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August 17

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Sande Reattoir replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Suspect in Fatal Shooting of Conservative Activist Killed by Police
"Where is the body?"
Sep 5, 2020
Sande Reattoir posted a blog post
Could TeaParty.org please stop putting nObama's picture on heading?  We see enough of him on the lame stream media, we should be spared on tea party sites.
Jan 12, 2016
Sande Reattoir commented on Doug Hatch's blog post DHS questioned over decision to let Saudi passengers skip normal passport controls
""Stupidity and arrogance in the same package how efficient."  That quote is from the TV series Babylon 5 and it applies so well to DHS."
Mar 21, 2013
Sande Reattoir commented on Robert Burdoin's blog post Correcting the Problem
"You know lumping one group of people into a pile is just what the liberal do.  As other have said there are those who believe they are entitled and those who thank God that is has been available.  I have work since the day after I graduated high…"
Feb 6, 2013
Sande Reattoir commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post America and Divine Intervention
"As always, Lloyd Marcus, this was a great article with much truth.  But God ... maybe by God."
Aug 13, 2012
Sande Reattoir commented on Jake Martinez's blog post Communists and Muslims: The Hidden Hand of the KGB!
"I post this before reading the article.  I learned by reading history that the Muslim Brotherhood was an ally to Hitler in WWWII.  Their agreement was Hitler got Europe and part of Asia while the MB got Africa and the middle east.   When Patton was…"
Jul 30, 2012
Sande Reattoir commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post NAACP Furthers Mission of KKK
"History has proved that democrat voted against most all civil right amendments until it became in their best interest.  Could it be that the way the  The NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus and Democratic Party  are doing is planned?    The best way…"
Jul 16, 2012
Sande Reattoir commented on Paul Z.'s blog post 9 Original Republican Candidates, Pick Your 4 Favorite Choices in Order of Your Support.
May 6, 2012
Sande Reattoir commented on Tea Party Founder's blog post Jobs Bill Force States to Surrender Sovereignty
"It was bad to started, before I read it.  Now that I have read the complete bill it is even worse.  We must stop this bill."
Sep 14, 2011

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