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SGM Don Carnes commented on Lawrence A McTernan's blog post DHS Storm Troopers Being Pre-Deployed with Full Equipment
"WAR is upon us get ready to Defend family and Freedom ! Dont become a human sheep to be Bucherd"
Dec 7, 2013
SGM Don Carnes posted a discussion in Missouri
i promoting Stone Anthony for president 2016 he is a US Army wanting to run for office in 2016 he is a true patriot who wants to protect FREEDOM! and help the people ! he needs all of you! go to his webpage please sign  petition so he can run he not…
Nov 4, 2013
SGM Don Carnes posted a blog post
im glad to be here fellow patriots my new milita NPR111%rs MO 1 brigade were are new and apart of a large regualted MILITA FORCE!, (non hate,not radicals) most are military vets like myself! were looking for willing patriots to take a stand with us…
Nov 4, 2013

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  • SGM Carnes....

    I attempted to access your web page for the 'militia force' application but was unable to do so, using the link provided.  I was most interested in the comment you made regarding your status as a 'regulated' Militia. As I understand that term it would apply to a State sanctioned Militia... Something I have discussed for some time with local retired military.

    Missouri has a statute that calls for an 'irregular' State Militia.  One, that is by Statute intended to be a type of 'reserve' element for the National Guard, the State's organized militia.  This force exist on paper but has to my knowledge not been drafted into service by the Missouri National Guard. I was wondering if this was what you were referring to? If so who are your contacts are within the Missouri National Guard?  I am interested in contacting them, to investigate establishing a unit here in Salem, Mo. and too discuss initiating a campaign to enlist past members of the Mo. National Guard, local retired reservist, and others who are willing to work within a sanctioned State irregular militia.

    I see great advantages to having a State affiliation.., beyond being a lawful and sanctioned miliatry organization, it would open the door to various training and service opportunities, which could benefit both local and state communities.  State sanctioning would provide access to valuable training areas, equipment and facilities, adding greatly to the professionalism the irregular militia units.  Such sanctioning would also deflect a lot of the negative criticism and narratives assigned to private militias making it much easier to attract and retain well qualified individuals.  I left you a friends request so we may discuss this by internal message. Waiting to hear from you...


    Best Regards;


    RA Nelson

    Col. US ARMY (Ret.)


  • Welcome Don,

    patriotic welcome



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