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Why Remembering Midway Matters
Harold Hutchison  
Wreck the Electoral College, Destroy the Country
by David Horowitz } ~ While you were sleeping, the Democrats abetted by some deviant Republicans have been working on a plan that would destroy the diversity of the American political system and bring the nation to the brink of civil war... The plan is called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and tens of millions of dollars have already been spent over several decades trying to implement it. Fourteen blue states and the District of Columbia have already joined the Compact, which means they are 70% on the way to making their proposal the law of the land. The Democrats’ plan is designed to eliminate the influence of the Electoral College in choosing the nation’s president, no doubt because while scumbag/liar-Hillary won the popular vote she failed win necessary votes in the Electoral College. Eliminating the influence of the Electoral College would end the diversity now embodied in the federal system with its division of powers between Washington and the fifty states. The fact that a party which presents itself as a defender of diversity should be leading the charge to eliminate the nation’s most powerful source of diversity should be all that is required to understand the threat their agenda poses to what has been the nation’s constitutional way of life for 232 years. The Electoral College and the division of powers are features of the Constitution. But the National Popular Vote movement does not propose to amend the Constitution because it doesn’t have the votes to do that. Instead, in the name of “democracy,” it proposes to circumvent the Constitution and its requirement of large national majorities for amending what has been the fundamental law of the land. Think how Orwellian that is, and how concerning it should be for anyone believing the Founders created the most practical, realistic, democratic, diverse and successful polity the world has ever seen. This is how the Democrats’ circumvention of the Constitution and its provision for an Electoral College would work. Instead of abolishing the College, which would require the support of two-thirds of the states, they are hoping to put together a coalition of states representing 270 electoral votes that would agree to award all their votes to whoever wins the national vote. In other words, if the popular vote is won by 10 votes, every state in the Compact would award 100% of their votes to that party, even if a majority of the voters in their state voted against them...
Mohammed, the Dirty Democrat in Charge 
of 'Cleaning Up' San Francisco
e4D8Ex8zv4aJt4yoXpxKt5LXCnyrrDxzaEZmZheWlaxIuh8wfpzjzXNryU1cGOmQ9kixd4d9mMwN_Ee3exe_uNn9mwUDA4GZQ3rYnhxTT8sgWsm_vW9CLwNwqwarqPpVNR_S4nBqiiBEYkOjHQEjf3SsaqoBwBYrVAuqNdQQOGxtwPskua7wFdljzUDcW-Af5w=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Daniel Greenfield } ~ San Francisco has the highest rents in the country. At an average of $3,690 for a one bedroom, it’s more expensive than New York City, Hong Kong, Paris and London... The median price of a single-family home is $1.6 million. The median price of a condo is $1.17 million. The cheapest home in the city is a 765-square-foot unlivable wooden shack with no bathroom built in 1906 which can be yours for only $350,000. Despite that, the City by the Bay is drowning in its own filth. San Fran is covered  in human waste. There have been 118,352 cases of human waste on the streets of San Francisco since 2011. That's also when Mohammed Nuru took over as the head of the city's Department of Public Works. The Nigerian immigrant who calls himself Mr. Clean has been promising to clean up San Francisco back to the Willie Brown days. Brown, the notoriously corrupt city boss, had picked Nuru as his point man, after some assistance on political campaigns, appointing him DPW deputy director in 2000. Nuru had gotten his start with SLUG, a social justice community gardening organization. His degree was in landscape architecture and San Francisco’s problem was its unbelievably filthy streets. But Mr. Clean was a protégé of Mayor Brown and complaints quickly rose from DPW employees about corruption, discrimination and intimidation. DPW employees complained that he filled DPW positions with his own political allies from SLUG, diverted street cleaning funds to SLUG, and used public employees to improve areas near his home. DPW people who complained about Mohammed were demoted or transferred. If you crossed Mr. Clean, the word was that he would ‘clean you out’. "Everybody was scared of Willie Brown," a former DPW maintenance manager who was forced out for resisting Mohammed Nuru's alleged abuses said. "Nobody wanted to do anything about it." Nuru had been a Brown campaign volunteer before he even became a citizen. And had allegedly forced SLUG employees to campaign for the corrupt San Fran boss, telling them that their jobs depended on it...
TSA allowing illegal migrants 
to fly without proper documents
