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The contentious Presidential campaign is winding down.  Donald Trump has declined to release his tax returns citing pending IRS audits.  Hillary believes Donald is hiding some deep dark secrets that could be a game changer.  Randall Sorensen, CPA, did some fact checking to bring some much needed clarity to next week’s election.  

The New York Times reported that Donald Trump may have avoided paying taxes for 18 years at first glance is shocking. However, if Mr. Trump hadn’t deducted $916 million in losses on his personal return then it’s likely the losses would have been utilized by his corporate entities.  According to the CCH 1996 U.S. Master Guide, the maximum personal tax rate was between 36% & 40% versus a maximum corporate tax rate was between 35% & 39%.  Stated another way, the net tax benefit recognized by Trump or a Trump entity would have been approximately $9 million ($916 million x 1%). To put this in perspective, this represents the same amount Bill Clinton was paid for 60 speeches in 2002 as reported to the Senate.

 I then reviewed something that everyone can relate to…..  cleaning our houses.  According to their 2003/04 Federal Tax Returns, Hillary and Bill listed home office cleaning expenses totaling $147,000 for 2003 and $109,000 for 2004. Not a game changer but worthy of discussing around the water cooler.

The next item could actually have implications on national security. On the 2002 Federal Tax Return, Bill listed depreciation on a barn that he had converted to an office at a cost of $147,500. The total amount of depreciation deducted by the Clinton’s for the barn was $10,240 between 2002 and 2015. In the previous year, the Clinton Foundation was gifted two servers valued at $62,500 each.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Bill Clinton sent only 2 emails during his presidency and didn’t own a blackberry.  The 2001 Clinton tax return showed that Hillary purchased a new computer for $2,100.      

If we were treating servers like cars, this would be like comparing a small compact to a Ferrari.  No one would fault Hillary for opting to use the latest and greatest technology unless at the time she was Secretary of State. I believe both the FBI and voters would want to know if Hillary ever sent emails utilizing the Clinton Foundation server.  Further, did one of the Clinton Foundation servers ever reside in the barn?  Last, what type of security measures were in place to safeguard any and all information and documents being stored in the office in the barn? 

The upcoming Presidential election has become a scary proposition to many Americans. What should be even scarier to both Republicans and Democrats is the fact that the IRS and U.S. Government have risked exposing as many as 45 million Americans to identity theft. The IRS is either too proud or dysfunctional to accept help being offered by the private sector.  Regardless of which candidate wins next Tuesday, if complying with the Federal tax code compromises a taxpayer’s privacy, then it’s time for the President-elect to explore a national sales tax and permanently retire the IRS.  

Randall Sorensen, CPA has been practicing accounting for over 30 years and has specialized in forensic accounting for  25 years. Randall Sorensen’s accounting practice is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

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By Oscar Y. Harward


Republican Party leaders are joining President Obama and Democrat Party leaders on anti-Christian issues while accommodating misinformed Constitutional rights.


GOP leaders are displaying their weaknesses as untrusted Constitutional leaders; ignoring and/or rejecting our GOP Platform issues.


What has happened to the Republican Party leadership?  GOP leaders are compromising on Christian values in accepting the Democrat Party’s same-sex, homosexuality, and lesbian activity; all funded and supported for these nauseous behaviors.


Governors’ Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) and Dan Malloy (D-CT)), other Capitol Hill Democrat Party leaders, and other Republican Party leaders are showing their own weaknesses of Christian values as articulated in our Founding Fathers writings and applied to within our Constitution.


Republican Party leaders, including Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN), Asa Hutchinson (R-AR), Gov. Pat McCrory (R-NC), and other Republican Party leaders are yielding in to disgusting activity rather than supporting Christian value issues as proclaimed within our GOP Platform.


These Democrat and Republican Party leaders are tapping the ‘Main-stream’ Medias as their propellant in supporting their own immoral political weaknesses.


There is no Constitutional ‘Right’ to cram nauseous behaviors down our throat.


At the same time, (y)our 1st Amendment protects all who choose to believe, support, practice, and express (y)our Christian Religion values without any misguided Constitutional abuses.


GOP leaders are fading as they disallow and/or dismiss our Constitutional values based on Christian values.  Some 2016 Presidential candidates and others are losing their Christian-based voters and their support therein.

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I've been receiving invites to help support Gov. Scott Walker in his presidential bid

I'm sorry I can NOT. Here is my previous post:

I am not happy with Scott Walkers choice to run for President. He has a Job to Do Here in Wisconsin and a much better chance of accomplishing what he NEEDS to do here in Wisconsin than he does as a Presidential Candidate. Even if he was able to get elected I believe his time would be better spent as the Gov. that introduced ACT 10 here in Wisconsin and then proceeded to do what he promised to do right here! Unless he's just trying to cash out.. I've already written that I am concerned that our beloved Gov. Walker is more concerned with political expediency as his priority over political conviction.

I used to end this by saying TELL SCOTT WALKER TO NOT RUN FOR PRESIDENT AND GET IT RIGHT HERE IN WISCONSIN FIRST Now that it's too late for this I am now asking Gov Walker.  Why are you not Actively Opposing Common Core?, What is your Official Position on amnesty?  What is Your Official Position on Right To Work?  Please give us Voters a Clear and Honest Answer?

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4063627637?profile=originalElectoral College Reform would have given America a Better Election Day Result For the Nation

Presidents Day is nearing and conservatives will have something to celebrate that day four years from now when the Electoral College is returned to the voters. Currently, there is a movement in motion in several key presidential electoral battle ground states to return constitutional selection of the president to the voters by using congressional district selection of Electoral College electors. This move would even the playing field in presidential campaigns, to be more reflective of the true will of the people of a state, instead of voters being held hostage by the large urban population centers.

