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Rebecca M. and James Allan are now friends
Dec 4, 2020
Rebecca M. commented on Kristi Ann Mod's blog post New York McDonald’s fires 8-year worker after she donates food to firefighters
"All I am saying is there is MORE to this story than what is being told. The company is restricted from saying anything due to privacy laws. However, a disgruntled employee has more freedom to tarnish a company. Neither of us know the whole story. I…"
Feb 21, 2014
Rebecca M. commented on Kristi Ann Mod's blog post New York McDonald’s fires 8-year worker after she donates food to firefighters
"From what I have read McDonald's has a rule that no employee is to purchase food for customers while working. What I gather is she was NOT fired for this act of charity, but possibly reprimanded for defying orders from her boss and the corporation -…"
Feb 20, 2014
Rebecca M. commented on Schuyler Montague's blog post Breaking Ranks: Dissent and the Military Professional
"unbelievable ...... that is about all I can say.
The rapidity of a totalitarian government has definitely arrived."
Jul 7, 2013
Rebecca M. commented on Schuyler Montague's blog post Is There a General Among Us or Will We Stand Alone?: An Open Letter to the United States Military
"Excellent article Schuyler and I must say while this was going on in Egypt I thought that the millions that showed up there just did it and showed up! We in America need to do the same!!"
Jul 5, 2013
Rebecca M. left a comment for Josephine
"Thank you Josephine for your offer of friendship! Fight the good fight for America! Be strong and trust in the Lord our God for He is Sovereign and our dependence upon Him will keep us focused - as we march for freedom against tyranny!
Blessings to…"
Jun 18, 2013

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  • Hi Rebecca, nice to meet you. ty for the invite. William

  • Hello Rebecca,
    Thanks for the invite. I wasn't even aware this site had this feature (friends) until I just noticed that I had a friend request from you and another person. It may have been awhile since you made this request of me..I am sorry for getting back so late, if that is the case.
    Anyway, pleased to meet you and I'll see you around these parts! ;)

  • Greetings fellow crackpot! May all our rants be poignant ones.

  • At This Point In Time,,,We Need All The Sanity We Can Get,,,Thanks for your friendship,,,,,

  • Rebecca, don't worry about it. God bless!
  •  At 12:25 pm June 7, 2013 Rebecca: I am very honored that you want to be my friend. I've read your posts and find that you are very intelligent and well read. And I also get a kick out of some of them. I only hope I can live up to your standards whenever I have something to say. Thanks so much. Jane Binkley

  • Hi, Rebecca.  Not sure which post you were referring to because I become so troubled by our evil leader, but it's nice having you as a friend.

  • Thanks for the offer of friendship.  One can never have enough.  I enjoy your posts

This reply was deleted.