nM3Vpmd6R-InqRdS2SRhv1lFN_B0zxb1mGjNkyJHUChMtLZmL9HDe1JFUXJjZPjnRKjCuTwY1AKMIH_db6QUz4eEz0uzmVkuYvHsnqXgixb0xYbPVGJQ9VJMN1_auwbHlqRxr1IasrxwBUomC7PfMJl1m_1B2FAWQ4CZbZ_Oe5CVOvV9sSAPr-6V4jWOxyjy60wHxoWnGX3uJ6wNTCWb2DUvhHFBBV8iqpXulRImZCJXGSUgGRNjJWEqtM15Qm3Ry6sGor67KS-WWUk-S0fnMBMMjXKA0gJ-yaPoX72jdatC4S8aG_PAlDlOQAJZCxAv-yE3_1BCzwTMtg=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Anna Giaritelli } ~ The federal agency tasked with overseeing security at transportation hubs has been violating its own policy by allowing migrants who have been released from federal custody onto flights... despite not having required documents, according to several Department of Homeland Security officials. For the past six months, the Transportation Security Administration has allowed migrants released from the custody of other Homeland Security agencies to board flights to other parts of the country despite the passengers lacking any of the 15 documents it states are the only acceptable forms of identification. Since early December, the agency has avoided temporarily changing federal policy and also not introduced a permanent solution to address this new phenomenon, despite no indication border apprehensions and mass releases are slowing down any time soon.Since January, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has released from custody more than 200,000 migrants who arrived at the border as part of a family. The releases are mandatory under a 2015 court ruling that bars ICE from holding families more than 20 days. ICE often drops people off at bus stations, where nongovernmental organizations that have been alerted to the drop-offs send volunteers to help migrants make travel arrangements to join family members in other cities. The agency then wipes its hands clean following the releases. ICE would not comment on the legal precedent for undocumented immigrants boarding flights in the U.S. So instead, those looking to depart the border via regional airports become TSA’s burden. If TSA chose to turn away people at airports it would apply more pressure to overwhelmed bus companies like Greyhound and local motels in border towns, complicating an already dire situation for localities struggling to care for this demographic...
Empty words: Why liar-Pulosi is suddenly 
saying she wants Trump ‘in prison’
z7aqLjPl3bmTqHM7Eilc70GZFTCdz6rCKU6nEiUQjaj5xqnSWM9VXUb8evNSuN0gPEMITc_RQs9xW0PExlQRX4NNkt1iIwwVl9IFiVgxK1b7OR2mvaQZ3Ro97wKc4_qnYhJVqkDoH5RggGvxzFQ22pE0pU9tfkXAqPdyduh3ht_exADICXjHBzt4-GjWVvyOVsWE_C4hfbE6Vv3WarPy7lbeT5uVpf2clMlpz-tS69oeOntpuJf-d7Qhqzj6GQsUueqhaAyveqD6Jlonqtrxt-_PKfSBFWWCWSOucwwnMK7OokqkA3TjaYqxHW5S3YXs24pu165u8fRbKQTlCcadCthbJWU-8lDsVhENGwWilbXclA=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Becket Adams } ~ House Speaker liar-Nancy Pulosi, D-Calif., told senior Democrats this week that she does not want to impeach President Trump, she wants to see him “in prison,” according to reports... Before you walk away believing the country’s most powerful Democrat really fantasized about imprisoning her chief political opponent, allow me to offer a theory about what is really going on: liar-Pulosi’s alleged remarks, which were reported first by Politico, are part of a carefully planted narrative that allows her to look tough on Trump without actually having to do anything about him. The idea is to tell the Democratic base that liar-Pulosi is “with them,” without also jeopardizing her party's chances in the upcoming elections. If there is one thing the speaker has tried to hammer home to her colleagues since Trump was inaugurated in 2017, it is this: Stop talking about impeachment. It is unrealistic and it will kill us at the ballot box. This has been liar-Pulosi’s most consistent message in the Trump era. In fact, it has become something of a running joke, the number of times that reporters ask her about the issue only for her to respond as she always does with a variation of “not happening.”But many in the Democratic base are out for blood. They want Trump and company impeached, removed from office, punished, etc. This leaves liar-Pulosi in a difficult spot. She wants to extinguish all talk of impeachment because she knows it is electoral poison. Yet she cannot be seen as soft on Trump. She knows what happened to former Speaker backstabber-John Boehner, R-Ohio, when Republican voters saw him as too easy on former President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama. So, how do you placate a base that is out for blood without actually giving it blood? Promise it that you will deliver what it wants — eventually. This worked for eight years for the Republican Party with their empty promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It can work for liar-Pulosi, too...  
Syrian anti-aircraft missiles launched 
at Israel's Hermon, fail to cross border
by Anna Ahronheim } ~ Several anti-aircraft missiles were fired toward Mount Hermon from Syria on Thursday, the second such incident in under a week... “IDF radars identified a number of anti-aircraft missiles fired from Syria,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit told The Jerusalem Post, adding that none fell in Israeli territory or posed a threat.  The incident came just days after five Syrian soldiers were killed in an alleged Israeli attack on the T4 airbase in the eastern Homs province on Sunday night, a day after a limited clash between Israel and Syria.  According to an assessment by ImageSat International (ISI), the strike on T4 likely took out an advanced weapons system that had been delivered from Iran a day earlier “probably related to UAVs and possibly including a transportable ground control structure.” On Saturday, two rockets were launched from Syria toward Mount Hermon, one of which landed inside Israeli territory. In response, the IAF struck several Syrian military positions in southwestern Damascus and Quneitra, killing three soldiers and injuring seven others. The retaliatory strikes targeted two artillery batteries, a number of observation posts near the border, and an SA-2 air defense battery.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that he had “instructed the IDF to take strong action” in response to the rocket fire on Saturday that targeted the Mount Hermon ski resort...
Why Remembering Midway Matters
Harold Hutchison:  This week, President Donald Trump is in Europe to honor the 75th anniversary of Operation Overlord’s D-Day. The great sacrifices and victories of that campaign receive attention for obvious reasons: Adolf Hitler’s regime, through the Holocaust and other oppressions, became a synonym of evil, and D-Day marked the beginning of his end.

