The recent walkout of several democrat representatives when it came time to vote on the  A G's contempt of congress issue was depriving their constiuncies of the representation they were sworn to provide.  Their constituancy expected them to vote no on the vote, therefore their voice was not heard or recoded in the congressional record.  This seems to be a tactic of the democrats, if theY can't win , they pick up and go home, they don't realize that their constitutents protest has not been recorded.  They puled the same B S in Wisconsin. It is immaterial whether I would agree or not with my representsatives vote becaue if I disagree with the vote, I can always file a protest with the congressional office in my district.  Without a recorded vote, I am then denied of my right to protest.  I feel that this is an act pof malfeasment and should be rounds for impeachment or recall.  HOW ELSE CN MY VOICE BE HEARD?????



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  • Outrageous that they walked out. Running from the unpleasant is not what they're hired and paid for. They're sure there anytime they need to vote to increase their spending limits.

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