America To Implode, We Are The Reason

 6357954053?profile=RESIZE_400xRecently, it seems the Deep State has been on a roll with a remarkable cluster of fearful issues.

These have been promoted such that only big and commanding government can provide solutions.

“Global Warming” had morphed into “Climate Change”, before becoming “Climate Hysteria”. And “SARS-CoV-2” has provided the magic incantation to suddenly trash the global economy—one country at a time.

This has never happened before and quite soon ordinary folk will see it as yet another scam by control freaks.

Forcing people to stay at home and not spend money.

Governement dependency is the state in which a person or household is reliant on government for their income for a prolonged period of time, and without which they would not be able to meet the expenses of daily living.

So, the government is spending taxpayers’ money for them and thus government dependance becomes the new norm. 

When this takes root then America Has Imploded


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