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4064079074?profile=originalIt is now reported and confirmed by a UN watch dog group that Christian children are being Crucified, sexually abused, murdered, tortured and sold into slavery by Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Now reports are also confirmed that Christian children have also been burned alive by ISIS…The UN Committee on the Rights of Children has investigated and now confirmed all of these reports along with some photos of atrocities.

These events have been reported on some foreign news lines but little has been shown or reported by the News media in the United States! It seems incredible that the news media at home and the White House are ignoring these crimes against children. How can this be? These crimes are so horrible, so abominable that they cannot be hidden or ignored. Yet the Obama administration does just that! This is all part of Obama’s political agenda to destroy America, the Constitution and promote Islam!

The UN now reports this situation of tortured, murdered and sexually enslaved children is not just wide spread but it is huge! It has been common knowledge in the White House for some time now. But Obama seems only willing to proceed in collaborating with and defending the Muslim Brotherhood and many Muslim factions in privet meetings.

The (Irish Examiner) has widely reported these Murder-torture and Crucifixions of Children by Islamic terrorists for some time now. But here in America the truth is being suppressed by Obama and his pro Muslim government. We are being miss led  and lied to daily by Obama and the national news media.

These are historic times. Such horrible carnage and now being aimed at children. This is as bad as or worse the Nazi Holocaust! These Islamic terrorists have made it be known this will come to America to visit carnage on our families and children alike! Yet Obama does nothing to prepare for or recognize this reality. He will not defend his own people and families. He has opened the door to Islam to invade and destroy America and our free Constitutional government!

Our government has deserted us. Obama is not our friend or protector of this nation. Soon, we will all be paying the price for his treason in blood!

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More nonsense out of Virginia. their contact page;  https://www.governor.virginia.gov/AboutTheGovernor/contactGovernor.cfm ***************************************

Ms. Hayden,

I am sorry, but you are uninformed. This IS the Governor's lane......

What ordinances the City of Virginia Beach Police and the Larkspur Middle school employ to "determine" this incident was an involvement with a firearm, a child and the school - are predicated and based entirely on Virginia State Laws.... as in every other State of the Union.

For a City within the State of Virginia to redefine the word of the English language such as "firearm" to include a TOY gun... for the City of Virginia Beach to redefine the meaning of "school" to include the private property of this Child's parents (the Child's home) means the State of Virginia allows the City of Virginia Beach to re-write existing Virginia State LAW to include these descriptors.....

Funny, I have never heard of such a thing before. A Governor allowing a City to re-write existing State Laws for their own political agenda - without Statewide Citizens allowed a vote or your State Legislative input.

Sorry Ms. Hayden, but this is clearly Governor McDonnell's lane to address and I urge you to bounce this back for him to address it. Please be advised.... this is all over Social Media - and the responses I am seeing are exactly what I am writing to you - OUTRAGE!

And Ms. Hayden, I know it is confusing and I do not mean to sound like I am attempting to chew on you, quite the opposite.... but about twenty years ago they started putting the name "Aubrey" in the baby books as a girls name... The primary problem is.... for the past one thousand five hundred years (1,500).... it has been a mans name.


SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason San Antonio, Texas

cc; Social media

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

Tea Party Command Center

************************************************************************line added to delimitate

From: OfficeOfTheGovernor@governor.virginia.gov

my email redacted

Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 13:09:12 -0400

Subject: From the Office of the Governor CRM:0128817

Dear Ms. Mason:   Thank you for contacting the Office of Governor Robert F. McDonnell.  Governor McDonnell is in receipt of your letter and he has asked me to respond on his behalf.   By your letter, it is clear that this matter is of the utmost importance to you.  However, it has been determined that your issue is a local matter within the City of Virginia Beach in which Governor McDonnell does not have the authority to intervene. This issue involves the bus stop, or in some cases depending on location, school property of Virginia Beach City Public Schools. You may wish to contact the Office of the Mayor, William Sessoms, Jr. at 757-385-4581. I am confident that his office will be able to appropriately address your concerns.   Thank you again for contacting the Office of the Governor.  Please do not hesitate to do so regarding future matters.   Sincerely,   Kathy Hayden Director of Community Relations Office of Governor Robert F. McDonnell     PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS Messages sent to this e-mail address will NOT be read. To send a reply, please use the contact form on the Governor's website, located at: https://www.governor.virginia.gov/AboutTheGovernor/contactGovernor.cfm

------------------- Original Message -------------------

From: Aubrey L Mason

Received: 9/25/2013 9:41 AM

To: yy EadPortalGovCr

Subject: Virginia Beach Police and Larkspur Middle School administration

Governor McDonnell,


Sir, reading all of the news releases about this incident pains me... for the Virginia Beach Police department and the Larkspur middle school administration to defy logic and law - claiming a TOY is a firearm and using this as the grounds to suspend this child from school is inexcusable. The Nation is outraged! How can you allow this nonsense in Virginia? And from appearances, the Virginia Beach Police and Larkspur middle school administration are demonizing an innocent child who does not understand "gun control" or anything else along those lines of political discussion! The boy was playing!!!!!!! Why is your State allowing a child to be harmed for the promotion of a POLITICAL AGENDA???????????



SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

cc; Social Media

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Theodore Shoebat (yes, Walid's son) on how the Obama Regime is supporting a genocide of Christians in the Middle East. The main reason the radical Left is funding and arming Syrian jihadists is to help them establish an Islamofacist government, as they did in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia, with the ultimate goal of wiping out Christianity from the Middle East.


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White House Fails at Home and Abroad

Why are Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the White House obsessed with apologizing for an amateur 4063579166?profile=originalvideo that no-one had heard of, seen or cared about?  Why are they so obsessed with singing the praises of “a great religion” who’s leaders are the world’s leading proponent for mob violence and mass murder?

In light of the fact that North Dakota State University has been evacuated after a bomb threat, there has been an 'unspecified' threat at Valparaiso University, an Al Qaeda threat has shut down the University of Texas, a mob at the U.S. London embassy burned an American flag, protesters smashed windows and set fires at the U.S. embassy in Tunisia, gunfire was heard at the embassy in Sudan, clashes at the Cairo embassy continue to intensify, why is the current administration so obsessed with telling violent Islamist extremists “we’re sorry”?

As per to the UK Independent:

“According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and "lockdown", under which movement is severely restricted….

There is growing belief that the attack was in revenge for the killing in a drone strike in Pakistan of Mohammed Hassan Qaed, an al-Qa'ida operative who was, as his nom-de-guerre Abu Yahya al-Libi suggests, from Libya, and timed for the anniversary of the 11 September attacks”


The U.S. federal government, who’s responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of America, even though they had advance warning at a time of tremendous unrest in the Islamist world, failed to protect American embassies abroad on the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

Now their chorus is “We’re sorry”?

There are people who hate America.  The current administration can apologize to them, bow to their kings, try to bribe them with foreign aid and beg for forgiveness all it wants.  People who hate America will continue to hate America.

Instead of trying through appeasement to make friends with those who want to kill Americans, the United States government should ensure that those who hate America at least respect American might and American resolve.

Since even before his election, Obama has sought to soft sell America to the Islamist world.  He has followed the “progressive” approach that if America is nice enough to its enemies for long enough, its enemies will decide to like America in return.

So far, mass violence has broken out in Syria, Egypt and Libya.  In Libya four Americans have died.  Iraq is cooperating with Iran, allowing the Iranian Islamist government to arm Syrian rebels by allowing them safe passage through Iraq.  Israel is under existential threat because Iran thumbs its nose at the world and 4063579211?profile=originalcomes ever closer to building a nuclear weapon.

The results of “progressive” foreign policies have been at the very least, unsatisfactory.

Since “progressives” believe they should be judged solely on their intent, they are incapable of understanding why America’s enemies have rejected their overtures.  To “progressives” their being judged on the results of their policies and initiatives remains a puzzle.  They remain mystified as to why they are being blamed for the failure of their policies.  After all, “their intentions were good”, therefore it can’t possibly be their fault.

For so long as Barrack Hussein Obama, who’s economic, domestic and foreign policies are all designed to curtail American power and influence at home and abroad remains in the White House, the world’s perception of America will remain unchanged.


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What’s the Future of the Middle East?

For those who support the institutionalized “progressive” left’s or Ron Paul’s positions on foreign policy, consider these perspectives expressed in an article posted August 24, 2012 on pravda.ru:

“With the beginning of the Islamic awakening movement in the Middle East, the United States and its allies in 4063563790?profile=originalthe region, fearing the increasing waves of anti-American and anti-Zionist sentiments, tried to insinuate to the world a false interpretation of this movement…

The Zionist regime of Israel has the world's largest network of state terrorism and has committed numerous crimes in the countries of the region, including the killing of the people of Gaza, the assassinations of resistance forces in different countries and assassinations of nuclear scientists of the Islamic Republic of Iran…

The West is forced to revise its policy of unilateral and unfair support to the Zionist regime. They are well aware that the popular uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa began thanks to Islamic awakening and they have an anti-Zionist character. This region will never reflect Zionist domination in the future…

Today, with the removal of the ruling dictators in some countries in the region that were in legion with the Zionist regime, the people of the region are screaming that the installation of the Zionist regime has no legitimacy on Palestinian territory, even if it is the size of the palm of the hand...