Large urban centers typically out vote the majority of congressional district by stealing votes in cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Chicago. This results in state winner-take all electoral votes swinging unfairly and even illegally to a candidate like Barack Obama. In 2008 and 2012, Obama’s Chicago-style thuggish election machine worked to intimidate, manipulate and otherwise steal a presidential election in dozens of precincts in urban areas with impunity.

This process has created a false narrative that America has chosen a left-leaning socialist agenda that gives permission for citizens to be stripped of their Second Amendment gun rights, or states being forced to stand down against illegal aliens taking their health care, jobs and now their rights.

The solution has been clear for many years, and states like Nevada and Maine have already set the pathway toward a more balanced true representation of a state. They have initiated congressional district selection of presidential electors. In these states citizens can select their presidential candidate of choice, without being held hostage to the will of another congressional district or districts.

Currently, there are several states that have launched efforts to create a more fair and balanced Electoral College initiative. Michigan, Virginia, Ohio and Florida are some that are entertaining the idea. Yet their governors are showing timidity in fully embracing this patriotic concept.

Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder who is up for re-election in 2014, had previously suggested his consideration for the move for voting fairness. Now, according to TPM, he is backing away.

If Snyder and a few other Republican governors are appearing weak in the knees about restoring electoral power to the state voters, this is probably the best time to know this. It gives the conservatives, the Tea Party and other like-minded voters the opportunity to put them on notice: No support for voter rights – No re-election!

Why is this crucial? Think about how the presidential election would have been turned on its head. Obama would have been shown the White House door, if the will of the people had been truly expressed by each congressional district!

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4063572656?profile=original  With Sarah Palin America should be

  ready for a true conservative voice

           in the White House

The presidential campaign of 2016 was launched as soon as the last light dimmed on the stage after Mitt Romney gave his concession speech, in losing his presidential bid to Barack Obama. With the new battle now warming up amongst the GOP hierarchy there are many Republican leaders who want to point the party leftward, away from Ronald Reagan and his heir apparent Sarah Palin.

That is correct. There is no stuttering here. Sarah Palin may appear to liberals, leftwing pundits as well as GOP Washington leaders as yesterday’s news. Yet Mitt Romney’s loss was not due to conservative steel in his campaign. What is clear is that nearly two million conservatives did not embrace Romney’s attempt to skedaddle to the middle road by running away from conservative positions and values. They simply stayed home.

Consider the results of Palin’s steadfast 2012 primary season effort as she crisscrossed the nation campaigning on behalf of conservative congressional, senatorial officials. The results of Palin’s efforts are notable, beginning with backing Texas U.S. Senator-elect Ted Cruz. Combine that with eight congressional candidates being elected to congress out of 14, due to Palin’s endorsement.

Now examine Romney’s results. In a general election where Republicans were expected to be more competitive in U.S. Senate races. Republicans actually lost two U.S. Senate seats. There are many who have engaged in a lot of finger pointing in order to place blame for the loss. But the buck does stop at the top with Mitt Romney.

To refresh everyone’s memory, it was Romney and his Boston campaign brain-trust, who said to Palin back in July, “Thanks but no thanks.” They denied her a prime time speaking role before the GOP National Convention and the nation. Mitt was bound and determined to place both Palin and the Tea Party organization supporters on the sidelines and go it alone to seek more moderate political pastures.

Romney may have listened to comedians like Bill Maher and political pundits like Chris Matthew who found no end in skewering the non-candidate Palin during the campaign year. There is a lesson in Romney’s loss that reminds conservatives that Ronald Reagan was the 1976 version of Sarah Palin. He too had his many detractors as well as liberal and Republican pundits who scoffed at Reagan’s notion of a new conservative under current building in America.

Ronald Reagan was held at arm’s length by Washington GOP insiders and derided in liberal circles as a joke. Many in the mainstream media poked fun of his film character that played opposite a Chimpanzee in the 1951 “Bedtime for Bonzo” movie. While the democrats and the Washington insider pundits laughed, Reagan beat President Jimmy Carter with nearly 51 percent of the vote to Carter’s 41 percent in the 1980 presidential election.

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4063606751?profile=originalObama’s election firewall is melting like a house of wax all over America.  States like Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin where President Obama’s election machines had once appeared impregnable are now crumbling.  What is even more telling is that Ohio, the battleground of all battleground states is now fast becoming Obama’s possible Waterloo.


According to many recent national polls, including results from Fox News Poll that was released Friday, October 19th, Obama’s lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney is narrowing.  The president’s former lead of 49-42 percent from late September has dwindled to 46-43 percent.  What appears even clearer is that the president’s second debate performance, while well scripted at how to be evasive and fact challenged, and has not slowed Romney’s growing momentum.

The growing White House cover up of how U.S. ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and 3 other Americans were murdered on September 11th  at the American consulate in Benghazi is taking center stage.  As more and more intelligence documentation, real time videos, and congressional documents are made public a bizarre and tragic web of deceit is being unearthed.


The White House and the president’s campaign have stepped up their visits to Ohio and other battle ground states as well as their attacks on Romney.  Their hope is that voters would ignore the facts that these murders were avoidable and preventable.  But on Monday October 22nd, the last presidential debate should bring the truth of the Benghazi scandal and the unraveling of the administration’s stonewalling into America’s living rooms.


