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Subject: Call GOP Members of Congress Who Support Obama's Illegal Amnesty
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2014 15:19:02 -0500


Below is an alert with the latest tally of Republicans who both support president Obama's Executive Order Illegal Alien Amnesty and those willing to fight it.  Please call those in red who are quietly supporting Boehner's efforts to facilitate Obama's illegal executive order.

In liberty,

Call List Showing Which GOP Members of Congress Support or Oppose Obama's

The Republican lawmakers whose names are RED
are the ones who support John Boehner and Obama on 
Amnesty for Illegals! (click on red names for evidence & documentation)

Call the GOP Obama Amnesty Allies & Supporters in RED to say "We know you
and Boehner are holding secret meetings with Obama and facilitating Obama on
Amnesty for illegals! The majority of your Republican voters in your
district will know soon too!"

Call the GOP lawmakers in Blue to say...
"We are glad you are not one of the Republicans supporting Obama and his
amnesty agenda. We want you to remove John Boehner as GOP Speaker for
conspiring with Obama on amnesty and replace him with a true amnesty
opponent who will truly stop Obama and Amnesty!"

GOP Congress Members supporting Obama & Boehner on Amnesty: 

GOP Congress Members not aligned with Boehner and Obama on Amnesty


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It Passed...

To: Louise Barnes

Louise ,

I've got bad news. 

Last night, Harry Reid's attempt to muzzle pro-gun free speech with a new Constitutional amendment passed its first Senate vote with enough Republican support to secure the 2/3 needed for final passage. 

Fortunately, we've still got time to convince swing Senate Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans to change their minds before the final Senate vote happens in the next few days. 

Please sign your Emergency Fax Petition against SJR-19 by clicking here so we can deliver it to your Senators while there’s still time.

Then, if you live in one of these swing-Senators' states, please let them know you're disappointed they voted to advance the anti-gun and anti-free speech Constitutional amendment yesterday. 

Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska)
(202) 224-3004

Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Mississippi)
(202) 224-5054

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana)
(202) 224-5824

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee) 
(202) 224-4944
Sen. Kay Hagan (D-North Carolina)
(202) 224-6342

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) 
(202) 224-2523

Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colorado) 
(202) 224-5941

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas) 
(202) 224-2353
Remember, the goal of this amendment is to eliminate our ability to band together to oppose gun control and expose anti-gun politicians for their voting records. It's vital we stop it now.

So, please sign your Emergency Fax Petition against SJR-19 by clicking here right away.
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EPA's Next Target: Cooking Stoves