Now, an historic opportunity has arrived, the sovereigns in the world should take advantage and set history in the right direction, take away the invader of the scene and return the homeland to the Palestinians”


These proclamations made by an Iranian ambassador make crystal clear the intentions of the Islamist/Fascist Iranian regime and their allies towards Israel, the United States and Western Civilization.  To knowingly and willfully ignore this clarion call to defend the Western/Judeo/Christian world approaches sedition, especially in light of the fact that this statement was published by Russia’s Pravda, almost certainly with the approval of President Vladimir Putin’s Russian government.

When Ron Paul believes that Mutual Assured Destruction will deter Iran from attacking Israel and its western allies, he displays naïveté to the differences between the Communist atheist belief that there is no afterlife and it is in their best interests to avoid the termination of their worldly existence in a nuclear exchange, and4063563840?profile=original an Islamist/Fascist State that reverently believe in the Mahdi, the 12th Imam of Shi'ite lore, and therefore considers it preferable to die as martyrs than to share the planet with the Western/Judeo/Christian world.

It was disturbing enough when the current White House occupant stabbed former Soviet bloc countries turned American allies Poland and the Czech Republic in their backs when he unilaterally cancelled missile defense shield deals they had made with the previous administration.  That occupy Oval Office was also so eager to abandon national security in favor of nuclear disarmament that he would voluntarily declassify the number of nuclear warheads the U.S. possesses demonstrates a dereliction of duty on his part as Commander in Chief of the United States of America.

Mitt Romney recently outlined plans that will make America energy independent through development of its own abundant natural resources and less susceptible to an increasingly aggressive Iran’s impact on Middle East petroleum delivered through the Straits of Hormuz.

Romney has consistently condemned Iran for developing a nuclear bomb-capability.  When referring to Iranian President Ahmadinejad's statements against Israel Romney has said "There is one place of course where I'd welcome Ahmadinejad with open arms, and that's in a court where he would stand trial for incitement to genocide, under the terms of the Genocide Convention."

Romney also correctly identifies the threat posed to the west by Islamist/Fascist jihad as "the defining challenge of our generation."

Contrary to the opinion of Ali Mohaghegh, the future of the Middle East is not carved in stone, it is still being written.  How the next chapter reads depends largely on who is elected as the next President of the United States.


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And others may have attended the Florida State Tea Party Convention last November where I was invited to do two presentations on the Middle East.

My name is Gerald A. Honigman (Jerry, to you), a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral studies in Middle Eastern Affairs, is widely published, and whose work goes after Obama with a vengeance. Check out this one example to see what I mean...


Now, remember Newt's comments on the fake "Palestinians" and how everyone jumped on him for that--including Romney?

Please see my own laid back--but potent--You Tube on the same subject...



Here's my own timely new book on these subjects (in a dozen major universities so far, but written in short, easy to read chapters) which provides a far more accurate perspective than is found in too many other sources...

http://q4j-middle-east.com .


E-mail me either at Honigman6@msn.com for it, or get a beautiful, personalized, hard cover copy of my book at the above url via Pal Pal


Glad to be joining you now!