The presidential election stakes are much, much higher now.  Now the White House narrative and tangled terrorist assault storylines are unraveling, thanks to the recent congressional hearings on Capitol Hill. Its gets even worse.  President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are now telling competing versions of the Libyan murders’ timeline. 

Timing is everything, and with Foreign Affairs being on the table for the last debate, the White House is on lock down.  It is refusing to honor requests for documents from congress that detail what the president knew, when he knew it and what action did he take. Fear that truth of possible evidence being covered up concerning pre and post attack terrorist activity by the White House could prove an administration cover up is in play.


What evidence could the administration be afraid of providing congress and the American voter before the election?  Could it be proof that Ambassador Stevens desperately sent request after request to the State Department for more security, while terrorists linked to al-Qaeda steadily increased their attacks and assaults as late as August on the consulate?

Could it be evidence that the President decided to ignore in-person daily Security Council briefing.  Will White House meetings records reveal that he either golfed or attended entertainment and Hollywood fundraisers on the lead up to the anniversary of the most horrific terrorist attack in the nation’s history?

What is so important in the timeline which lead up the murders in Benghazi that Obama is afraid that voters will discover?  What the administration possibly fears can be found in the recent Fox News video concerning the timeline that led up to the Benghazi tragedy.   ( Read More )

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4063600920?profile=originalWhen America as a nation is strong its leaders do not have to resort to distortion, distraction, deception, or vulgarity to convey the strength and integrity of the nation’s principles. Yet, as the election winds down, and Mitt Romney gains political ground, Hollywood and its race baiting actors like Samuel L. Jackson are out pandering to liberals and minorities. Their transparent goal is to convince Obama followers to ignore the reality of President Obama’s economic failures and continuing foreign policy cover up.

The Obama campaign has resorted to using a child in a vulgar Hollywood Romney attack ad to encourage the president’s supporters to vote. It is using a child uttering profanity in a Hollywood ad called "Wake The F**K Up", to defend a failed presidency and incite Obama supporters. Is this the hope and change Obama was referring to in April 2008, when he spoke of a “New America” in his hope and change speech.

It is no secret that Americans are suffering, and have 23 million out of work, underpaid or have given up looking for work. It is no sudden revelation that upwards of 46 million Americans are on food stamps and the nation’s seniors will suffer from $716 billion being ripped from the budget to finance Obamacare.

The Obama White House refuses to explain to America how the administration has managed to leave the nation abysmally worse off than when it came into office. Instead, the Obama campaign has decided to sink to an unimaginable low. It uses a child and an actor to scare voters into accepting this type of low brow presidential incumbent tactics.

Is this how desperate a president will go to depart from the honor and dignity of a President Washington, Lincoln, Eisenhower, or Reagan? Would any one of these presidents ever consider using an actor or a child muttering profanities to defend their record, their work, or their presidency?

Yet, Obama and his campaign seem to feel quite comfortable at allowing Jackson to use his thug-like bulging eyed persona to inflame voters into action. Somehow Jackson seems to feel that his well crafted movie hooligan behavior, which he perfected in movies like, Jungle Fever, Pulp Fiction, and Shaft, will encourage his minority audience and guilt-ridden white liberals to vote for Obama. Jackson’s sham is based upon Obama supporters believing that he’s the real deal when it comes to knowing what’s good for minorities and Americans in general.

Well, if this Hollywood actor, whose own personal worth according to Celebrity Networth is in the neighborhood of $150 million, can feel your economic desperation and daily anguish, why does he hide behind a child? Why does he need to use a young girl as his vehicle for defending Obama?

The answer is clear. Liberals and Hollywood’s information-challenged aristocracy love to wield racism as a mallet against republicans. Obama’s campaign embraces a time perfected Chicago-style smear and fear campaign approach, where using anything and anyone, even a child is permissible.

In fact Obama forecast his own 2012 campaign behavior in 2008, ( Read More )

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Watch Don Huber, Chairman of the National Citizens for Romney Comité and Jerry McMullin CEO and President of Voptedia. They will be joining Gary Garver in a pre-debate program live from Universal Studios in Hollywood. Catch them on radio, television and live podcast!

And don't forget to tune into the debates tonight!

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Hate, fear and smear!! “Shame on you Barack Obama!!” - Feb 23, 2008

4063583759?profile=originalThis is the legacy of the Democrat party and one which President Obama embraces and actually appears to relish. He is quite familiar with the hate, fear and smear art form practiced by his fellow democratic leaders. He uses it with adept frequency. The president flies into crucial swing states like Ohio, Florida, and Virginia with his practiced hanging drawl. He then enchants the black locals with notions of sugar plum government programs that will make their life better, if they give him the same chance they did in 2008.

This is done with no reflection upon their own increasing misery index which just happens to coincide with Obama’s increased abandonment of any job, education, or community safety-net promises made. Instead, it is only through continued black misery indexing upward can Obama and democrats continue their titanium plantation grip upon over 90 percent of America’s black electorate.

Where’s the beef? Where are the jobs?

The goal of democrat plantation politics has been to find a convenient and perpetual target that can be feared, hated, smeared and consequently demonized. Republicans are that target group, which unions, democrat community organizers like Obama, and democrat political machine leaders have made their primary election year goal.

Of course with the compliance of the NAACP, as their contracted plantation house servant, the nefarious and typically highly emotionally charged negative rhetoric rings off of church and community center walls every election season. But what are universally missing are the facts of Republican misdeeds. Emotional sing song rhyming rhetoric is the bait democrat plantation leaders ply to submerge common sense or biblical principles and values learned in the church.

