I wanted to share the following recent thought-provoking articles and videos with you because I believe that the disturbing information revealed there-in relates to and/or further supports the information contained on my following blogs from the recent past-You Decide:


Biden: I Don't Have Any of the Facts on Colorado, But We Definitely Need a Gun Ban!-Posted on Townhall-By Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich-On March 23, 2021:


Obama: Pandemic Cannot Be the ‘Only Thing’ That ‘Slows Mass Shootings!’-Posted on Independent Journal Review-By Madison Summers-On March 23, 2021:


‘He Sows Hate’: Tucker Carlson Calls Obama A ‘Racial Arsonist’ Who Emerged To ‘Deepen The Wounds That Divide Us!’-Posted on The Daily Caller-By Virginia Kruta, Associate Editor-On March 23, 2021:


Breaking: Dems Coming For Our Guns After Trump Hating Muslim Slaughters 10

Breaking: Dems Coming For Our Guns After Trump Hating Muslim Slaughters 10!-Posted on The Beltway Report-By Staff Writer-On March 23, 2021:


Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, has been named by police as the suspect in a mass shooting at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado.

Here's what we know about the Boulder, Colorado, mass shooting suspect!-Posted on CNN.com-By Ray Sanchez and Blake Ellis, CNN-On March 23, 2021:


Identity Of The Boulder Shooter Was Known By The FBI

Identity Of The Boulder Shooter Was Known By The FBI!-Posted on The Daily Caller-By Christopher Tremoglie, Contributor-On March 23, 2021:


The Colorado Shooting Suspect Just Destroyed the Left's Narrative!-Posted on Townhall-By Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich-On March 23, 2021:


Boulder Shooting: Where Were the Defenders?

Boulder Shooting: Where Were the Defenders?-Posted on The New American-By Bob Adelmann-On March 23, 2021:



Video: Ep. 2434b - What We Are Witnessing Is The Destruction Of The Old Guard, Clock Activated!-Posted on X22 Report-On March 23, 2021:



The Left's Temporary Obsession With a Killer's Race: Ilhan Omar and her ilk seemed deeply concerned with the race of the Boulder killer — until they weren't!-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Douglas Andrews-On March 24, 2021:



Boulder Shooter is ISIS Sympathizer, Leftists Hardest Hit: Another opportunity to shore up their sagging “white terror threat” narrative is lost!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Robert Spencer-On March 24, 2021:



A Muslim Terrorist From the Capital of ISIS Shot Up a Supermarket. Biden Blames Guns: Biden ended Trump’s Muslim ban claiming it “undermined our national security!”-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Daniel Greenfield-On March 24, 2021:



The Boulder Jihad and Jihad Denial: Why U.S. authorities and the establishment media are trying to obscure who Ahmad Al Issa is and what he believes!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Jamie Glazov-On March 24, 2021:


Latest Left-Wing, Anti-American Lie: ‘Anti-Asian Racism!’-Posted on The Daily Signal-By Dennis Prager / @DennisPrager-On March 23, 2021:


Ben Shapiro: For the Left, Bigotry Is a Tool

Ben Shapiro: For the Left, Bigotry Is a Tool!-Posted on CNSNews.com-By Ben Shapiro-On March 24, 2021:


Chinese-Japanese American student Kara Chu, 18, holds a pair of heart balloons for a rally to raise awareness of anti-Asian violence outside the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles Saturday, March 13, 2021. (AP)

Who is really to blame for the rise in Asian hate crimes? Spoiler alert: It’s not white people…!-Posted on BobLivingstonLetter.com-By Brandon Smith-On March 24, 2021:


Atlanta Sex Trafficking

The Untold Story Behind the Atlanta Murders!-Posted on The Daily Signal-By Paula Rinehart-On March 26, 2021:


Activists gather for a demonstration at City Hall in Los Angeles, California on March 27, 2021, denouncing anti-Asian American and Pacific Islander sentiment and hate. (Fredric J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images)

