GOP Confronted with Insurmountable Opportunity

Ron Robinson is author/founder of, the online app that broke the PDI/VoterVault monopoly for your precinct walk lists and is a GOP precinct committeeman/state delegate in California.)Rushing past us now like the windows of a fast train are the precinct, county and state caucuses/conventions where the GOP leaders for the next 2 years are chosen. If it's your intent to change the direction of the GOP, you need to get involved now.Obama used the metaphor of a car that had driven into a ditch in the last campaign. Of course, he had envisioned that the car had gone off into the ditch on the right. Tea partiers see the car swerving to the left. What do you do when your youngster is driving and drifting off the the left? Send a fax or email? Sign a petition? No! You grab the wheel and yank the car back over into the proper lane.That's just what more and more Tea Party types are doing this season as they show up at the precinct and county caucuses to choose the new GOP leaders - the new leaders who will put our party back on track. They are getting involved and taking over governance of their own party.We tried letter, faxes, protests and petitions. Not much help. But as the GOP swings back t the right bit by bit, we are learning that our work is taking effect.Take responsibility for the governance of your party today. If you don't know how, you can go to to learn.(headline h/t: Pogo)
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