President Obama not only knows this but he is absolutely banking on black mothers and fathers, grandparents and families to not look under the sheets and discover they have been hoodwinked and short-sheeted by Obama and the democrat plantation care takers. To borrow from Obama’s own 2008 words which blacks on the democrat political plantation would do well to remember, “Instead, they’re betting on amnesia. That's what they're counting on. They're counting on that you all forgot. They think that they can run the okey-doke on you. Bamboozle you."

This is what Obama said to blacks in 2008 about Republican, but look at the facts, ( read more )

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A Traitor is a Traitor is a Traitor


In 2008, Obama said he would fundamentally change America – why weren’t we in shock when we heard those words.  What did we really think he meant? 

A man who wouldn’t honor our Country by placing his hand over his heart during our National Anthem and in return we’re supposed to honor this man some call Mr. President… Most politicians wore the flag pin since September 12 after the terrorist attack on the towers to honor fallen victims, our Troops and the family members who lost love ones on 911. Obama was ridiculed for refusing to wear the flag pin and finally relented.

Obama nonchalantly gives US support to the Arab Spring movement in his televised speech on the Middle East. In fact he bragged about planting the seeds of the Arab Spring that started in Tunis spreading throughout the Middle East.  He even promised to use all US resources to assist them.

He is the one we should be holding responsible for the  Fast and Furious gunrunner operation, the 787 billion stimulus money that he stole from taxpayers, the deliberate support of the Muslim Brotherhood, opening up our borders to drug cartel and terrorists, weakening our Military, refusing to support Netanyahu and the ugly corrupt Obama list just rambles on…

When is enough, enough?  Why would anyone including African Americans, Hispanics, women and our youth support a person who is destroying our Nation.  Are they really that naïve? Don’t they realize our Military is in harm’s way due to Obama’s foreign policies?  Don’t they realize Obama used a sledge hammer to stop drilling on the coast, nixed the Keystone Pipeline and hamstrung all businesses?

When Mitt Romney was chewed up and kicked under the bus over his remarks about the 47% not voting for him and placed them in the category of victims - for the first time in many years finally one man had the guts to state the truth.  These people are the victims of the Government and Obama continued using them and destroying all their hope for a better day starting in 2008 during his Presidential campaign.

He has followed the Rules for Radicals to a “T” which is based on one theory only destroying your adversaries. Obama has never allowed a serious crisis go to waste and his goal to overthrow Capitalism is being accomplished by creating a vacuum that places more and more people under Government control via entitlements.

These people Mitt Romney refers to are the victims of a corrupt vicious dictator who lives by theCloward/Piven strategy to create an ongoing crisis and manage it by abusing those who in fact need a hand up, not a hand out. It’s time for those who are undecided about the Presidential Election this year to step forward and stop the traitors in our Government including all of Obama’s Administration, the Liberal News Media and extreme Liberals.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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Republican Party Treachery Rises Again in Tampa

Republican Party Treachery Rises Again in Tampa

Republican and Democrat: Two Wings of the Same Vulture

The choice of Paul Ryan as the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate almost had me convinced to vote for Mitt Romney in November but once again the Republican Party blew a chance to show me they are above the Democrat Party when it comes to morals, honor, integrity, and concern for the Constitution of the United States of America.  Once again the New World Order globalists who run the Globalist Oligarchy Party (GOP) reminded me why I should vote for John Albert Dummett Jr. (, a write-in candidate for the Republican Party in 2012.  At their convention this past week the Republican Party establishment showed me they have no regard for the grassroots workers, the “We the People” they should be looking to for support.  Instead of looking to grassroots conservatives they have once again shown they have no regard for liberty whatsoever.  The party establishment again spits in the face of We the People and tells us “we know better than you, we don’t care what you want, sit down and shut up”.


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I find the recent Obama re-election campaign tactic of referring to Mitt Romney as “Romney Hood” rather interesting.  Obama and his cronies are actually complimenting Romney, seemingly without being smart enough to realize it.  If idiocy isn’t the case they are counting on We the People being too stupid to know our fables.  I am a long way from being a supporter of Mitt Romney but this isn’t about Romney, it is about the Muslim-in-Chief sitting in the White House and his associates.


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Senior Obama Campaign official David Axelrod, admitted Sunday, August 5th on Fox News that Ohio military voters who are allowed early voting was indeed the target of the lawsuit filed against the state of Ohio. He incorrectly claimed that military early voting was an exception, which must be corrected, so that all Ohio voters can have the right to vote early

As Ohio Democrats and the Obama campaign were targeting the military overseas voters and lambasting the Ohio state legislature and the Secretary of State for engaging in alleged discriminatory practices, they conveniently avoided mentioning that federal law protects early voting rights of overseas soldiers.

The Obama lawsuit’s claim for relief states that as a matter of fact, Ohio voters are similarly situated as military overseas voters, in their inability to vote early. The lawsuit states: “Whether caused by legislative error or partisan motivation, the result of this legislative process is arbitrary and inequitable treatment of similarly situated Ohio voters with respect to in-person early voting,”

What is clear is that the intention of the lawsuit is to convey a sense of voter rights imbalance where none exists both legally or factually. The Obama lawsuit claims that the action by the state of Ohio was, ‘arbitrary’ and unconstitutional to allow three extra days of in-person early voting to military voters and their families who are overseas.

Yet, the 1986 and amended 2010 Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act allows this preferential treatment as a matter of fact and of law.

