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What if we behaved as leftists behave?
by Erik Rush
Steele dossier appeared in draft of US intel assessment on Russian meddling
HxZoOUPjcruBv1Wz-q5jtfP2n1v69f90M8y3K9vsi2ZZ96JwIWR1otwHHR3pDZpP2n6fT7AOaB4jaCJDTJEa3srMT79n9YIawE8H4KUzRf-HG_OjVfSUqqTofOqBmxyVQkljQrhb3c_gILNxzviH3G8S0FPWHgsTAekhFxdLVi0tFUvEZtZOy2tVfCfft3tFWod5CSrmMv7SHyqfZW8d1fP_AGaGW5mHXeREQJ4oFEsQssCLcNVoovC2N1vhI0MC6pLob3S_H7DICvQ-jePZk68FmwgscIhjo36FsLMdU2i_ZWCC_IuFTUpXA-bbfWre2sr516Etbv-cPUV4_WrMDEz50g=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Daniel Chaitin } ~ Veteran journalist Bob Woodward said Sunday he recently learned the unverified Trump dossier appeared in an early draft of a U.S. intelligence community assessment on Russian election interference... During a discussion on "Fox News Sunday," Woodward suggested its inclusion was at the behest of the Central Intelligence Agency, but it was ultimately taken out after being reviewed by intelligence experts. "What I found out recently, which was really quite surprising, the dossier, which really is got a lot of garbage in it and dirty cop-Mueller found that to be the case, early in building the intelligence community assessment on Russian interference in an early draft, they actually put the dossier on page two in kind of a breakout box," Woodward said in a panel moderated by host Chris Wallace. "I think it was the CIA pushing this," he added. "Real intelligence experts looked at this and said no, this is not intelligence, this is garbage and they took it out. But in this process the idea that they would include something like that in one of the great stellar intelligence assessments as dirty cop-Mueller also found out is highly questionable. Needs to be investigated." Woodward's suggestion that the CIA was pushing for the inclusion of the dossier in the intelligence assessment comes nearly a month after Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said he was told former CIA Director scumbag/commie-John Brennan "insisted" the dossier be included in the report. "BREAKING: A high-level source tells me it was scumbag/commie-Brennan who insisted that the unverified and fake Steele dossier be included in the Intelligence Report ... scumbag/commie-Brennan should be asked to testify under oath in Congress ASAP," Paul tweeted...
The Democrats’ Fanaticism
kaeCxR29u1k9RVwcsIU109AF5WE0Y2GfcIcvLjWYgyZ3GEe0omSpP0AX7LY5zfh7IFARscbJMbkLfnGjrHsUkGG16Ui_L6v2YDZG_f2VxsBaAnv3OAkmPor9aNOP-2vOYc2MDZCe1a75cmkxTSD_1Ijjio-a=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Jed Babbin
{} ~ The Democrats, the media, and their sympathizers around the world were so sure that Special Counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller’s report would quickly end Donald Trump’s presidency that they are still in denial that it won’t... scumbag/liar-nObama’s director of national intelligence, scumbag-James Clapper, coined a new oxymoron by insisting there was “passive collusion” between Trump and the Russians. House Intelligence Committee Chairman scumbag-Adam Schiff still insists that evidence of collusion is still in plain sight and Rachel Maddow is still in tears. None of the facts will deter the Democrats from investigating and trying to impeach Trump because their Trump hatred is so deep and so emotional that it has become a fanaticism that wipes everything else off the political slate. Winston Churchill once said that a fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject. The Democrats and the media if you’ll pardon the redundancy meet that definition perfectly. They are so swept up in their hatred of Donald Trump that, even after the dirty cop-Mueller report gave no grounds for it, more and more of them are calling for more investigations of everything connected to Trump and some are already calling for his impeachment. Our nation has several real crises the Dems choose not to deal with. About one hundred thousand illegal immigrants are coming in every month. That’s a million and a quarter a year. Even scumbag/liar-nObama’s secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, admits it’s a national emergency. Americans are still fighting and dying in Afghanistan and Iraq to no avail. States are unprepared for the next round of election interference by the Russians, Chinese and others which is going to make what the Russians did in 2016 seem trivial...  
Why The So-Called Equality Act
 Is A Bait-and-Switch Power Grab  
by Stella Morabito } ~ Let’s place ourselves, for a moment, into the mindset of a statist. If you and your cronies wanted to control everybody’s lives, how exactly would you go about getting such raw power?... Obviously, you wouldn’t come right out and say you have a special project designed specifically to cement a permanent one-party state. You wouldn’t explain, full disclosure, that the ever-growing bureaucracy you have in mind would promote a surveillance state and coercion that produces toxic levels of social distrust. You wouldn’t clarify that the point is to keep tabs on everyone in every aspect of their lives, including their education, their businesses, their medicine, their housing, their families, and their churches. No, of course not. You would mask your self-supremacist intentions with a benign and trendy word like “equality.” You’d