All my best,



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Key Things You Should Know about
‘Arab Springers’
Before We Arm and Legitimize Them
          All the kool-aid drinkers among Washington, D.C.’s progressives have been echoing the party line first expressed by President Obama about all those wondrous events going on in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, and Yemen which they have called “Democratic Uprisings” and collectively labeled “Arab Spring.”   The United States is now embroiled in four wars in the Middle East:  Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya (in the order of our involvement – we’ve been fighting in Yemen covertly for over two years now) and seems in each and every case to be supporting the rebel forces in every case with absolutely no idea who these people actually are. Americans don’t know enough about the language, culture and customs of these lands to make an intelligent decision as to what line of action or inaction would be in America’s best interest . . . but knowledge be damned, between Libya and Yemen we’ve already expended over $1.1 billion dollars in the last three months. Here are some key facts you should know about the still-mired- in-the-7th-Century-Islamic cultures we’re dealing with . . . . 
1.        A survey in Egypt 2-3 months before the “democratic revolution” there found that 87% of Egyptians favored Sharia Islamic Law including such items as beheading apostates (Muslims who convert to other religions); public stoning of adulterers; cutting off of thieves’ hands; and forced wearing of the burkha for females even though these things had long been banned under dictator Mubarak as Egypt modernized.
2.      Egypt’s new revolutionary interim government leaders this week has refused to ban public calls for the destruction of Egypt, behavior that strongman Mubarak banned for over thirty years.
3.       Media in Egypt this week published claims which blamed the country’s abysmally poor economy on the recent cessation of “raids.”
4.      One way to up your standard of living in Egypt; Kuwait; Tunisia and other parts of the Arab world is to make raids into foreign lands and cultures and bring back slaves.
5.      These slaves will bring you a pretty penny in the marketplace (gotta love those enterprising Egyptian capitalists, eh?).
6.      Male slaves, especially young ones are appropriate for helping out around the house.
7.      While a wife requires a marriage contract; and must be covered from head to foot much of the time; the female slaves are only dressed between the belly-button and the toes.
8.     Many Arab women are keen on the idea of the female slaves as they not only handle a few of the kitchen chores; but they are the only way for a husband or a brother or son to free themselves of their constant “urges” without violating Q’ranic covenants.
9.      The “higher standard of living” mentioned earlier is not just for the capitalist slave-sellers, but also obviously found in the households benefitting from the new slaves.
10.The Egyptian equivalents of Sesame Street are found in numerous programs for children featuring cartoon characters and puppets inspiring the children to read the Q’ran; be willing to kill the Jews; honor their noble duty of Jihad; and, of course the glories of martyrdom. Adolf Hitler had nothing nearly so powerful working for him.
11.   The Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist organization which had been banned in Egypt the home of its birth for a dozen years before their founder, first and most famous martyr, Sayyid Qutb was executed in 1966, has now changed its name in Egypt to the Peace and Freedom Party in accord with laws in Egypt saying that all political parties must be open to all religions.
12.  Since the “democratic revolution,” Coptic Christians (10% of the Egyptian population) have been stoned, burned and otherwise attacked in the streets of Cairo and several churches burned down, activities that Mubarak had eliminated from the land’s calendar.
13.  Despite our ongoing recession, Egypt’s interim government has been awarded $2 Billion by the Obama administration, apparently without Congressional oversight or approval. Nice reward for a land where the two biggest and most organized political parties are Al Qaeda and the Muslim Bro-   ooops, the Peace and Freedom Party.
14.   The link at the top of the page takes the reader to an expose of the Arab child kidnapping industry written last week. The mildest offense to be found in the article is an update of a 2004 HBO documentary on child kidnappings and outright purchases so that 6,000 children can be trained as camel jockeys for racing. The children are deliberately malnourished to keep their weight down, beaten, often sexually abused and often chained at night to prevent their escape from their depraved environment. The most surprising is that Arabs still kidnap Black African children and sell and trade them. This activity called the “basket trade” relies upon camel or motorized caravans and huge baskets into which the bound and gagged Black children are stored for safe-keeping. By the way, the Q’ran apparently has different rules for sexual treatment of slaves than for free women or boys. Homosexuality, which is considered an “abomination” in most Muslim eyes even if consensual; is fine if it’s pedophiliac treatment of a boy slave. “This trade in children is so extensive in Egypt, organizations are “employing brokers, and even operating their own web sites,” according to the article. The leftwing media which is championing “Arab Spring” and which delights in talk about American Conservatives wanting to return to slavery, or Jim Crow or other wild talk of “racism” among patriot Americans, seems to have no compunction about praising the fine people of the Middle East who are now aligning themselves around the world with leftist movements.
15.  The most dangerous terrorists threatening the west seem to have all had one single defining experience. Somewhere in a “decadent” town in the Middle East or America or Europe they’ve found themselves getting involved in activities strictly prohibited by the Q’ran (typically involvement with prostitutes – Bin Laden,  Awlaki, and numerous others) and condemned Western Culture and called for the salvation of the world via the Q’ran and a return to healthy Islamic culture. You can judge from reading these 15 items how corrupt repressive societies and repressed individuals can be.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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Where are most of our taxes going?

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News





I used to ask my mom and grandma why we need to pay taxes and the response was that it is so that the Government can provide us all ofthese services (Which most are Free!!!) but now in 2010 I am seeing lessand less of our tax dollars going to all Government programs and so Iam seeing money making schemes all over the Government programs just tosimply stay alive.