The very purpose for the law’s passage was due to congress’ recognition that tens of thousands of soldiers could not avail themselves of their U.S. Constitutional voters rights due to actual physical impossibilities related to their military service. Ohio voters are not confronted with similar physical service impossibilities. This is a matter of fact. So, where are the factually similar ongoing warfare conditions that military soldiers face, to be found for Ohio voters in the state? The Obama camp claims that the Ohio’s law provides, arbitrary and inequitable treatment of similarly situated Ohio voters. The Ohio democrat’s claims do not add up.

This lawsuit filing was more a political ploy by the Obama campaign and their desperate democrat allied officials in Ohio, to use the heroic military soldiers of Ohio as part of their ominous chess game. In fact, Ohio democrats could legally surmise before filing the lawsuit, that the state could legally establish voting procedures.

In fact earlier in July, Ohio democrat officials first claimed urban voters, i.e. democrat base voters would be deprived of their “right to early voting.” In fact, the few counties that used this practice saw a dwindling number of voters using this option. Democrats lost that round, and then turned their targets on the one group of voters, who were overseas defending the nation: Ohio military voters. Democrats hoped that this inconvenient mistruth would stick against the legal wall.

The Ohio democrats and the Obama political voter bean counters in Chicago went into court with this fallacy of reverse discrimination being practiced in Ohio. It is probable that they concluded that a federal judge would ignore the federal Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act, which gives military overseas personnel the legal right to have access to early voting and extended voting. Not going to happen.

The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act reads in part under Section G, paragraph D: “Hardship Exceptions”, that congress recognized as a matter of both fact and law, that military voters who are serving overseas are materially situated differently than other voters and therefore their voter rights must be protected and insured.

The law specifies that states must develop:

“(D) a comprehensive plan to ensure that absent uniformed services voters and overseas voters are able to receive absentee ballots which they have requested and submit marked absentee ballots to the appropriate State election official in time to have that ballot counted in election for Federal office, which includes:

"(i) the steps the State will undertake to ensure that absent uniformed services voters and overseas voters have time to receive, mark, and submit their ballots in time to have those ballots counted in the election;

Ohio state officials were keeping consistent with federal law which legally grants an exception for overseas military voters. In fact, the Obama administrations own U.S. Justice Department asserts that it works vigorously to enforce the federal Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act. It states the, “department has worked to aggressively enforce UOCAVA and the MOVE Act in order to ensure that all military and overseas voters can exercise their right to vote, and have their votes counted.”

The facts are clear. The U.S. Justice Department is aware of the law and says it enforces it. The state of Ohio election officials are attempting to do the same. The Ohio legislature’s intention was to protect the federal rights of military overseas voters. So don’t be fooled by the bait and switch legal and campaign tactics by the Obama campaign and Ohio democrats.

In the end, Ohio democrats and the Obama campaign are engaged in a high takes politically charged chess game and they are unfortunately using Ohio military overseas soldiers as the pawns. In November, the Ohio voters…all of them including the military voters will checkmate the Obama campaign and the Ohio democrat cronies.

Let me know what you think:

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Things to consider as Uncommon Sense

Just my occasional reminder of who, what and where we are:

We were formed as and our Constitutional design of government is a Representative Republic. Unfortunately, if We The People, made up of all of the American Persons, do not reclaim our power by turning out our representatives in Congress, who have sold us out for their own power, the Republic will be lost. And our opportunities to do this are surely numbered if not soon to end. 2012 is the year to forget about the political establishment's decoy, the Presidential Pageant, and focus on where the true Constitutional power is in this Republic, the Congress. 

And just because your Representative or Senator has a particular letter behind their name is not enough. We must vet all on their understanding of the Constitution and on their willingness to fight for the salvation of the Republic. Or we must do all in our power to remove them and replace them with those who will. It’s crunch time folks! Do you/we have it in you/us to save the Republic? I hope you/we do!

From the Constitution of the United States:
Article I
Section 1
All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

Questions for you to ask your Representatives and Senators-
1. Have you voted for a bill you haven't read?
2. Have you voted for a bill you didn't understand?
3. Have you voted for a bill without assuring it is Constitutional?
4. Have you voted for a bill because your Party leadership told you to?
5. Have you voted for a bill because it provided advantages to a contributor?
6. Nave you voted for a bill to appease a special interest group?
7. Have you voted for a bill just to get something done?
8. Have you voted for a bill with add-ons that don't effect the actual bill?
9. Have you voted for a bill because of pressure from the press or media?

A “yes” answer to any of these questions makes your Representative suspect and potentially unfit to serve. Have you, as a Citizen, ever asked your Representative any of these questions? It's time to start.

Please take close study of question #3. Every one of these People takes this Oath when they assume their Office:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

I hope you read this very thoroughly. This is the basis of the Society in which we live. This is serious business, but it has become the content of 30-second sound bites in the current news cycle. Please think about it and decide what you will do to help correct it? We are the next 3% and we must accept our responsibility to all of Society. You, by the Grace of God, are here, at this time, in this place, to make a difference in the future of our Society. Thank You for being here!

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Is Gingrich a Conservative Leader for the GOP?


Can Newt help us get America back on track?-You Decide:

Posted on The Patriot Update-By Daniel Greystone-On January 28, 2012:

Let me ask all Patriots this question “Who has gotten the United States into the financial trouble we are currently in?” We can place (most of the) blame on Barack Obama who has a philosophy of bigger government, excessive spending and uncontrolled entitlement programs. We can also place blame squarely on both houses of Congress.  During the first two years of the Obama administration, 2008 and 2009, the Democrats continued their control of both Congressional houses; the Senate and the House of Representatives. In those two years alone, these politicians never submitted a budget but they DID pass every piece of legislation to grow the government bigger and bigger. The bottom line is that Congress, from 2006 to 2010, was a liberals ‘dream come true’ period of time because these Socialists had complete control of the Federal Budget. Without any sort of fiscal conscious they ran up our deficit by excessive spending and no regard for their constitutional duties. Never before in the history of the United States, has Congress been so blatant with how they managed our money and how reckless they were in passing  laws like the Healthcare Reform Act called ‘Obamacare’ without fully vetting them with the American people.

