Feminism is Murdering Afghan Women!

9544316277?profile=RESIZE_400xDid US Benefit Afghani Ladies by Instructions on Feminism? 

Truth in Feminism: There are strong feelings amongst many folks regarding the absolute truth of feminism, a conviction not held by the Taliban. In Afghanistan, women judges now hide from male defendants seeking revenge. In Kabul, a keen irony plays out. Tens of thousands of Afghan women who absorbed life lessons on women’s rights from American tutors draw the devastating conclusion that to live as feminists means dying by the hand of the Taliban. So, is this another tragedy of radical Islam?

Debating Feminism: The abuse of women anywhere is deplorable, but especially when avoidable. So, did blind allegiance to far leftism by American humanist atheists invading Kabul put a curse on these poor women? Should this key secular teaching have been delivered like manna to traditional Muslim girls? First, to many amazed Western liberals, it’s still highly disputed whether the ideas encompassed in feminism are true, and therefore beneficial to society. And yet, virtually all American girls are raised as default feminists. But we can’t be surprised in the least that Afghan women across the country are now being hunted down for feminism. And to see Nancy Pelosi, sea hag octogenarian & women’s rights booster decrying these events after hiding from the media while fundraising, yet abandoning Afghan feminists, illustrates America’s hypocrisy. 

Second, from where in Islamic society or teachings would a “Muslim feminism” derive? Of course, such a question strikes leftists as from the yokel hollows of redneck USA. But since America was destined to depart this wholly Muslim nation at some point, isn’t it true just set up these women for extreme peril over beatings, rapes and death? Or do Americans care about the after-effects of empire?

Locke Delivers Feminism: In fact, despite the furious humanist theory that nothing good ever emanated from the Bible, two surprising facts must be gleaned to understand this dilemma. First, the ideas behind modern feminism are traced most concisely to the Philosopher John Locke’s Letter Concerning Toleration. Here Locke argues the Bible stresses toleration more than any other work, and therefore Christians must be tolerant of other beliefs. So, if there was no Bible, there would be no modern feminism. 

Second, there is no concept of human rights in Islam. While in our culture of forced inclusivity where none are allowed to disparage any subgroups—except for Christians and Whites—this idea might sound certifiably crazy. And yet a number of scholars have come to this same sobering conclusion.  And the point is—that if sincere care were being directed towards females in Afghanistan, a dialogue should have been directed first towards this topic. For one can argue giving Afghan females a direct dose of feminism, abstracted from any other foundation, would be to set them up in false comfort having no underlying substance to defend it.

Christian Work: Contra, of the many foreign aid workers in Afghanistan, American Christians should have set aside any commitment to preaching women’s rights and entered a debate over whether teaching modernism could take the place of a salvation message. After all, one needs a foundation for building a new worldview. And, while many will take umbrage at these thoughts, they are transparently accurate, if perhaps unpopular—whatever else is debated in the American withdrawal.

Moreover, how sufficient would a “woke” church be to survive the third world with so much sentimental flotsam and jetsam weighing down and confusing the endeavor?

American Apostasy: In all events, this short article can only scratch the surface of this fascinating issue. But America itself has fallen into rank error and apostasy, and as the church goes, so goes America. One can hardly be surprised when apostate Catholic Joe Biden, having done a ‘sack dance’ on the grave of anti-abortion, decides to abandon Afghanistan, Americans left behind and allies.

The medieval image of the blind leading the blind should adorn America’s leftist salons and clubs. Fiat Lux—Let there Be Light, and let it shine upon Americans who are currently blinded by the golden calf, lust, wokeness and apostasy, so we might believe and see again and then the blind may be the new ruling class! 

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