Beijing Exploiting Anti-Asian Attacks to Shun US Criticism, ‘Delegitimize’ America!-Posted on The Epoch Times-By Eva Fu-On March 29, 2021:


The Real Anti-Asian Hate Crime: Leftists want us to focus on a fake surge of anti-Asian hate crime in order to keep us from noticing their own anti-Asian discrimination!-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Douglas Andrews-On March 30, 2021:


Video: Bill Maher Admits Democrats Are Racists, Taking Us Back To The Jim Crow Era

Video: Bill Maher Admits Democrats Are Racists, Taking Us Back To The Jim Crow Era!-Posted on Beltway Report-By Staff Writer-On March 23, 2021:



Garland-Wray Axis Exploits January 6 to Criminalize Dissent: “We are facing a far more dangerous period than we did in Oklahoma City!"-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Lloyd Billingsley-On March 24, 2021:



DOJ Watchdog Investigating Prosecutor Who Told ’60 Minutes’ Capitol Rioters Could Face Sedition Charges!-Posted on The Daily Caller-By Thomas Catenacci, Reporter-On March 24, 2021:


Sebastian Gorka (Mark WIlson / Getty)

Flashback: Sebastian Gorka: Democrats Working on Amendment for NSA, CIA to Target Americans as Terrorists!-Posted on Breitbart.com-By Robert Kraychik-On February 5, 2021:


Video: Be Afraid Be Very Afraid!-Posted on The New American-By  Ben Armstrong-On March 25, 2021:



Biden and Democrats Target Second Amendment: He calls for banning "assault weapons," while Senate Dems ponder eliminating the filibuster in order to get it done!-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Douglas Andrews-On March 24, 2021:


GOP Sen. Kennedy Defies Left To Say ‘We Do Not Need More Gun Control — We Need More Idiot Control!’-Posted on Independent Journal Review-By LifeZette-On March 24, 2021:


Sen. Blumenthal Says Republicans Are ‘Complicit’ in ‘All’ of the Mass Shootings!-Posted on Independent Journal Review-By Madison Summers-On March 24, 2021:


Article Image

Video: Glenn: The left is using LIES to destroy your 2nd Amendment rights!-Posted on YouTube.com-By Glenn Beck-On March 24, 2021:


Douglas Braff

Biden admin calls on SCOTUS to let police enter homes, confiscate guns without a warrant!-Posted on SaraCarter.com-By Douglas Braff-On March 24, 2021:


Biden Admin. Wants Police to be Allowed to Seize Your Guns WITHOUT a Warrant!-Posted on The New American-By Selwyn Duke-On March 28, 2021:


Biden Consulting with Obama as White House Prepares to Launch an All-Out Assault on Our Freedoms and Liberties!-Posted on The Western Journal-By Cameron Arcand-On March 24, 2021:


Video: Maria Bartiromo Leaks A Bombshell: Reveals Who Is Really Running Biden’s White House

Video: Maria Bartiromo Leaks A Bombshell: Reveals Who Is Really Running Biden’s White House!-Posted on The Beltway Report-By Staff Writer-On March 28, 2021:


ep 1483

Video: Ep. 1484 The Gun Grabbing Begins!-Posted on Bongino.com-By Team Bongino-On March 24, 2021:


Video: Ep. 2435b - You Are Watching A Show, Moves & Countermoves, Establishment Panic {Mark: 14:00-25:36}!-Posted on Rumble.com-By X22 Report-On March 24, 2021:


'To Bear Arms' Is Not a Right, Says Ninth Circuit: The court contradicts the Second Amendment and itself in a bizarre anti-gun ruling!-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Nate Jackson-On March 25, 2021:


Commentary: As Dems Push Gun Control, FBI Stats Reveal Knives Kill Far More People Than Rifles!-Posted on Independent Journal Review-By Kipp Jones, The Western Journal-On March 25, 2021:


President Joe Biden talks to reporters during the first news conference of his presidency in the East Room of the White House on March 25, 2021. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Biden: Gun Control Will Be a ‘Matter of Timing!’-Posted on The Epoch Times-By Jack Phillips-On March 25, 2021:


Officer Eric Talley in a file photo. (Courtesy of Boulder Police Department via AP)

Father of Slain Boulder Police Officer Says He Would Be ‘Deeply Offended’ by Gun Control Proposals!-Posted on The Epoch Times-By Jack Phillips-On March 25, 2021:


ep 1483

Video: Ep. 1485 Biden’s Latest Move Is His Most Radical Yet!-Posted on Bongino.com-By Team Bongino-On March 25, 2021:


Ep 2436b –  25th Ready For [JB], How Do You Sneak One In, Scavino Stay Strong

Video: 25th Ready For [JB], How Do You Sneak One In, Scavino Stay Strong – Ep. 2436 {Mark 25:12-26:20}!-Posted on X22Report.com-By x22report-On March 25, 2021:


Democrats Coasting on Boulder Shooting to Ban 'Assault Weapons' Hit a Snag as Police Reveal There Was No Rifle Involved!-Posted on The Western Journal-By Jack Cowhick-On March 26, 2021:


Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham: 'Majority of Senate would reject' Biden 'assault weapons' ban!-Posted on The Washington Examiner-By Jake Dima, Breaking, News Reporter-On March 24, 2021:


President Joe Biden talks to reporters during the first news conference of his presidency in the East Room of the White House on March 25, 2021. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

White House Confirms Biden Will Sign Executive Order on Gun Control!-Posted on The Epoch Times-By Jack Phillips-On March 26, 2021:


Falsehoods, Misdirection, and Confusion Dominate Senate Gun Control Hearing

Falsehoods, Misdirection, and Confusion Dominate Senate Gun Control Hearing!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On March 29, 2021:


Kamala Harris is Lying. She and Others are Coming After Your Guns

Kamala Harris is Lying. She and Others are Coming After Your Guns!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On March 29, 2021:


Deplorable Clinton Slams ‘Gun Worshipers’: Hillary just can’t stop projecting her offenses onto her political opponents!-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Nate Jackson-On March 31, 2021:


Gaslighting: How leftist totalitarians demonize and demoralize their opposition!-Posted on BobLivingstonLetter.com-By Brandon Smith-On March 31, 2021:


Guns, Race, and Culture: Democrats love to talk about “gun deaths,” but they hate to talk about the cultural conditions that cause them!-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Douglas Andrews-On March 31, 2021:


Orange County, California, Shooting: Shooter Violated Many Gun-control Laws!-Posted on The New American-By Bob Adelmann-On April 1, 2021:








Ilhan Omar tries to make car and knife attack at the U.S. Capitol about AR-15s: 'Using tragedy as an opportunity to advance a radical agenda!'-Posted on The Blaze-By Carlos Garcia-On April 2, 2021:



Suspect in Capitol Police attack a Nation of Islam follower: Posted on Facebook: 'Allah has chosen me for other things!'-Posted on WND.com-By Bob Unruh-On April 2, 2021:


Pistols and other weapons are displayed at a shooting range during the “Rod of Iron Freedom Festival,” a guns and gun culture in America, in Greeley, Pennsylvania on Oct. 12, 2019. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Arizona Governor Signs Bill to Defy Any New Federal Gun Control Laws!-Posted on Epoch Times-By Jack Phillips-On April 7, 2021:


US President Joe Biden speaks about gun violence prevention in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC, on April 8, 2021. - Biden on Thursday called US gun violence an "epidemic" at a White House ceremony to unveil new attempts to get the problem under control. (Photo …

Joe Biden Issues Executive Controls to Fight Gun Crime ‘Epidemic’ in USA!-Posted on Breitbart.com-By AWR Hawkins-On April 8, 2021:


ep 1495

Video: Ep. 1495 60 Minutes Gets Wrecked Again?-Posted on Bongino.com-By Team Bongino-On April 8, 2021:


ep 1496

Video: Ep. 1496 You’ve Been Warned, The Second Amendment Under Attack!-Posted on Bongino.com-By Team Bongino-On April 9, 2021:



In Biden’s America, We Need Guns More Than Ever Before: And have less of a chance of getting them!-Posted on FrontPage.com-By Don Feder-On April 15, 2021:


76 Non-Military, Non-Law Enforcement Federal Agencies Stockpile Weaponry!-Posted on The Political Insider-By RealClearWire-On April 15, 2021:


Biden ‘Went Too Far’ Claiming Majority of Gun Owners Back an Assault Weapons Ban: WaPo!-Posted on Independent Journal Review-By Bradley Cortright-On April 19, 2021:


Article Image

Montana passes law that prohibits federal gun restrictions!-Posted on Disrn.com-By Jeffrey Swindoll-On April 25, 2021:


ep 1508

Video: Ep. 1508 Finally. Some Big Wins We Need To Talk About!-Posted on Bongino.com-By Team Bongino-On Aril 27, 2021:


Video: Tucker: Liberals 'horrified' NYC mayor candidate wants to carry a gun!-Posted on YouTube.com-By Fox News-On May 6, 2021:


Flashback: Video: Black conservative leaders discuss how the NRA was created to protect freed slaves!-Posted on YouTube.com-By DAFRUSA-On 2014:


Tucker Carlson counters anti-gun Democrats’ continued lies about AR-15s!-Posted on Patriot News Alerts-By Ryan Ledendecker-On May 16, 2021:



Supreme Court Unanimously Rebuffs Biden Administration on Warrantless Searches for Handguns!-Posted on The Epoch Times-By Matthew Vadum-On May 17, 2021:



Justice Alito opens the door to red flag law challenges!-Posted on The American Digest-By Staff Writers-On May 19, 2021:


Supreme Corrupt’s gun ruling doesn’t stop ‘red flag’ laws — and California’s is unbelievable!-Posted on BobLivingstonLetter.com-By Bob Livingston-On May 22, 2021:


ATF Nominee Refuses to Define What Assault Weapons Are

ATF Nominee Sidesteps Question About Confiscating 'Assault Weapons' Currently Owned by Americans!-Posted on CNSNews.com-By Susan Jones-On May 28, 2021:


Take Action: Gun Prohibitionist David Chipman Provides Disqualifying Testimony at Senate Confirmation Hearing

Take Action: Gun Prohibitionist David Chipman Provides Disqualifying Testimony at Senate Confirmation Hearing!-Posted on NRAILA-On May 27, 2021:


Judge rules California's ban on assault weapons unconstitutional!-Posted on Yahoo News-By Dennis Romero-On June 4, 2021:


AR-15 rifles are displayed for sale at the Guntoberfest gun show in Oaks, Pa., on Oct. 6, 2017. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

Justice Department Unveils Proposed Gun Restriction Rule!-Posted on The Epoch Times-By Zachary Stieber-On June 7, 2021:


Worse Gun Control than the European Union? Biden’s ATF Nominee Supports Extreme Rifle Ban!

Worse Gun Control than the European Union? Biden’s ATF Nominee Supports Extreme Rifle Ban!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On June 7, 2021:


Follow the Science Chipman! “Assault Weapons” Bans Don’t Work.

Follow the Science Chipman! “Assault Weapons” Bans Don’t Work!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On June 7, 2021:


Gun Sales Surge Continues with Diverse Interest in Firearms

Gun Sales Surge Continues with Diverse Interest in Firearms!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On June 7, 2021:


John-Cornyn-Chuck-Schumer (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Senate Gun Background Check Talks Break Down: Key Senators!-Posted on FrankSpeech.com-By The Epoch Times-On June 10, 2021:


Missouri Governor Mike Parson speaks in support of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Hawley during a campaign rally in St. Louis, Missouri, on Nov. 5, 2018. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Missouri Governor Will Sign Bill Nullifying Federal Gun Laws: Spokeswoman!-Posted on The Epoch Times-By Jack Phillips-On June 11, 2021:



ATF Whittles Away at Second Amendment: A proposed new regulation would ban pistol braces. Death by a thousand cuts?-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Thomas Gallatin-On June 14, 2021:


DOJ Releases Biden Gun Confiscation Order Legislation

DOJ Releases Biden Gun Confiscation Order Legislation!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On June 9, 2021:


AR-15 style rifles are displayed for sale at Firearms Unknown, a gun store in Oceanside, Calif., on April 12, 2021. (Bing Guan/Reuters)

All 29 Utah Sheriffs Promise to ‘Steadfastly Protect’ 2nd Amendment Amid Gun-Control Push!-Posted on The Epoch Times-By Jack Phillips-On June 15, 2021:


Sheriffs To Arrest Biden’s Gun Grabbers … This Is Huge

Sheriffs To Arrest Biden’s Gun Grabbers … This Is Huge!-Posted on The Beltway Report-By Steven Ahle-On June 17, 2021:


(Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images)

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: 'I Believe We Need a National Emergency Declaration for the Extensive Gun Use!'-Posted on CNSNews.com-By Susan Jones-On June 21, 2021:


Gun Control “Redlining” -- Journalist Demands Realty Records Show Gun Owners

Gun Control “Redlining” -- Journalist Demands Realty Records Show Gun Owners!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On June 21, 2021:


IRS Leak Shows Government Can’t Be Trusted with Gun Owner Data

IRS Leak Shows Government Can’t Be Trusted with Gun Owner Data!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On June 21, 2021:


DOJ Warns States About Second Amendment Sanctuaries: Meanwhile immigration sanctuary policies are lauded and emulated!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Michael Cutler-On June 22, 2021:


A Rock River Arms AR-15 rifle is seen with ammunition in Miami, Fla., on Dec. 18, 2012. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Repeal of California’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Blocked by 9th Circuit Court!-Posted on The Epoch Times-By Isabel van Brugen-On June 22, 2021:


Biden’s Strategy For Combating Surge In Crime Focuses Largely On Combating ‘Gun Violence’

Biden’s Strategy For Combating Surge In Crime Focuses Largely On Combating ‘Gun Violence!’-Posted on The Daily Caller-By Shelby Talcott, Senior White House Correspondent-On June 23, 2021:



Memo to Joe: Crime Is a Criminal Problem: The surge in violence is the direct result of Democrat urban policies, not a “gun problem!”-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Mark Alexander-On June 23, 2021:



Video: The Biden Administration's Assault On The Second Amendment!-Posted on FrankSpeech.com-By Brannon Howse Live-On June 23, 2021:


(Sanctuary Counties)

Gun Sanctuary Movement Erupts: 61 Percent of US Counties Now ‘Second Amendment Sanctuaries!’-Posted The Epoch Times-By Jack Phillips-On June 25, 2021:



THANKS, BIDEN! Smith & Wesson Reports First Ever Billion-Dollar Year!-Posted on Conservative Brief-By Ian Cheong-On June 29, 2021:


Gun advocates at the NRA's annual convention in Dallas, Texas on May 5, 2018. (Loren Elliott/AFP via Getty Images)

Texas Joins 21 Other States Asking Supreme Court to Protect Second Amendment!-Posted on The Epoch Times-By Jack Phillips-On July 5, 2021:


Fact Checkers: Biden Shooting his Mouth Off on Cannons, History, Facts and All That Stuff

Fact Checkers: Biden Shooting his Mouth Off on Cannons, History, Facts and All That Stuff!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On July 6, 2021:



Christianity Today Promotes ‘Gun Violence’ Fallacy: The publication ran an article suggesting Christians defending gun rights are opposed to Jesus!-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Thomas Gallatin-On July 7, 2021:


Gun control has failed New Mexicans!-Posted on NRA-ILA-By Zac Fort-On July 6, 2021:



Please Urge Your Senators to Oppose Biden and Schumer's Gun Control-Posted on NRA-ILA-On March 24, 2021:


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