Today, we are suffering the real consequences of this behavior with high unemployment rates, under reported employment, business stagnation, housing issues and poor consumer purchases. There are so many issues with America caused by Barack Obama and this Democratic leadership that it would take a book to explain it all. However, not all these problems are ONLY caused by Obama and these Liberal (Socialist) Democrats. In 2010, we elected to Congress many newcomers from the Tea Party to help reign in the Democratic majority that was “out of control” at the time. Their one goal was to stop the reckless spending and unconscionable passage of laws that is taking away our American Freedom. The question I have is “Have those Tea Party Officials been able to succinctly reign in our out-of-control spending?” The clear answer is No. So we have to ask ‘Why not?’ Why is Congress STILL out of control and why cannot they stop the reckless spending that is now OVER $15 TRILLION DOLLARS? Let us bookmark this first thought and digress to explain Congress back in the 1990’s for a minute.

Yesteryear in Congress:

Prior to the 1990’s the voting American public stood up and said “No More Taxes.” In fact, the first President Bush was not reelected because he did not listen to that generation of American voters. What these voters knew, that current voters have failed to realize, was if their personal taxes and corporate tax were raised more and more, this would reduce the amount of money anyone had to spend and it would stymie economic growth. So, before the end President Bush’s first term he could not resist raising taxes on Americans and because of this he was not reelected and was then out of office. It was this one single tax event that prevented him from being elected to two terms.

Around 1995, the leadership in the House of Representative changed and the Republicans took control. This is when Newt Gingrich became Speaker of the House of Representatives. During his time as Speaker of the House, there were in fact, FOUR consecutive budgets that balanced our burgeoning federal deficit. There was a Democratic President at the time, Bill Clinton, and it was an uphill battle for Speaker Gingrich to get each budget approved and passed in the House. Then each budget had to go to the Senate and ultimately President Clinton had to sign it; which he did all four years. Has any Patriot ever asked this question “Was it easy to create a budget that balanced the burgeoning deficit and get the sum of Congress to pass it just so Clinton would sign it?” Does anyone think the Democrats walked in ‘lock-step’ with the Speaker of the House to get it done? Does anyone believe the Republicans walked ‘in synchronicity’ with Speaker Gingrich to get this accomplished? Just look at what is happening TODAY in Congress, 2010 through 2012 with the budget; compare this to how do YOU think Speaker Gingrich was able to get a balanced Federal Budget pushed though? Now let us bookmark this second thought for a minute so we can take a look at what is happening in the present.

Leadership and Supporters of Leadership:

There is a condition that a leader must prepare for because all leaders are labeled “a target” by the people who do not support them. Those people who do not agree with leadership often make the person in that position a target of ridicule, angst and non-support. They decisively talk behind their back and express their discontent of the job the leader is doing. They try to persuade others to believe in why they do not like or will not support the leader. They will do everything they can to get others to become disenchanted with that leader. It does not matter if this leader is at a local level within your community, church or school. This type of behavior goes all the way up to Congress and to the President. One can always say that ‘some people will follow a leader and there will always be others who will not.’

A very good leader will know how to get things done. So how can a leader depend upon others to get ‘it’ done if they do not support the leader? The answer to this is a ‘trade secret’ of leadership and in a future book this will be discussed at length. It is important to know there are many different styles of leadership that can be effective depending upon the environment, mission and goals. The question we have to ask is “What does it take for a leader to be effective so they can get America back on track? Now, let us bookmark this third thought for a minute so we can take a look at what is happening and what people are saying about the Congress of Yesteryear.

Reality of Leadership:

There are more and more attacks directly on Gingrich’s four years of leadership when he was Speaker of the House of Representatives. These people, who may have been in office at the time, are saying “even fellow Republicans did not want to work with him [Newt]; while he was Speaker.” One can bet this is coming from the Democratic Party primarily because they are absolutely terrified that Newt Gingrich will become the GOP Presidential Candidate. They are pulling out all the stops to do everything they can to get Mitt Romney to become our GOP candidate for President. There is another article I wrote that explains this in more detail about “Why the Democrats want Romney to be the GOP Presidential Candidate” and can be found at this link:

Do we believe Newt had it easy when he was Speaker of the House? Do we also believe everyone just willingly supported him as the Speaker for his balance budget initiatives? Sure, all the members in the House just went along with his budget cutting agenda; yes, all of them were just apathetic having to eliminate programs that may affect their own re-election back home, right? So, what do you think Newt did to get EVERYONE to buy-in and support the tightening of the federal budgets he led? Remember, what Newt did give us was a balanced budget for FOUR years and this resulted in unprecedented American growth and revenue!

You have to know the Democrats are so obsessed with preventing Newt from wining the GOP nomination that they will seize upon any and all bad information they can get on him. They are using every negative issue they can find against Newt right now. It is not beyond them to actually lie, cheat and manipulate any and all information to make Newt look bad. Obviously, they are choosing to blast Gingrich because they fear him the most; this is because he actually got something accomplished when he was Speaker and this SCARES THE HELL OUT OF THE ESTABLISHMENT! Not only is Newt a true conservative, but he has been able to do “WHAT IT TAKES” to actually make changes happen in Congress! Was it easy for Newt? Did he make friends? Did he have to bend some arms? Did he have to compromise? Yes Newt did and I am sure he had to do these things and probably more to make the changes we idolize today. Was Newt Gingrich perfect? No. However, Newt Gingrich got the job done and EVERYONE benefited from it!

