There are only two types of Muslims crossing our borders – militant and non-militant. Because  authorities don't have a crystal ball identifying which Muslims are determined or destined to become terrorists, we the people must insist that government do more to “insure domestic tranquility” as required by the U.S. Constitution. We can start with a 99% reduction in U.S. visas and border crossing cards to citizens of Muslim countries.

Both Boston Marathon bombers and all 19 of the 9/11 hijackers came to the U.S. on student, business or tourist visas, some receiving Pell grants, food stamps, Section 8 housing and other taxpayer funded welfare. In essence, these militant Muslims got paid by Uncle Sam for coming to the U.S. to blow up Americans. The mainstream media incorrectly identified such terrorists as “radicals.”

From an Islamic standpoint, radical Muslims target fellow believers while orthodox Muslims target disbelieving infidels who reject the Koran as Holy Scripture.  Acts of terrorism against unbelievers are Koran sanctioned hits and examples of “outer Jihad,” a staple of orthodox Islam.


There are two types of Jihad – inner struggle and outer struggle, and every Muslim is called to be a practicing  “mujahid” (one following the path of Jihad). Muslims are collectively called “mujahideen.” One who wishes to “sit back” and wage purely spiritual warfare against sin is an “inner mujahid” while one who also accepts the higher calling of waging physical warfare against non-Muslims is an “outer mujahid.”

Thankfully, most Muslims visiting the U.S. are peaceful and have no desire to kill Americans. These non-militant Muslims simply want to visit relatives, study in our prestigious universities and maybe get their piece of the American pie rather than blowing it up into bloody little pieces.

According to the U.S. Department of State, in 2012 the number of visitors coming from the world's 51 Muslim nations was 813,157. Based on demographics, at least 695,000 were Muslim. A 2013 Pew Research poll found that 7% to 24% of Muslims surveyed by nation were willing to admit their support of terrorism and suicide bombings, which basically confirmed prior polling data.

Assuming no Muslim hid his or her support for terrorism when polled, and using the lower figure of 7% militancy, that translates into 48,650 militant Muslims crossing our borders last year. We should also beware of the tens of thousands of Muslims coming from other nations, including Islamic converts from South of the border.

48,000 plus militant Muslims also doesn't take into account those who will be persuaded to embrace the higher calling of outer Jihad terrorism as did the Boston Marathon bombers, and those who finance such acts. According to orthodox Islam, one donating money to what most would consider terrorist organizations or cells will be blessed as an outer mujahid without having to martyr himself or kill anyone.

Our government should aggressively prosecute these financial terrorists big and small, for it follows that anyone hiring a hit-man is just as much a murderer as the hit-man himself. 

Unfortunately, the U.S. needs to have a policy that discriminates equally against all visiting Muslims by suspending the visas of hundreds of thousands of Muslim nationals and only allowing diplomats and those benefiting American interests to come within our borders. We need to stem the Muslim tide flooding into the U.S. before the wave of jihadi violence turns into an unstoppable Islamic tsunami that could sweep our nation with American blood. To fail to do so would be tantamount to having allowed German Nazi sympathizers to vacation at Coney Island during World War II, with Uncle Sam buying the tickets.

Lance Hunter Voorhees is a Yahoo! News contributor, actor and former radio talk show host living in

Abilene, TX. You can reach him at

Copyright © 2013 by Lance Hunter Voorhees, All rights reserved.

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  • Hello! There is one kind of muslim, hateful of my Country.
  • Douglas - Many, many of US know this; probably many more have forgotten about those muslim immigrants already!

  • hay all you  young anericans ,lets get going and make some children,my God this is a real problem. either that or where going to have to reduce their numbers. thank you Rebecca M i had NO IDEA that it was that bad and these people are trecherious, they behead their owen children.

  • How many people know that Barack Obama has had a program (by Executive Order) to import 80,000 plus Muslims per year on the taxpayer's dime?  An investigative reporter discovered that those Muslims not only got their transportation paid for, they also get a government supplied  apartment, and a monthly stipend to "help them get started! "  Our taxpayer money is being spent to import the very people who will cause problems in this country! 

  • The authorities are paid to let folks in to take us down.

  •  we have a blined senate and  congress and  a muslim in the white house to thank for this

  • Thank you for such an excellent article.  Factual and without hysteria.  Unfortunately, those of us who read these newsletters are aware of the proplems, but the facts are not getting out to the American people.  In addition, "Politically Correct" paranoia stops some people from speaking up.  We have a President who supports eavesdropping etc but REFUSES to secure our borders.   This article should be forwarded to everyone possible.  Thank you again.  We need more factual informaation like this so that it can be "facebooked" and "tweeted".   Do it while you can, because the government is already taking steps to stop our Free Speech and is classifying this kind of thing as "Hate Speech".

  • Wake up!! There is no such thing as a "peaceful" Muslim. They might not outwardly attack us but inwardly they are in full support of every Muslim's sworn duty to create a one world caliphate. Islam does not belong in the US, or anywhere else in this 21st century world. We need to deport all those who support sharia, without exception. If we don't, there will eventually be a bloodbath as we have to purge them from our Christian/Judea society. And we will.

  • An excellent article.  Tweeted and shared!!

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