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  • Ignorance is bad, willing ignorance is even worst!
    Too many Americans today are so self absorbed, they don’t care about anything but their own little daily lives.
    If Americans studied Hungarian history, they would find frightening parallels. They would see how the largest, most powerful kingdom was systematically dismantled by Western Europe. In less then 50 years it was a third of its original size, and 62% of her citizens had to become citizens of newly created tiny powerless, poor countries, or they would lose the land that was theirs for generations. Fragmented, her economy crashed, money lost all its value, and the once giant became completely inconsequential because England, Germany, and France wanted to rule the roost, they wanted no competition, and the job was completed when Churchill and Roosevelt agreed to give Hungary and all of central and easter Europe to Stalin.
    I personally know what happened then, I was born in Hungary the year Stalin died and lived under communist rule until 1969, when I immigrated to the USA. Everything went dark and gray behind the iron curtain, the people lost all their power and lived as prisoners in their own country, at the mercy of a foreign power that hated everything about us.
    Americans still today do not believe it can happen here….while they are watching China gain on us and salivating over the more and more likeliness of some day ruling us!
    Unless something shakes America out of her slumber, things are not looking good for us with the Dragon drooling at our gate, and our left standing by waiting for the signal when to open that gate.
    In a speech i wrote right after the communist Obama was put into power I asked how Americans would feel if in order to pay back China we would have to give them everything west of the Mississippi, and all Americans living there would have to become Chinese citizens? China today isn’t looking at west of the Mississippi, they want it all……and the leftists within are waiting with great anticipation to help them for the money and power they are promised in return.
    They obviously don’t know history either, they don’t realize that the communists fear and hate nothing more than traitors, especially traitors with ambition, and they kill all who scare them.
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  • Yup, our crumbling America is falling into serfdom. Other countries who lived under communist rule are now free'r than USA citizens, why is that?
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