One thing I believe Speaker Gingrich did not do is “he did not do what the CURRENT Speaker of the House of Representatives has done. Nor did he do what Nancy Pelosi did while she was Speaker.” In 2010, 2011 and now in 2012, our House is in turmoil, it is not able to get consensus on passing laws and budgets and they have failed from preventing us going over 12 Trillion Dollars in debt; which is now $15 Trillion! So as far as leadership is concerned, we have the model of one Speaker, Newt Gingrich, that got the job done and everyone since then has been far worse for America and they have caused our current debt crisis and reduction of our Freedom.

Let us take a quick look at the job Speaker Pelosi did when she was the Speaker of the House. What she did resulted in spiraling out-of-control debt, crushing regulations and removal of plethora of our American FREEDOMS. In her day, they never even produced a budget much less pass one. The four years she was in control resulted in an unprecedented federal government growth and infiltration of socialists into our American government. Yes, she is an excellent role model for us to NOT ever elect again.

Next we have Speaker Boehner and the job he is now doing as Speaker of the House. He is not able to stand up for one single budget proposal and had four of them last year. He bends like a reed in a soft wind. Since he is not able to stand for anything, the House of Representatives is all tied up in gridlock with seemingly no leadership Yes, Boehner is also an excellent role model for us. His leadership model is to realize it is NOT easy to lead the House of Representatives into a concerted and focused effort.

Leadership in Summary:

So, based upon the leadership Mr. Gingrich exhibited while he was the leader of the House of Representatives, do we believe he should be shunned and he should be hanging his head low in utter disgrace as the Liberals would have you believe? Because of the way his critics are slamming Newt (about what he did back then) should this be preventing him from becoming our GOP candidate for President? Newt Gingrich talks about that period of time and what he did as if he is wearing a badge of HONOR!  What he did is honorable. The Democrats want all of us to believe he should be ashamed of what he did. Speaker Gingrich has summed this up by stating “No one is our lifetime has done what [he] did; no one has balanced the Federal Budget four consecutive years in a row.” You are correct, Mr. Speaker.

Remember, all of these professed issues and complaints about Newt Gingrich are yet again showing everyone how desperate the Establishment is scared of Newt. They are terrified that if elected, he will actually CHANGE WASHINGTON. Also remember it is infinitely much easier for people to just sit on the sidelines and nit-pick what Newt did as Speaker of the House. Just know that as ‘The leader’ it was Newt who actually got something done. Newt was not just someone who got it done to benefit their own political party and friends, Newt got it done for every citizen in the United States of America. Thank You Mr. Gingrich!

Right now all of us American Patriots are trying to vet the qualifications of who will become our GOP Candidate, so please remember these three important things:

1.     Leadership is not easy and it is very hard to become an effective leader

2.    We have a choice of leaders and we need someone who has a record of successful change

3.    We MUST break the current dead-lock in Congress and this will NOT make many friends

Now let us examine the bookmarks we created.

1. We have out of control spending because we do not have any leadership that can make us believe they are fiscally responsible. There is no one in Congress now that will stand by their core values because they are trying to appease others.

2. Being able to make changes in Washington is not for the foolhardy. It is not about winning friends but more about influencing people and this is what Gingrich did. Just realize it is extremely difficult to lead people especially when your goal is to make significant cuts in funding.

3. What will it take to get America back on track? It will take someone with bold ideas; it will take a leader who is not afraid to do what is best for the Republic FIRST and it will take real core-value leadership to make the process work for EVERYONE.

Patriots, I believe we can get America back on track with the correct leader. However, time is running out and we MUST select the best leader we can for the November 2012 election. However, between now and then, all of us will be hearing a lot about leadership so when you hear people talk about leadership, remember this “Leadership is a LOT like herding a bunch of cats; the ones with long tails are the ones that will get stepped upon and those are the ones that will be screaming. The ones which are screaming are the ones preventing us from getting it done!”


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“Food For Thought”

God Bless the U.S.A.!

Semper Fi!


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Obama and the 2012 Presidential Race


by little tboca

Here’s a taste of what Americans can expect in the Presidential Race of 2012. Obama has already kicked his class warfare into all of his campaign speeches and will continue this strategy for the next 11 months. He’s pretending that he’s looking out for the “middle class” – what a laugh.

He’s the one who knocked the middle class off their feet in three years; he stopped any and all job growth, he redistributed 787 billion dollars known as the stimulus bill, which should have been called Obama’s “Dissuasion” bill. He backs the Muslim Brotherhood, trashes Israel, supports the Wall Street Protestors and continues hanging out with “America’s Most Wanted,” Marxists, Communists and Socialists.

Our final decision in 2012 will determine the future of our children, grandchildren and future generations. We must be resilient, determined and give them a legacy that they can wrap their arms around with pride.

So the question for 2012 is do we want to vote for the person who can “take our Country back” or will we succumb to the Liberal News Media’s lies and propaganda and give Obama his second term?

There is one man who can restore our Nations weak foundation, give us back our Freedoms, Rights and our voice. We can beat him to death for his mistakes, or we can acknowledge that he is the one person who has learned from his mistakes, asked God’s forgiveness for his indiscretions and give him 100% support.

