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November 25

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Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr. posted a blog post
PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SENATORS AND YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND ASK THEM TO SPONSOR THIS RESOLUTION:Article III, Section 3 Constitution of the United States states, in pertinent part, “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War…
Jan 23, 2017
Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr. posted a blog post
To Whomever This May Concern, The City of Chicago has employed a Romanian National, named Cristian Calin as an "IT Manager" for the ENTIRE COMPUTER NETWORK run by the City of Chicago. This network covers EVERY agency operating under the jurisdiction…
Mar 19, 2015
Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr. posted a blog post
Please join this campaign:…
Nov 7, 2014
Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr. posted a blog post
 CONSUMER CREDIT DATA PROPOSAL(First submitted to Congress and President Obama in Early 2009)American Consumer Credit Data Security and Outsourced Employment Repatriation Act of 2014Recent events in India and Pakistan as well as North Africa and the…
Dec 11, 2013

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