March Across America

I am iitiating the March Across America. This is not a march in the typical sense. Instead it is a concerted effort to cease in the doing any business with any business owned, operated or that employees illegal aliens. I invite all Tea Party members to unite and disseminate this information to all other Tea Party members, friends and family. If this is done as a genuine movement, in these times of a dissentegrating econmy, it can have a major effect. Once the march is organized and moving forward, it can be made aware to the media. It is there that it will genuinely gain recognition as a reality. In doing so, the media can spread the word and get more individuals on board, while letting the illegals as well as the employers of such, as to the reason for their mysterious decline in business. Let's cut off their income and we can start to take away their reasons to be here.

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  • Logan...With the wall idea...well your heart and mind are in the right place but...I am sure you are well aware of the tunnel systems they ave been uncovering.  No...I am afraid that there needs to be more of an organizing of citizens to totally stand up and say enough is enough.

  • Robert, you are right....I am preaching to the choir....In fact...we are all the choir that needs to be singing to the congregation...ok...I'm in...

  • Your preaching to the choir there Wayne! ;)

    I get you, but for me I think it is a fight we HAVE TO take to our elected leaders.

    "Mr. Politician, you get right with us on this issue, with no equivocation - or we will get rid of you and get someone else." Period.

    That is why I keep on harping on the notion that November was just the opening volley.  While we have new blood, elected by Tea Pary activism, that changed the outcome of the election and put new people into the congress, we have the job of now holding them to account on this issue and all the rest.

    I dont want "immigration reform"  I want the flood to stop and I want all of those who are not legal to go back to their country of origin. Then, let them wait in line like everyone else.  I dont care what that does to the service industry or construction, etc..  Wages will rise and our expenses for social programs will fall.

    No more sanctuary cities, no more drivers licenses, free medical, etc.  Run the country according to the law or we vote you out - that simple. 


  • Build a wall!!! and then close down all business that supports the hiring of illegals.  They are in essence breaking the law.  Then we can start to deport on a large scale until the situation is cleaned up.  All this will be expensive but it is better than our tax dollars going to giving them free education and health care.

  • Robert we do want to stay legal, but I am afraid that no matter how legal it and controlled it is kept, there is still going to be the aforementioned collateral damages.....from friendly fire of course.  And yes it needs to be done carefully.  I am curious about just how we are going to let the government fix this when it is the government that is fouling it up more and more each and everyday.  If we leave it totally in the hands of the government, we will all be speaking spanish and your senators and congressmen will all be named Jose Gonzales.  It is better to act and proceed than to remain idle hoping someone else will fix the problem.  Any decision is better than indecision.

  • Wayne,

    Understandable - but I think we have to be exceedingly careful about this.  No American should be singled out because of how they look.  I dont care if there is an illegal Pedro standing right beside him, its not his fault that people who look ethnically the same are leaving their piece of crap, corrupt country to invade here - its our governments job to fix that.  That said, I also agree that Americans of latino descent have to get on the right side of this, and not go with the liberal open border position they hear spouted around them - it goes back to something I pointed out on another blog.  We MUST become courageous in confronting our problems in this country. 

    I have taken a zero tolorance position with all politicians who cant get behind that one.

    I still think, if you could get those on the inside of these companies to inform on their employers then that would be the ideal way to go.

  • I was just checking because he was talking about people of mexican or spanish heritage that are citizens and it seemed you were saying that they would be the collateral damage.

  • Logan, the collateral damage is in reference to a statement from Robert about how innocent immigrants may suffer because of the iilegals

  • The needs of the American citizens greatly outweigh those of the illegals.


    I agree with this statement but how is this upheld with the collateral damage statement?

  • I agree with all points you made Robert, but unfortunately, for them, they are the one that ABUSED, and completely took advantage of the situation.  Totally ignoring the laws of the land.  Sorry, can't help it, I would just have to consider the ones that are legally here, collateral damage.  It is a part of war, there are going to be innocent casualties.  And, another fact of war are casualties from friendly fire.  These facts have to be accepted.  They are going to happen.  In a perfect world, these things wouldn't have to be.  This is not a perfect world, and some things are just a given.  I am sure we all have friends and family that would or could fall under that same heading, as maybe looking illegal, or sounding as if they are illegal.  I know that through my life, I have had many close relations with different people from every corner of the globe.  many of whom I would die for.  But, we can remain politically correct, and allow the millions whom are not legal to hide behind the few thousand that are legal.  No, that is unacceptable.  When the ones whom are not at fault begin to feel the pressure and repercussions because of those that are actually at fault, then those are more likely to rise to expose the ones that are at fault.  Remember what Mr. Spock said to Cpt. Kirk...."The needs of the many greatly outweigh the needs of the few, or the one".   The needs of the American citizens greatly outweigh those of the illegals.  If things are so bad in their country, then they should go back there and fight to fix their own government, not come over here and destroy ours.

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