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I want to share a story of a good man, a heroic man. He’s British and a SAS Sgt but operated with our SF in the Tora Bora actions and saved many US lives. He’s now sitting in Military Prison after the greatest travesty of justice I have ever seen. I was a Marine and had the chance to work with Danny’s unit in Afghanistan and I can’t let this slide without at least spreading the word. The British should be shamed and ridiculed and he should be returned to his family before Christmas. Here’s a excerpt from the British Newspapers. Read his story if you are a veteran or support those who keep our freedoms?

Even if they wear a different uniform!

“Sgt Nightingale, 37, is serving an 18-month sentence for possession of a firearm after a pistol given to him by Iraqi forces he trained was found in a locked box in his Army accommodation while he was on tour.

The SAS sniper had forgotten about its existence because of brain damage caused when he collapsed during an endurance sport event in which he was taking part to raise funds for the families of dead and injured SAS soldiers.

The sergeant, who had served 17 years in the Army, 11 of them in the SAS, pleaded guilty to possession of a handgun earlier this month, after his quarters were searched in an unrelated incident involving another SAS member.

 Civilian police found a 9mm Glock in a locked box.

 It had been given to Sgt Nightingale in 2007 by Iraqi special forces. He had intended to have it deactivated and kept as a souvenir in the SAS sergeants’ mess.

 But after he was ordered to accompany the bodies of two fallen comrades back to Britain, the pistol was packed with his other equipment and left in storage at SAS headquarters in Hereford.

 The SAS soldier then took part in an endurance running event in Brazil to raise money for the families of dead and wounded comrades, collapsed due to over-hydration and suffered brain damage which left him with lapses in his memory, which included forgetting about the existence of the pistol.

 The weapon was eventually transferred to his quarters, where it was found in the raid while he was on active service in Afghanistan.

Note - There is also growing concern over the quality of the case brought against Sgt Nightingale, and the actions of his Army superiors.

The Telegraph has learnt that the civilian West Mercia Police, which conducted the original investigation, decided not to press charges against Sgt Nightingale because “no criminal intent was suspected or could be established”.

 In a separate development, a leaked email from the SAS also showed that many of Sgt Nightingale’s colleagues believed that he had been “hung out to dry”.

 However, the email, which was sent to members of his squadron by a warrant officer, wrongly claimed that Sgt Nightingale stole operational equipment including weapons, body armour, radios, night vision goggles and ammunition."

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His wife and Lawyer asked me to get the message out to other veterans here and get as many to sign this petition asking for his release on bail to await a new hearing. Please sign here - Lets get him home for Christmas.



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