pretend that your project was about helping a vulnerable minority. To prevent scrutiny, you’d quickly shame anybody who had a question about it and defame them as haters. At the same time, you’d give special favors to those who can be persuaded to support your con job. That’s usually how such things are done, as the history of authoritarian systems proves. So we have the “Equality” Act, recently introduced by Democrats in Congress. It’s currently being considered in various committee hearings and is on track for a floor vote in the House of Representatives later this spring or early this summer. On the surface, the “Equality” Act is supposed to protect LGBT folks from discrimination by adding the categories of sexual orientation and gender identity to all federal civil rights laws, including the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It would make claims of discrimination related to these characteristics legally actionable in the way racism is, and aapplying to virtually every area of life: the workplace, education, banking, jury service, federal funding, housing, medicine and psychiatry, and all public facilities...
Parents Should Be Able 
to Put Kids in Safe Schools
4VABk5ltWZvfN9c8Ko_P2DpCn9SpZAXdou1SR969sEX1SiiOHpnSuSHJ2puXdE96mb3bSx2UAcBL-_FP3DKRobon5ZtoCjLo6hLp02GjFxvVCtIIzsspX3e57eLOnciikjml8NLw1G9BxwFpMzP6RTOo2-3pYqteRR-C2J9PSnPZSbkf2Ujfn7LgdB4uO-tJSus2dNFt8uSXYXllfYYclzCpqupaQxDwHCHq4wQ3TJUdyTEmgw7LBAGM=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Robert Holland
{} ~ Florida, a leader in school choice, is addressing the bullying epidemic in the Sunshine State’s public schools by allowing parents to transfer their children to safer schools... Evidence shows bullying is the number-one disciplinary problem in public schools, with more than six million kids affected annually. Furthermore, federal statistics indicate approximately 945,000 of bullied students likely missed school at least once in the past month because they were too afraid to attend. In 2018, Florida implemented the Hope Scholarship program, which provides financial assistance to families of children who have been bullied so they can transfer to safer schools. When it was passed, the Hope Scholarship program was the first of its kind nationally. In 2019, Colorado and Kansas are considering similar programs, in the form of Child Safety Accounts. Under the Hope program, parents can transfer their child to another public school or apply for a scholarship to an eligible private school if their child has been bullied or physically attacked in public school. The state funds the scholarships through voluntary contributions from automobile purchases. Some school choice opponents claim the Hope Scholarship program is an invitation to rip off taxpayers for an extra school subsidy. However, the scholarship’s current maximum value of $7,111 is less than 78 percent of the amount spent per public school student. In other words, the subsidy would be greater if the bullied student stayed in the public school, not the other way around...  
Dems' Rejection of dirty cop-Mueller's 
Exoneration of Trump Endangers our Republic
by Karin McQuillan } ~ Old pols like Pulosi and scumbag-Schumer and loose lips-Biden surely knew the accusations that President Trump was a traitor, working hand in glove with Putin, were absurd and unfounded...
 In throwing their lot in with those accusing Donald Trump of being a traitor, they betrayed their country, their voters, the rule of law, and the foundations of our republican form of government. Their rejection of the dirty cop-Mueller exoneration was fore-ordained. They cannot and will not return to normal politics. The information that the Russia collusion investigation was based on Team scumbag/liar-Hillary’s oppo research was soon known. We quickly learned that scumbag-Comey hid that vital information from the FISA court. We learned that the scumbag/liar-Obama DOJ and intelligence agencies went beyond eavesdropping, to blatant entrapment efforts. Revelations on the dirty work of liar-Susan Rice, scumbag-Clapper and scumbag/commie-Brennan, Rosenstein, followed swiftly. Mark Levin, in a must-see take-down of dirty cop-Mueller on Fox and Friends, asks “How can you talk about Russia interfering in our election and ignore the scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton campaign, and the DNC, and the senior level FBI that’s been wiped out by their own conduct? How in the world can you do that and not interview Barack scumbag/liar-nObama and liar-Susan Rice and all the rest of them?” Levin’s question, of course, answers itself: the entire Resistance and dirty cop-Mueller investigation has been a cover-up for Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s role in the under-handed campaign to take down President Trump with dirty tricks...
What if we behaved as leftists behave?
by Erik Rush } ~ They label their opponents as racists – one of the most odious things a person can be thought of in America – with absolutely no substantiation for the charge, and they do it unceasingly. When words fail, they violently attack those with whom they disagree. Indeed, they routinely countenance violence yet, in passive-aggressive stance, bleat like helpless, wretched victims when their opponents take the offensive, or even suggest taking the offensive.

