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February 16

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G. R. Smith commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Small Town Tea Party Patriots
"Great write, Lloyd. And even if the Tea Party isn't getting the press exposure, we're out here everywhere and we're still growing stronger every time the Dalibama speaks."
Jun 15, 2012
G. R. Smith commented on Allen Toepfer's blog post United Nations is getting ready to strip you of MORE of your "rights"
"The UN can't do ANYTHING unless 2/3 + 1 of the US Senate choose to ratify the treaty, period. We must start to build our Coalition of 35+ Senators so we can stop ANY of this stuff."
May 12, 2012
G. R. Smith posted a discussion in Maine Tea Party
If you know any Conservatives in Maine, contact them and ask them to join this group. This all of the sudden has become every bit as important as the Presidential Pageant. This so-called lady is just as responsible for Obamacare as anybody else and…
Feb 29, 2012
G. R. Smith posted a blog post
Just my occasional reminder of who, what and where we are:We were formed as and our Constitutional design of government is a Representative Republic. Unfortunately, if We The People, made up of all of the American Persons, do not reclaim our power…
Feb 28, 2012