While we honor the brave men of D-Day, let us also honor the great sacrifices and victories achieved 77 years ago this week at the Battle of Midway. While not readily accessible for visitors like the shores of Normandy, Midway turned the tide against the evil Axis power in the Pacific Ocean and proved the value of new tactics.

For starters, the battle showed the value of intelligence work once deemed “ungentlemanly.” In the 1920s and 1930s, code-breaking was looked down upon. In 1929, then-Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson shut down the “Black Chamber” — a forerunner of today’s National Security Agency — with the moralistic pronouncement that “Gentlemen don’t read each other’s mail.” (Sound familiar to anyone who followed the smearing of Gina Haspel and other American heroes in the military and intelligence community?)

Well, the reason America had a fighting chance at Midway was because of the heroic work of Joe Rochefort, who broke Japanese naval codes and was “reading their mail.” That bought Admiral Chester W. Nimitz enough time to not only send reinforcements to Midway, but to also come up with a way to ambush the Japanese, who had hoped to ambush American carriers rushing to Midway’s defense.

But that is not the only reason we should remember Midway. The battle was a near-run thing, partially because American forces had been caught by surprise at Pearl Harbor, but also because of decades of neglect. The “Two Ocean Navy,” coming from legislation passed in 1938 and 1940, was mostly still under construction. American faith in the arms-control agreements of the 1921 Washington Naval Treaty and the 1930 London Naval Treaty proved to be wrongly placed.

The Marines were also building up, but had already fought with legendary courage at Wake Island, being hung out to dry by the McClellan-esque duo of Frank Jack Fletcher and William Pye.

It was at Midway where the United States Navy, already hit with devastating losses and crippled by a unilateral adherence to arms-control treaties that a potential adversary flouted, managed to turn the tide. Much is made of the “five minutes” where SBD Dauntless dive-bombers fatally wounded three Japanese carriers, but that was made possible by the earlier string of attacks by torpedo planes, including Torpedo Squadron Eight, which suffered the loss of all but one of the personnel who carried out its attack.

When the Battle of Midway was over, the Japanese Navy had lost four aircraft carriers, the Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, and Hiryu, along with the heavy cruiser Mikuma. The United States Navy had lost the carrier Yorktown and the destroyer Hammann. It shifted the balance of power in the Pacific and halted Japan’s advances. It was a truly important event in our history, but try finding it in any textbook used in our schools today.

These days, Midway is part of a National Monument, administered by the Fish and Wildlife Service. While the Navy commemorates this battle, it rarely draws the attention that D-Day does, and in many ways, America has suffered for it. Our Navy today is in desperate need of hulls in the water, while potential adversaries are building forces. Ensuring that we have a strong navy is important for our country — and one way to make sure we are prepared is to know about our history.  ~The Patriot Post  

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