If you havent seen this site, please visit it - a sister org is doing the pledge against Obama care that was referenced by Rush and the Wall Street Journal - below is info and links (If I get this right!)

If it doesnt post correctly, for sure you can find it at Floyd Reports.

Sign it TODAY!


Fellow Patriots,
Far and wide, Americans sent a message last November that we want less taxes and smaller government that starts with the Repeal of Obamacare. The 112th Congress was sent to Washington with this mandate and now we must support John Boehner, Eric Cantor and the other members in succeeding at these specific endeavors.
The U.S. House has scheduled a vote for a full and complete Repeal of Obamacare when it holds a vote on House Resolution 2 next week.
Members of Congress need to hear from you TODAY. need you to remind them that Repeal of Obamacare is the will of the American People.
They need to be reminded that Repeal of Obamacare demonstrates a commitment to the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, and fundamental American freedoms.
Independent Women's Voice along with Americans for Tax Reform and American Majority have formed the only official coalition to Repeal Obamacare in full, once and for all. We've since been joined by dozens of other state and national leaders who share our desires to end Obamacare in the 112th Congress.
Will you join the tens of thousands of other Americans in voicing support for H.R. 2, the full Repeal of Obamacare?
Our efforts have been supported by Rush Limbaugh, who on September 28, 2010 stated:
"Obamacare must be repealed... Okay, you say you want to repeal it? Sign the pledge."
Then the Wall Street Journal followed suit on September 30, 2010:
"Launched a week ago by the nonprofit outfits Independent Women's Voice and American Majority Action...The hard political slog ahead could use an accountability tool like The Repeal Pledge."
By signing the letter in support of H.R. 2, you will be sending a clear message to Members of Congress, the U.S. Senate and the White House. We must be clear next week and for the fight ahead in the Senate that Americans do NOT want Obamacare.
We know there are many requests in your inbox to sign petitions to Repeal Obamacare. This, however, is the only one that is tied to concrete and specific actions required of our Representatives and Senators - this is the Repeal effort where your signature amplifies the importance of their pledge, and helps us hold them accountable.
Moreover, this is the letter that will put pressure on those who claim to oppose ObamaCare but so far are signaling they will follow the wishes of Nancy Pelosi. Your signature reminds them that 2012 is coming sooner than they think and that there will be a price for ignoring the will of the American people AGAIN.
Voice your support for H.R. 2, the full Repeal of Obamacare by signing the letter here.
Let's save America and put an end to Obamacare in the 112th Congress.
Yours in freedom,
Heather Higgins
Independent Women's Voice
P.S. Fighting to Repeal Obamacare is not cheap. So will you follow this link to make an urgently needed donation of $50, $100, $250 or more to help us repeal Obamacare in both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate? I am counting on your immediate support so we'll have the resources to dispose of this unconstitutional, shameful law as quickly as possible. Thank You.
You may also mail your contribution to:
Independent Women's Voice
4400 Jenifer St., Suite 240
Dept Code: 39530
Washington, DC 20014

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  • All four of you:  Man, I really like you "guys"!  (Sorry, Leah, I couldnt come up with something gender nonspecific there!  Wink!)

    We are all on the same track, headed the same way, from different places.

    Wayne and Douglas nailed it on war - it's the will of the politicians, not the soldiers, at question.

    And no, Leah, I dont want to kick old and sick people out in the streets - I want the Federal govt. to get the hell out of all of this non-constitutional behaviour and let the STATES take care of their own problems!  The big lie of Social Security, Medicare and ALL entitlements is that we cannot fix our problems with out fiat Fed solutions - like Phil said, complex problems never get solved by these jerks in DC, they simply use them as leverage for more power.

    I grew up with a single mother working two jobs, while my father lived a life of relative luxury and owned a business in Tennessee.  I remember getting federal assistance, state cheese, powdered milk and going to a state run medical clinic.  What I learned about personal responsibility I learned from her.  She dug her way out of poverty and never went back.  Now, what she gets in disability from Social Security and Medicare doest do diddly!  My brothers and I look after the rest, and it points to where my reasoning comes from.  To answer your question, I am 46 - I am part of that group that will see the money we put in to the system simply go away because it isnt going to be enough to cover the Tsunami of Boomers now entering the system - and it NEVER COULD.  THe math, plain and simple, never worked, hence, it is in fact a ponzi scheme.  FDR was a progressive, so you can thank them for one more lie coming home to roost.

