Cohoes, NY


April 3

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  • I am sorry it took me a year to answer this.  I don't actually log in too often, and I never imagined anyone would "friend" me in this group.  I hope the offer still stands. 

  • Hello William,

    Welcome to our group. Go to the Groups page. Not the listing by state. Fined

    my group. Clack on to join. I will OK you as a member . Will talk to you more

    after you are in . Thanks,

    Al Fromberger

  •   William Welcome to the fray of real patriots that care for our Nation as it is "One Nation Under God" We are the protectors that know our "oath" and we are the ones that can change the course that we are on for the good of all.

  • Yes Bill that's what I was saying, I feel like Christians are losing their freedom of speech but every other religion is given more freedom of speech. I feel that should be one thing that needs to be brought up in some kind of form of a declaration of independence but i think we should give it a different name. That's what I wanted to say and that we just need to get back to the basics.

  • I wrote this song for the Tea Party


    "This is America" is an original song/video on You Tube.
    Please click link to watch.


  • Thanks William,

    I do not get to post very often or even get on this page but I do believe in AMERICA and will state that till they put me under the ground. Have a great one friend and keep up the good fight....


  • Thanks william.  JHN
  • Thank you William for adding me to your friends list.


    Zoraida †

  • Red Ribbon
  • Thank you William for the invite. I am looking forward to knowing you and sharing thoughts and ideas.
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