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Posted on March 8, 2012, 9:18 pm by Bob
Kentucky Republican State Senator Jimmy Higdon was credited earlier in the session with being part of the bipartisan support for the expanded gaming amendment to try to save what is left of the horse industry.

For one brief, shining moment….

And then this:

Senate Bill 158 introduced by Sen. Jimmy Higdon, R-Lebanon, would require the government to exempt people from laws that contradict their religious beliefs unless there is an overriding reason why those laws should be enforced. We have seen no language that explains who gets to determine what an “overriding reason” means, and who gets to make the determination when it should be allowed or disallowed. This constitutional amendment would seriously attack the current constitutional separation of religion and the state, and would allow anyone.
We can’t understand how the separation of the state and religion can be argued by Senator Higdon to have failed us over the last two centuries. Why would anyone want to make the Commonwealth a Theocracy?
Kentucky courts would have to let people opt out of obeying some laws that run counter to their religious beliefs if a constitutional amendment that passed a Senate committee Wednesday becomes law.
Once you allow one religious body to be exempt from the laws of the state, then you allow all religions, and quasi-religions, and weird fringe groups who call themselves religions to also be exempt from State Laws. Sharia law has been cited to justify physical violence against authors, wives, daughters etc. The law requires women to wear veils and robes, be totally subject to her husband, and condones the killing of women by their family if they have sexual relations outside of marriage. (Author’s note: There are many pretty women in Lebanon, Kentucky and we can’t understand why Sen. Higdon would want to hide their faces behind veils.)
The Family Foundation of Kentucky and the Catholic Conference of Kentucky supports the proposed constitutional amendment.

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