Commitment or Holocaust by Libor Brom

We ask ourselves who has caused the protracted holocaust in the world. Could it be that for evil to win only one thing is necessary - good people who do nothing? Or that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, at the time of moral crisis, retain their neutrality?

True, there are people in our world who have lost their moral perspective. Human knowledge has become vast and unmanageable. Astronomy has revealed a world beyond the imagination of man, physics a universe in the atom, biology a microcosm in every cell, physiology mysteries in every organ, and psychology dark secrets in every dream. Theology has crumb-led, technology has exploded, economics has shattered, and politics has inflamed the world. The scientific specialist knows more and more about less and less, the philosophic generalist knows less and less about more and more, and both have put their blinders on to shut out any moral decision. The door is opened wide for a lasting holocaust.

Knowledge has to be man's prime instrument for action and survival.

Introductions that enumerate the institutions of learning where I have earned my degrees amuse me. They miss the most important school and the most influential teachers I have ever had - my home and my parents. They were simple, hard-working people who had little time and very few luxuries to give. They did give me, however, their personal example and a firm spring-board from which to jump into the world of confusion, terror, and war which followed. They professed one simple basic belief: Something is either good or bad, it is either decent or indecent, it serves either God or the devil, and most important they believed that it was my duty to find out what is right and what is wrong. This was what their education was all about.

Yes, education is a stratified totality. First, education is facts. Second, it is concepts based upon these facts. Third, it is a decision based upon facts and concepts - a personal decision as to what is right or wrong. Without this moral decision education is worthless.

When we fail to make decisions, someone else will make them for us. In times of intimidation, revolution, and war this "someone" is more apt to be the mobs in the streets who care little for facts or concepts. The result is tyranny.

If freedom and democracy are to survive, it will take a miracle - a miracle that only dedication and commitment can bring about. After the technological and intellectual revolutions, a moral revolution is necessary.

When trapped in a world of indolence, incompetence and impotence, when challenged by ambivalence, arrogance and aggression, when you feel insignificant, you can and must do your duty!

You know the needs of your family, your neighbor, your town, your state and your community. You have here a duty to perform.

It is not important that others are bad, lazy, and dishonest. It is important that you are good, diligent, and honest. It is not important that others lie, scheme, and destroy. It is important that you are hard at work to maintain our democracy, justice, and peace.

There is no time to waste. The revolutionary forces shaking the earth have converged upon us, presenting us with difficult choices - with a need for action, for ideas, for concerted and sustained commitment as a nation and as individuals.

We must meet the challenge with the conviction of our beliefs. We must remember that as Americans - by birth or by choice - we are heirs to a permanent, continuing, liberating revolution. Our great ancestors left us an unparalleled moral and political weapon that we must share with the suffering peoples of the world.

In April '945, the Second World War was coming to an end. In Central Europe great numbers of people were still dying. In our village fifty hostages had been taken by Nazi soldiers. I was among them. Orders had been given for ten of us to be executed each time one of their retreating soldiers was killed by our guerrillas. Being first in the alphabet, I found myself in a courtyard facing two soldiers armed with machine guns, not knowing if I had one minute, ten seconds, five seconds to live.

Almost unknowingly, I began to pray, a prayer of thanksgiving to God, that if I had not lived for a noble cause He was now giving me the opportunity at least to die for a noble cause - to die in resistance to the tyranny and misery represented in those two Nazi soldiers. Happiness momentarily filled my being - finally my life made some sense.

Without any advance warning, the guards were ordered to take me back to jail. Eventually we were released. From that moment on I have believed in miracles.

Only those who are willing to die for a noble cause are fit to live.

I believe there is a great difference between Americans and the people of other countries. Whenever I travel I recognize this difference. These people have a dream, a sense that there exists a powerful force capable of leading the world to justice and peace. They are aware that there is a unique society in the world where God has put together all nationalities, races, and interests of the globe for one purpose - to show the rest of the world how to live. The dream around the world, in spite of all contrary propaganda, is America.

I ask you, where is your America?

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  • Rafael Brom.

    Your article is riveting.

    Only G-d can save a fallen world.

  •  Evil has been working hard to turn our country against GOD and towards a disgusting entity. We need to show,live and be just what God has given to us when he gave his only son to save us from ourselves. We need to be prepared to give help and protect our neighbors and everyone else in our country and in return GOD will smile upon us once again. I believe we need to be totaly prepared and to do all within peaceful limits,to restore our country,but not to bend over when evil takes a nasty turn and harms GODS children,GOD wants all of us to stand up and say no and then act to protect and defend with our lives our fellow man. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  •  The "Eve Of Destruction " by Barry McGuire is starting to play out here in America isn't it? These are the Manifesto Rules For radicals map being done by Van Jones,Black Panthers and Anarchists Etc. Remember their own words Top Down, Bottom Up and Inside Out! Top down this administration filtering down, Bottom up these groups starting their chaotic measures and Inside out meaning what they have planned for us the American citizens so get ready to Rumble!!!!!

  • Try replaying America/Suicide by Steppenwolf to see exactly how things change but still remain the same over time.

  • Very very right on.  It's not just talk Karen, it's at the crux of why the whole world is embroiled today.  We, America, God's only nation based on Jesus Christ needed to be reminded that this fight is for ALL the marbles.  But we are using God's Marbles, because He is with us.  Remember, it looked hopeless at the Red Sea also. 

  • Talk, talk, talk....................................This is great, but let's put our money where our mouth is!

    Twitter these blogs, tell others your direct thoughts on this President, and send donations to Romney and the RNC let's all get together and make this happen!

    Get involved and be proactive!

    Prove your believe to really make the difference in this government and join the others out there that are doing the work needed to really get it done, get Rid of Obama, we need everyone everyday to get the messege out! Respond to the calls at 5pm at night asking you questions on your views on politics and for donations!

    Get involved everyday! Until the election!

  • If God had intended you to live solely to write these words, he did send the world a miracle. You have explained, in words anyone should be able to understand, exactly what is wrong with our country and our world. Apathy, greed, and a complete lack of respect are killing humanity. Those of us who are old enough to remember the holocaust can see what is happening.

  • An organized minority will always defeat an unorganized majority.



  • Here is our enemy...

  • An excellent and timely message. Very well stated.

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