In the workplace, they take improper liberties with their subordinates and engage in fraud in order to get their children into high-profile universities. Their captains of industry conspire to corner emerging markets and then scheme to marginalize vast segments of the populace and business interests in order to advance their malignant political agenda, then lie to Congress when questioned about it. They conspire to flood the country with illegal immigrants and emigrés from hostile nations in order to skew elections in their favor and to foment civil unrest.It is quite clear at this point that the political left has determined that the ends justify the means in coalescing their political power. The rule of law, ethics and long-held concepts of fair play have been discarded.

Their leaders are aware that all of the foregoing behavior is merely a strategy: They know that their political opponents don’t merit the charges leveled against them, and that their own followers’ behavior is manifestly antisocial.

Their followers – far left voters and activists – are the true believers, however. They’ve been convinced that pretty much everyone right-of-center are so noxious and dangerous that they must be overcome by any means necessary.

The problem here is that such “true believers” can be marshaled to commit singularly heinous acts ahead of the rise of a regime that would enroll statutory stormtroopers to do its bidding. We’ve seen this occur before in countries that have been subjugated by socialists, and it never ends well. The dehumanization of political opponents inevitably sets the stage for atrocities.

So, let’s examine a purely hypothetical scenario for context: What if conservatives, libertarians and constitutionalists began to operate in the same manner? Meaning that, suppose this segment determined that the ends do indeed justify the means, and that the rule of law, ethics and long-held concepts of fair play should be discarded as a point of prudence, considering that their opponents have done so.

Further, suppose that these people – who do outnumber radical leftists on the order of 15-to-1 – reasoned that since leftists managed to murder, maim and enslave nearly a half-billion people during the last century, and that American leftists are precisely following the playbook of past and present socialist regimes, they probably ought not take any chances.

Suppose these patriots decided, given the above, that militant action ought to remain on the table; that, considering the wholesale infiltration of our government by socialists, Islamists and assorted leftist radicals, we are at war even if our woefully compromised federal government refuses to acknowledge it.

Perhaps such individuals would organize, as some fringe left-wing groups have done. They might begin to engage in counterintelligence operations against openly seditious lawmakers and other operatives, bringing their subversive actions into focus for the general population, which the establishment press obviously will not do.

Perhaps some seasoned former military types of this mindset might organize clandestinely, and prominent leftists would begin to suffer very unfortunate mishaps. Let’s say that these individuals possessed such proficiency that there were seldom signs of foul play and never anyone to perp walk before the eager cameras of the press.

It goes almost without saying that actions even remotely resembling these would be seized upon by the left as having been committed by right-wing extremists. Concerning this question, I would offer up the fact that since those on the left have demonstrated little compunction as regards trying to frame those on the right for violence and hate crimes, right-wing groups would have little trouble dismissing any accusations as potential frame jobs.

Now, leaving aside the ugly atmosphere that this kind of behavior would create and the inherent dangers involved the potential for escalating civil unrest and blowback from law enforcement, for example, the likely result is that those on the left would become far less vocal, less confrontational and less effective. The reason for this is because – as we have seen demonstrated time and again – extreme cowardice is in their nature. They would see the political right going on the offensive giving rise to a more level playing field, and they already know that they cannot compete on a level playing field. The knowledge that their political opponents were now willing to respond in kind to provocation would utterly neutralize the left’s ground game, which would be a decidedly good thing.

It’s probable than none of this will come to pass, however, because conservatives, libertarians and constitutionalists respect the rule of law, ethics and concepts of fair play. We don’t intimidate our opponents into silence, and we do not employ the last resort violence as a first measure, which has served us well.

My only hope is that in the long term, this deportment can survive the machinations of socialists, who clearly do not share these values with us.

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