas, Navy Ready To Assist Bahamas
By Ben Werner
{ } ~ The U.S. Air Force, Coast Guard and even Customs and Border Patrol crews are in the Bahamas assisting with search and rescue efforts and damage surveys... while the U.S. Navy’s USS Bataan  (LHD-5), with a fleet of ship-to-shore connectors and a 600-bed hospital, sits on the sidelines of the international aid effort. Friday afternoon, Air Force officials surveyed the damage to Bahamian airfields to determine when heavy-lift aircraft could deliver supplies, U.S. Northern Command officials told USNI News. U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol aircrews surveyed the damage and rescued injured Bahamian residents, according to statements from the two agencies that are part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence deployed its Bay-class Landing Ship Dock RFA Mounts Bay (L3008) to the Bahamas. Mounts Bay, a ship in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary that has been deployed to the Caribbean Sea and the Southeast Coast of the United States., is delivering emergency shelters, bottled water and food to the hard-hit Abaco Islands. Receiving British support is not unusual for the Bahamas. The nation is independent but retains close ties with its former colonial power Great Britain as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations of former British colonies. The Bahamas recognize Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state. However, the U.S. Navy has yet to be tasked with providing logistical support, delivering supplies or offering medical care, Navy officials told USNI News. As of Friday afternoon, Navy and NORTHCOM officials said there was no request for Navy assistance. Navy officials did not offer any reason why their capabilities are not being tapped. Operating just offshore, Bataan is an amphibious assault ship with a fleet of helicopters, tilt-rotor aircraft and landing craft. The ship’s purpose is to deliver supplies and personnel to austere locations, especially regions with infrastructure damaged by either military actions or natural disasters such as hurricanes. In the U.S., the Marine Corps evaluated the damage to facilities in the Carolinas, while the Coast Guard and Navy shuttered most of their Hampton Roads operations Friday...   
The Left's Next Target: 'Christian Nationalists'
Mark Alexander:  Have you heard the term “Christian Nationalist”? Well, brace yourself — you may be one of these.

A quick read of George Washington’s official proclamations and writings reveals that he is the Founding Father of Christian nationalism.

Currently, those words generally refer to faithful  grassroots Americans who advocate for legislation that reflects Christian morals and ethics; who promote faith as a discussion point in national political dialogue (including the sanctity of human life); and who support such things as displaying the Ten Commandments on public property — as they are in the reliefs above the Supreme Court building. Christian Nationalists also support our national motto, “In God We Trust,” and are defenders of the fundamental tenets of Liberty, especially religious Liberty, enshrined in our Constitution.

In 2016, one of our analysts, Paul Albaugh, expressed his reservations about the rise of a particular sect of Christian nationalism — one that related to Christian leaders and organizations hitching their wagons to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Frankly, I too have had reservations about the way national evangelical Christian leaders have closed ranks around Trump. My concern was never so much about their motive — which was not a declaration that Americans are the new “chosen people” — but about their proximity to Trump and the company they keep. While there is much to applaud about Donald Trump’s policy achievements, he is most assuredly not known for his Christian morals nor his devotion to Christ and the teachings of the Gospels. Thus, merging ministries with the Trump campaign is a potential Faustian bargain.

That being said, like the majority of our nation’s Founders, and most of its leaders since, I share a devotion to God and my country, in that order, and not as co-equals. I belong to the former and have sworn allegiance to the latter.

I’m a pragmatist when it comes to electing government officials. I voted for Donald Trump because there was no question in my mind that he was a better candidate than his opponent, given that he was far more likely to appoint conservative judges, rebuild our military, strengthen our southern border, and protect our Constitution. Further, I believed he would do far more for all Americans than would scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton and her Left-elite cadres.

By “better candidate,” I mean in every single respect, including his economic policies and his promise to “Make America Great Again.”

But in retrospect, considering Trump’s record since taking office, I underestimated how much his presidency would comport with our Patriot Post core mission — “advocating for individual rights and responsibilities; supporting the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary; and promoting free enterprise, national defense and traditional American values,” as outlined in our Statement of Principles. To that end, mostly by way of executive orders but with some help from congressional Republicans, he’s made enormous strides to promote and protect Liberty and Rule of Law — particularly religious Liberty, which is one reason why he’s so utterly loathed by the Left.

Consequently, the Democrat Party and its frontline socialists have identified a new target for their wrath: “Christian Nationalists.” They are reframing those words to be used in a deprecating and pejorative context, and I can assure you that whatever reservations reasonable Christians have about the notion of Christian nationalism, the Left is setting up a straw man to bushwhack all Christians.

There is an effort to redefine Christian nationalism by those who detest both Christians and Patriotism. This self-anointed group of “Christians Against Christian Nationalism” has an official statement defining “Christian Nationalism” that is being promoted and endorsed by leftist social-justice types.

Those endorsers include the Most Rev. Michael Curry, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church (now considered apostate by the World Anglican Communion); Sister Simone Campbell, who heads the Catholic social-justice lobby NETWORK; Jim Winkler, who is president of the National Council of Churches; and Melissa Rogers, former director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships under Barack scumbag/liar-nObama, himself a disciple of afrocentric hate.

The group’s statement, which doesn’t identify its author or authors, wastes no time in setting up a straw-man argument: “[Christian Nationalism] overlaps with and provides cover for white supremacy and racial subjugation. We reject this damaging political ideology and invite our Christian brothers and sisters to join us in opposing this threat to our faith and to our nation.”

Gosh, we’re all against “white supremacy and racial subjugation,” so we’d better get on board!

Caveat emptor. No doubt the group’s target list is a much broader roundup of those with whom it disagrees — and likely mirrors the disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center’s radical definition of hate.

The statement continues: “Christian nationalism seeks to merge Christian and American identities, distorting both the Christian faith and America’s constitutional democracy. … As Christians, we must speak in one voice condemning Christian nationalism as a distortion of the gospel of Jesus and a threat to American democracy.”

The great irony is that those endorsing this statement have made great strides to distort the gospel of Jesus and undermine our nation — which, by the way, is a Republic, not a “democracy.”

Finally, the statement notes that it seeks to defend the “separation of church and state.” Ah, yes, that errant assertion of the “wall of separation” myth espoused by those who seek to undermine the unalienable rights of all people as “endowed by our Creator.”

Recently, Pastor Robert Jeffress, who leads First Baptist Church in Dallas and is an unapologetic supporter of Trump, summed up the proper contextual understanding for Christian nationalism: “God’s no respecter of people or nations. But any nation that honors God will be blessed by God and any nation, including the United States of America, that rejects God will be rejected by God.”

Likewise, political observer Gary Bauer provides the historic context for Christian nationalism, observing that the Left “never misses an opportunity to bash Trump, and any form of nationalism must be a bad thing [but] the notion that God had a uniquely Christian purpose for our country pretty well sums up the views of our Founding Fathers.”

(For additional context on how the Left defines Christian Nationalism, listen to David Barton’s remarks on this topic.)  ~The Patriot Post  

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