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Jason Allen has chosen the wrong adversary if he wants to spread lies about an opponent. Dr. Dan Benishek simply has too much grassroots support and Allen's union-based campaign of lies fell flat, flat, flat by late Friday evening.

Don't take my word for it, ask Herman Cain.

What caused this not-so-little tempest in a teapot? Jason Allen is the union-backed Republican who has received major union backing. Some union members are web/social networking savvy and have been producing a stream of lies about Benishek. Every one of these lies are thwarted by Benishek's values, his words in campaigning and even his web site. Just be proactive as an information consumer and be on top of the truth.

If you are even mildly conservative and hear even the least unsavory 'fact' about Benishek, it was probably propagated by Allen's lie mill. Got friends in Michigan 01? Pick up the phone and let them know! Better yet, enroll in Dan's online call center and let voters all across MI 01 know the truth. Act now.

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