    Another great point here raised by Douglas is that, on top of all else, you have MILLIONS of illegals in this country and our medical systems, from sea to shining sea, are simply being overwhelmed.  Go into a state hospital in LA and just stand there and look around.  I have and let me tell you it was nearly impossible to find a patient in that massive waiting room...who spoke english.  My mother's care was woefully inadequate while we lived in LA and THAT was the central reason why.

    Personal Responsiblity, like Glenn has noted many times, is the ONLY thing that can save us now.  Like someone else said, they dont trust politicians asleep or awake and neither do I.

    We must:
    Get the illegals out, one way or another. Deport or self deport.

    We MUST shut down those "progressive" departments, SS, Education, Health, etc. that are bloated Federal monstrosities.

    We must take care of our own, our own families, our own communities, and our own STATES.

    I too am a Vet, I am proud I served, and I am also proud that I have never, and will never, take advantage of the Veterans Affairs, HUD, and other programs set up for Vets.  There are Vets with no arms or legs, or from lower economic back grounds, that need what meager help is out there and I feel that to do so would take away resources from my brothers and sisters.

    Everytime I see a wealthy older person bitching about this or that in regard to medicare or SS, I just want to tell them to get their piggy face out of the trough!  "Everyone want some, I want some too."

    If I never heard the words "Federal Entitlements" again, I think I would be the happiest citizen in the country.  I dont think anyone is defacto "entitled" to my tax dollars.

  • Douglas that is very true....we have not "won" a conflict since WWII... Not the Korean conflict, Viet Nam, etc....All because of politics, not because of means, capabilities or the will of the soldier to do so...The only thing that has stood in the way is the political shackles that have been placed on the soldiers that are fighting or have fought on the battlefields.  I guess that it would be politically incorrect to catagorize a country or a cause into the "LOSERS" bracket.  It would probably hurt their feelings...........
  • I can go along with almost everything you said this time Phil, except for " . . . , propensity to get into wars we cannot win, . . ."

    Our Politicians have the propensity to get us into the wars alright. But it their political decisions that prevents them from being won, Not the Ability of this Nation to do so!

  • Well Leah,

    At least with Obamacare we won't have to worry about that. If you get too old or cost too much, they will just park you in a dark corner somewhere and let you die. It is cheaper that way.

    Oh, and if a baby is born sickly, it will get to keep those weak and elderly company in their dark corner. Or is that a closet?

  • We all seem to be in some agreement that there are problems with the current system, And most of us agree that Odamacare (Read Hillary care, type II) is not the way to go. Essentially, making a bad situation worse, is Not an improvement.

    There are several things that need to be fixed, to be sure, but they should be tackled separately. Tort reform. Open Competition. RESTRICTING REGULAR, NON-EMERGENCY/IMMEDIATE LIFE SAVING AND STABILIZATION ONLY, ACCESS TO U.S. CITIZENS ONLY!

    We used to have a system that did pick up much of the slack. Almost anyone who needed it could get reasonable care. But that system died a drowning death about twenty some years ago.

    I have always been intrigued by one particular number that keeps getting thrown around: 30 million "AMERICANS" without health care. I have always been suspicious of this number, or more to the point, just who those "AMERICANS" are; especially when referenced by ANY Politician. Maybe I am just too cynical, I do not trust them when they are sleeping, forget when they are awake.

    Please, consider this though, if you will. Who, WHAT, is an "American"? We wold all think first that an "American" is a U.S. Citizen, but I no longer am willing to buy that when a Politician says it.

    Most recently there is the "North American Union", which seeks to incorporate all of North America, essentially, into a single economic and political organism. Before that there was the Monroe Doctrine that actually considered the entire Western Hemisphere, North America, South America, and Antarctica as a single unit.

    So I ask you, when a Politician refers to "AMERICA" and "AMERICANS", what is their frame of reference? NAU? Monroe Doctrine? Or the United States of America?

    When they Say The Unites States, U.S.A., and U.S. Citizens I have some idea where they are, but otherwise, for me, that jury is still out.

    Now back to those 30 million "AMERICANS". It is popularly accepted both that the estimated number of Undocumented Aliens, Citizens of some Foreign Nation are, fairly openly, living and working illegally inside the United States. I believe it is also unofficially accepted that those estimates are probably low by a good margin.

    So, again, who are those 30 million? I am sure that some of them are U.S. Citizens, but I believe that the vast majority of them are probably not. And those are the same ones who swamped our previous system that did provide for "Charitable Hospice" and the Emergency Care system that was working fairly well until about twenty years ago.

    I could go on forever on this blasted topic. But you should have gotten my point by now.


    Tort Reform, a must.

    Open competition, a must.

    Remove routine access for those who are NOT U.S. Citizens.


