The California Supreme Court ruled that Sergio Garcia, an undocumented Mexican citizen, who was a product here by his father when he was a baby. Apparently the family has lived here and in Mexico since that time. The court cites a new law just passed by the California legislature granting illegal immigrants the right to become a member of the California bar. Mr. Garcia states that he has applied for a green card at the age of 17 but as not yet been approved.

Naturalization is one of is one of the areas that comes under the jurisdiction of the federal government. So it appears that the California legislature and courts have exceeded their authority. I see no problem with Mr. Garcia practicing law here once he becomes documented. However, until that time he should be still living in Mexico where he is a citizen .

 We as American citizens should demand his deportation along the with in the other members who are undocumented and in this country illegally. State should not be allowed to overstep their jurisdiction are authority as our President has been doing.  We as citizens must be on the lookout for sets abuse and of our laws .

 That is what I think. what do you think ?


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  • Why not, WE LET an illegal immigrant become President! WO ARE WE THE PEOPLE!

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