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ObamaCare's First Casualty

News that the Department of Health and Human Services was promulgating a rule that would destroy about 35% of the Health Savings Account market comes as no surprise to Tea Party activists who warned everyone who would listen that ObamaCare would kill the private insurance market.

The rule known as the "Medical Loss Ratio" rule would deny private and small business issued policies from being sold on the ObamaCare health care exchanges.  There are currently five million people who have small business and individual issued policies. Those policies will be ripped from their hands should the rule go into effect.

HHS does not seem to care that the rule will be directly violate President Obama's promise that "[I]f you like your health plan, you'll keep your health plan."   They also don't seem to care that their edict will decimate the Health Savings Account market.

Since their creation in 2003, HSAs have become the fastest growing health care product in history.  14 million Americans enjoy their benefits.  They are, in fact, the real alternative to government-run health care.  They are a market-based product that encourages people to save money by shopping for health care services.  No wonder they are the first victims of ObamaCare.  

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