Newt’s positive positions on economy, taxes, free trade, spending and regulations far outweigh his mistakes. We have the option of going to his website and asking specific questions, if we have any doubts on how he stands on certain issues. or

There wouldn’t be a Republican majority in the house today without the Republican Revolution led by Newt Gingrich in 1994. Newt is the reason and the only reason that the GOP took over the house for the first time in forty years.

Newt Gingrich made mistakes, but the difference between him and so many of the Old Establishment Politicians is this; Newt actually revisited his errors while serving in the House of Representatives analyzing and correcting his mistakes in order to become the committed leader that he is today.

Two Quotes that come to mind about making mistakes:

There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from. -Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.” Winston Churchill

Everyone has the right to decide who the next 2012 Presidential Candidate will be and pick the man or woman of his choice. We must be strong and arm ourselves against the lies, propaganda and political rhetoric and that can only be done by doing our homework.
If we want to sit on our butts and let Obama and the Liberal News Media spoon feed us lies about Obama’s ideology, we’ll face defeat due to our own complacency, negligence and ignorance.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

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The Mobocratic Dislike of Sarah Palin

I have had it with the phrase, "I like Sarah Palin...but..." This is not coming from Liberals, reticent Independents, but Tea Party Conservatives.  I have had it!!! I will invariably ask, "well, why don't you like her?" And I have never received a satisfying answer.  The speaker will look thoughtful, hem and haw for a moment, and usually come with something as lame as, "she's weak, " "she can't possibly win," or "the mainstream media hates her!"  What??? Does any thinking person really give a flying frisbee about what the MSM regards as good or bad?  I will no longer accept the mobthink in which the entire Left, and many on the Right, participate when it comes to Palin.  Look closely at Sarah Palin.  Scrutinize, research, follow, and read the words she has written.  She is no lightweight. She is highly intelligent.  And though she is not pretentious like Obama or Kerry, she is eloquent.  Her eloquence comes from her heart-felt love of country and love of God.  I challenge you to press anyone on the Left or Right, who glibly dismisses Sarah Palin as qualified Presidential candidate, to give a legitimate reason for their stance.  I assert that she is qualified, she is soundly rooted in the Constitution and the concepts individual liberty and accountability.  She is an individualist, unique, tough and whip-smart.  And SHE CAN WIN!
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Note: this is an update to a blog written 36 hours earlier with the latest Obama approval #s added in:

Rasmussen Polls Highlight Big Opposition
to Obama Agenda on Several Fronts
If socialism and big government are the desired ends, Americans are not buying it according to the Rasmussen Reports polling service.
Item: The public appreciation of this president has plummeted recently. His latest approval sank to its lowest level (-20) today, Tuesday May 25, 2010, when the highly accurate Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows President Obama’s favorability rating stands at -20 with only 24% of voters highly approving of the job he’s doing and 44% highly disapproving. Overall 42% at least somewhat approve of the President’s work while 56% disapprove. The negative fourteen (-14) point overall differential and the 42% overall approval numbers are both record lows for Obama on Rasmussen's daily tracking.
Item: 68% of Americans are against boycotts of Arizona over their new Immigration law. While Obama and the federal government are permitted 17 specific powers, 55% of voters would like a law like Arizona’s in their own state because they don’t believe the federal government is protecting our borders.
Item: when it comes to terrorism, 52% of voters say we are NOT safer today than we were on September 10, 2001 just before the 9/11 attacks.
As the rest of the poll data shows, it seems that in the voters’ eyes Mr. Obama is NOT doing what the federal government is supposed to do and doing everything else instead. It also appears that Americans do NOT want to be ruled from the left . . . or the right or the center, but want to rule themselves:
Item: 72% do not believe Congress knows what it’s doing when it comes to the economy. Along those lines, 41% expressed agreement with the statement that "a group of people randomly selected from the phone book would do a better job than Congress."
Item: It appears Nancy Pelosi was wrong when she said, “We’ll just have to pass it so people can see what’s in it (and you’ll love it)” in reference to the Obamacare health measures. 63% of American voters now favor repealing the bill. As a move toward socialism, roughly 390 separate government agencies are created by Obamacare – just one law. In contrast only 40 separate federal agencies were created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in just over twelve years in office. Obama has been in office fifteen months.
Item: 65% of all Americans and a surprising 51% of Democrats now espouse “mainstream”^^ views up from 62% in March and 55% in September. Only 4% now support the “political class” (those numbers are staying steady at the lowest such reading in Rasmussen polling history). When “leaners” are included 81% align with the mainstream and 12% trend toward the political class.
Item: 67% of mainstream America consider Obamacare “bad for America” while 77% of the political class believe Obamacare is “good for America.”
Item: 76% of Americans say they trust the voters more than they do the politicians and 71% see the federal government as a”special interest group” looking out mainly for its own welfare. 70% believe that the government and big business generally work together for their own benefit against the interests of the people.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
^^The three questions used to calculate the Political Class Index are:
-- Generally speaking, when it comes to important national issues, whose judgment do you trust more - the American people or America’s political leaders?
-- Some people believe that the federal government has become a special interest group that looks out primarily for its own interests. Has the federal government become a special interest group?
-- Do government and big business often work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors?
To create the "Mainstream-Political Class scale, each response earns a plus 1 for the mainstream answer, a minus 1 for the political class answer, and a 0 for not sure.
Those who score 2 or higher are considered part of the Mainstream. Those who score -2 or lower are considered to be aligned with the Political Class. Those who score +1 or -1 are considered leaners in one direction or the other.
In practical terms, if someone is classified with the Mainstream, they agree with the mainstream view on at least two of the three questions and don’t agree with the Political Class on any.
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