    These three things will probably eliminate half, if not more, of the factors that are causing our current Health Care Crisis.

  • Sorry, Leah...

    The numbers no longer add up, even if they had left the "lock box" alone.

    When SS started you had X paying into the system and Y receiving benefits.  Since inception, those paying in (X) has started to decline as the other number (Y) has risen steadily.  Even if there were no raids on the SS resources, it has long been understood that such a system would reach a tipping point where the young will no longer be able to sustain the old.  Not enough workers, too many pensioners.  Stealing from the system by congress has only hastend the demise.

    This is just one more reason I DONT trust politicians with my money.  They NEVER do what is right, only what is going to sound good to their constituents and their backers...the rest of us be damned.

    I want to take away the power to tax be passing the fair tax after 2012, if at all possible.  The congress would have to then live within its means for the first time in 100 years! 

  • medicare and social security have never been more than ponzi schemes anyway, so I think, if anything, they demonstrate that we the people cannot be called upon to do this (health insurance) for "everyone" unless you can live with the fact that it is simple wealth re-distribution.  (Socialism)

    Fundamentally we may have to disagree...I do not think health care or retirement benefits are a right that the govt. (and by that I mean the taxpayers, the people who work) should be required to pay for.  FDR was a pox on this nation and I hope he is rotting in hell for what he did during his dictatorial turn as President.  I will never see medicare or SS because the boomers are about to show the system to be a flim flam and they will drain it dry.  Obama care is no different.  Some one (me, you, etc.) will pay more and more so that some one else can have mediocre care.

    I have a mother who is 65 years old.  I already know that I will be footing her bills before its over, because the govt. will not be able to afford free meds for everybody - its just a freakin feel good pipe dream to think otherwise.

  • Phil, you have made a fine argument in presenting all those points and they would seem to relatively accurate as well.  You are very right that just getting rid of Obamacare is not going to fix the probelm.  No, it will not fix it, but it will remove a more serious problem than the one that already exist.  And, once again we find ourselves on some issues where the government has reached it't nosey little hands into our lives once more...Look at the public school program....thee has been a lot of physical education completely taken out of the schedule...our schools are teaching our children to be be less physical...BUT!!!!....they want to spend even more money on school lunch programs in order for the children to eat salads and fresh fruits....they are attempting to move away from simply eating "plants and animals"....and try to control the weight of the children through diet exorcise in the physical programs....Do you start to see a plan in development here?
  • Phil, The plain and simple truth is ObamaCare cannot work.....I know one may think that it looks good on paper, but, in the end...It simply cannot be done....It is about as practical as an individual that works for minimum wage, relying solely on his income with absolutely no savings on hand, to decide that he is going to buy a brand new Fararri, and have it paid off in two years.. The facts are that individual earning minimum wage will not have made in that two year time frame, even before taxes are deducted, a decent downpayment for that car.  That is the reality we are looking at here.  It wold be impossible for the government or the insurance companies to survive with all the fairy tale, living happily ever after plan that they have signed into law.  It ain't body, absolutley no one can afford to take on the millions of cases of pre-existng conditions, the under the radar patients......and will cover illegal residents as well...there is no way around it.   It cannot work.... The only things that can be done to create a speedier and sustainable means of bringing down health care cost in the immediate future are the ability to shop across state line for insurance and tort reform.  OBAMACARE can only add fuel to the devastating inferno that he has already created.
  • Phil,

    I feel you brother - but Obamacare isnt the answer in any universe.

    The Repubs, for all their screw ups have in the past tried to do some critical things about health costs, and were thwarted time and again.  I will give you but two examples:

    1. Being able to sell insurance across state lines - sounds simple, but would lead to much more competition that would drive down prices.

    2. Tort reform - one of the key reasons providers must charge more is that their own premiums have gone through the roof over the last 15 years.  Some doctors have just said, enough, and quits...the rest raise their prices to stay afloat.

    It is more complex than this, of course, but that is two areas where the Dems just dont want to go - they are not interested in helping us, they are interested in controlling us and nationalising 1/6 of the US economy - stop the madness, repeal this garbage and then we can move on to forcing this insurance problem out into the light.  I will go to JAIL before I am forced to do any thing like what is in this bill.  I pay good money for fair insurance for my family already and I TAKE RESPONSIBLITY for the smaller charges.  I didnt need the Democrats to "save" me, and what do I get?  They are responsible for ruining my families plan, and I will simply pay more.  I am being punished and the insurance companies just got a ticket to ride on my dime...and there will still be 15 million uninsured.

    Something has got to give here.

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