Some of these examples are that most National Parks and Pass roadways are no longer free and end up usually charging you $20 per visit withnothing to show for it except you get to see the park and hike there,then several criminal records sites I found while doing research nolonger offer free records search and now force you to pay the Governmenta fee in order to check state criminal records, so many public schoolscan't even function anymore without fundraisers and box top collectors,then now I hear that libraries in certain areas of the country are in threat of being shut down,and I also hear about a halt on any raises for Social Security moneydue to belt tightening budgets even though prices are on the increase.

So while funding for Government programs is down, why is our taxes going up!

I even checked the last receipt at Walmart and my NC state taxes have increased from 7 cents to 7.75 cents. We are seeing a major rise inmore Government taxes but yet we are seeing more funding being strippedfrom programs anywhere from National Parks (Gee with the fees theycharge anymore no wonder why I hear stories that there's people that tryto take stuff from National Parks such as rocks and other stuff fromparks cause they used to be free now it's all money at parks), to PublicSchools (No wonder so many wish to leave the public school system andenroll in Home School), to libraries having to reduce days (They did inMayodan NC they are now open only 3 days a week), to the post officehaving a debate on whether they should cut off Saturday deliveries, toSchool cafeterias going from regular cafeteria food to TV Dinner like meals,to Medicaid making constant cuts from dentist care to certainprescriptions being no longer covered by medicaid, to those that receiveSocial Security Disability benefits being fined (Penalized) for simplyplaying the lottery or even making less then $600, heck even less then$300 a year or even just for receiving child support payments, and topolice officers being unable to prosecute people for smaller crimes ormore police officers being laid off due to tightening budgets.

I saw it all on my trip last month and I've heard it all. The state is officially in debt plus all states are losing money. Still though youwould think taxes would still be used to fund all the Governmentprograms I talked about since it is basic services for the community andfor Conservation. Since we are seeing a fall in all funding sources forGovernment programs including National Parks then why on earth are we paying more taxes???

Where is our money going? Why is it going? Why is many branches of government programs charging and doing fund raisers just to make it? Isour taxes going down a Black Hole and being wasted???

First of all lets talk about the why and how our taxes are being used up:

  1. First of all the first of many of our primary tax wasters is !!!THE BAILOUT!!! where executives were receiving bonuses and many corporationsreceive free money from the Tax Payers but never gave anything back inreturn, nor did they bring anyn new jobs but in fact instead moreemployees are being laid off due to the worsening economic recession dueto the bailout.
  2. The 2nd primary tax waster is the stupid (Ah Did I mention Stupid!) War in the middle east that's been going on for almost a decade now.This war is the 2nd worst primary tax waster and is also responsible forthe massive debt our government has collected which they will eitherexpect the tax payers to pay up on the debt we DIDN'T Started (OurGovernment did!) or else foreign countries may consolidate our countryand states piece by piece which will end the Constitution forever(Eminent Domain). The wars going on and all the money spent on themilitary industrial complex is going through our tax money like it wasall being dumped into the harbor.
  3. The Stimulus package which was a revised version of !!!THE BAILOUT!!! where again not just executives and corporate money mastersreceiving free tax payers money but also state Government guys can wasteour money around since they can receive big checks without worryingabout conditions since it looks like Obama isn't enforcing that themoney be spent wisely.
  4. The Federal Reserve - They are the forth largest tax... Well I wouldn't call them a tax waster but they cause the dollar to lose valueby inflating the printing of dollar bills and so this forces the valueof everything to drop while prices of everything are inflating accordingto the economic situation. The Federal Reserve has made it hard forthose with even lots of money to survive due to the devaluation of thedollar bill.
  5. Campaign ads are where much of our tax payers money is instantly wasted. What's wrong with keeping it simple instead of flashy politicalads that probably cost hundreds to thousands per run on TV Stations.Campaign ads, hit pieces, and other forms of political party promotionends up using up loads of tax payers dollars. Don't worry though if youlet corporations bribe your candidates you won't have to worry muchabout tax usage for political campaigns.
  6. Government/Public Grants being wasted on corporations and high up organizations. While the small guys have a hard time obtaining a grant,high up organizations and corporations easily obtain government backedgrants and never have to pay them back. The corporations already havemillions to billions of dollars so why on earth can they just simply andeasily get Public funded Grants?
  7. It is suggested that many of our taxes are now being funneled (wasted!) for then foundation of a World Government, a North AmericanUnion, and a police state surveillance system that not only is not cheapbut will destroy the U.S. Constitution as we know it.
  8. and the tax wasters probably just goes on and on while the Government wants to ration all Government services to the people andproducts people err peasants can buy.

So where are our taxes going? You can guess after reading the list above!

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