The 5-Step 'Scandal Manual' in Obama's Top Desk Drawer 05.25.14France's National Front Party wants to Drastically Cut Muslim Immigration and Reduce Islam's Influence 05.25.14Will: Gov't Can't Run Post Office, Amtrak – Why Should We Think It Can Run Health Care? 05.25.14EPA’s Next Climate Change Target: Cooking Stoves 05.25.14Thousands of Libyan Missiles Now in Al Qaeda's Hands 05.25.143 More Child Porn Charges Against Ex-Dem Rep. Farnham 05.25.14Dem Atlanta City Councilwoman Used Tax Dollars to Pay Homeless Less than Min. Wage to Work On Her Campaign 05.25.14Federal Reserve Weighs How to Raise US Interest Rates 05.25.14Read more athttp://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/may/26/epa-give-grants-fight-cooking-stove-pollution/
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Shocking video: Police are now “armed for war” against returning veteransFrom Infowars.com:In an interview with Fox 59, a Morgan County, Indiana Police Sergeant admits that the increasing militarization of domestic police departments is partly to deal with returning veterans who are now seen as a homegrown terror threat.Subscribe to CruxShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIn a chilling story entitled Armed for War: Pentagon surplus gives local police an edge, we learn how a Mine Resistant Vehicle (MRAP) which was once used during the occupation of Afghanistan will now be “patrolling the streets of central Indiana,” according to the report.Sgt. Dan Downing of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department states, “When I first started we really didn’t have the violence that we see today,” adding, “The weaponry is totally different now that it was in the beginning of my career, plus, you have a lot of people who are coming out of the military that have the ability and knowledge to build IEDs and to defeat law enforcement techniques.”Downing goes on to relate how citizens approach the vehicle when it stops at gas stations to express their concerns that the militarization of police is about arming cops with the tools required for mass gun confiscation programs.“We were actually approached when we’d stop to get fuel by people wanting to know why we needed this…what were we going to use it for? ‘Are you coming to take our guns away?’” said Downing. “To come and take away their firearms…that absolutely is not the reason why we go this vehicle. We got this vehicle because of the need and because of increased violence that we have been facing over the last few years… I’ll be the last person to come and take anybody’s guns.”——————–Recommended Links——————–​ You – America’s quiet hero?Be a REAL hero. Save our country. No protests or marches… But riches if successful. Get the details here.​ Beat the banks to AlibabaTech giant Alibaba will make a lot of people a lot of money when it goes public later this year. Learn how to get in on the next big IPO… before the big banks. Click here.—————————————————————–Indiana seems to be a major trial balloon for the militarization of law enforcement given that the Indiana National Guard has also just purchased two military UH-72 Lakota helicopters which will also be used by local police and the DHS for “homeland security missions.” Downing’s claim that armored tanks are necessary to deal with violent crime doesn’t jive with actual statistics which suggest that violent crime is in fact on the decrease.Downing’s admission that the armored vehicles are partly about combating the threat posed by returning veterans correlates with similar rhetoric at the federal level.read more athttp://thecrux.com/shocking-video-police-are-now-armed-for-war-against-returning-veterans/
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Home » Latin America, Liberty, Socialism/Communism, Socialist Opinion ShapersThe Fourth Floor: US Government Brought Fidel Castro to PowerSubmitted by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton on May 24, 2014 – 10:16 am ESTOne CommentBy: Brent ParrishThe Right PlanetMarxist-Leninists-in-Arms: Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.This is a fascinatingly disturbing interview I watched a while back of Dr. Stanley Monteith speaking with Earl E.T. Smith, Ambassador to Cuba (1957-59), regarding the rise of Fidel Castro and U.S. involvement. Earl Smith describes a group of individuals on “the fourth floor” of the U.S. State Department who seemed to be actively engaged in facilitating Castro’s success in Cuba.Fidel Castro interrogating a farmer. (Credits: http://www.therealcuba.com)Since the declassification of the Venona decrypts (Google: VENONA) in 1995, a lot of information has come about about the incredibly disturbing level of infiltration of our government by Soviet operatives and their fellow travelers, particularly the State Department. As a matter of course, the Council on Foreign Relations’ publication Foreign Affairs (considered the “bible of the State Department”) typically will let you know what the State Department will be doing tomorrow.read more at:http://www.trevorloudon.com/2014/05/the-fourth-floor-us-government-brought-fidel-castro-to-power/
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Rep. Bridenstine: Why Does USDA Need Submachine Guns? 05.24.14Tags: Jim Bridenstine | guns | USDARep. Bridenstine: Why Does USDA Need Submachine Guns?Friday, 23 May 2014 08:38 PMBy Cathy BurkeShare:Get Short Link |Email Article |Comment |Contact Us |Print| A ACopy Shortlink0inShareFollowing the Department of Agriculture's May 7 solicitation for submachine guns with 30-round magazine clips, Rep. Jim Bridenstine is demanding an explanation."The fear of my constituents is that the USDA is expanding outside of its intended mission," the Oklahoma Republican wrote the agency on Wednesday.Urgent: Do You Approve Or Disapprove of President Obama's Job Performance? Vote Now in Urgent PollAccording to AmmoLand Shooting Sports News, the timing of the USDA request for the weaponry is suspect, coming "just one month after the [Cliven] Bundy embarrassment.""It seems that the USDA, which oversees America’s vast tracks of forested land, may be preparing itself in the event some cowboys want their heads of cattle to munch government-owned grass," the website stated.Bundy gained national attention in April during an armed standoff in Nevada over cattle grazing rights.Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/US/Jim-Bridenstine-guns-USDA/2014/05/23/id/573169#ixzz32hBqAFzzUrgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!Read more at www.commieblaster.com
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BooksA scathing interview with a 5th grade teacher who was in the room when Common Core was being createdMay. 22, 2014 11:28am Benjamin Weingarten11.4KSharesThe below represents the second in a series of interviews with everyday Americans who are fighting back against Common Core, released in connection with Glenn Beck’s new book, “Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education.”We spoke with Brad McQueen, a 5th grade teacher from Arizona who after working on the development/review of rubrics and questions on the PARCC/Common Core test grew disgusted with what he was seeing and decided to speak out about it, ultimately self-publishing a book titled “The Cult of Common Core.”Our interview was conducted via email, with slight alterations for grammar and brevity.For more content like this, be sure to give Blaze Books a follow on Facebook and Twitter.1. Speak to your background and why you took an interest in Common Core specifically and public education more broadly?Brad McQueen. (Image Source: Amazon.com)Brad McQueen. (Image Source: Amazon.com)McQueen: I’ve been a 5th grade teacher in public schools for the last ten years. I’ve always worked in schools that give teachers a great deal of autonomy in the classroom to use whatever teaching methods they feel are useful to teach their students over and above the minimum state standards. I have also experienced schools where they prescribe how and what teachers teach in the classroom and it was pure agony to witness.I first heard of the Common Core standards, when they were adopted here in AZ back in 2010, when I was at our State Department of Education working our state’s standardized test, the AIMS test. I’ve worked on every facet of the AIMS test for the last 5 years. The attitude amongst my fellow teachers and the state employees that summer was that they were the same-old-thing-with-another-name programs that we would have to implement at some point…we were still too busy teaching the old state standards, and creating tests based on them, that we just put off dealing with them until we had to. The scuttlebutt (I’ve always wanted to use that word and now I have) at the AZ Dept of Ed was that the standards were an Obama administration program, and with the elections coming up in 2012 there was a chance that the Common Core standards would go away should Obama lose the election.A year ago (3/2013), the AZ Dept of Ed asked me to go to Chicago for a week to work on evaluating the writing/reading rubrics for the Common Core/PARCC test. I didn’t have an opinion on Common Core either way. I was curious and I wanted to see what the standards would look like in test form and how that might inform my classroom teaching, so I went. Most teachers were waiting for the Common Core test to come out for the same reason.Teachers in AZ have a great deal of input into the state test. Teachers create the test and we had the ability to change or tweak test questions if we detected a bias or if we thought the questions or reading passages weren’t truly assessing our students’ learning.Working on the CCore test was a very different experience and had 50 more shades of bureaucracy. My Common Core handlers weren’t interested in my questions about where the standards came from, who wrote them, who wrote the test questions, etc. If they did attempt an answer they usually parroted the phrase “Teachers were involved.” Something didn’t feel right.My turning point came when in answer to questions I had about a student writing sample, my Common Core handler blurted out, “We don’t ever care what the kids’ opinions are. If they write what they think or put forth their opinion then they will fail the test.”“We don’t ever care what the kids’ opinions are. If they write what they think…they will fail…”Share:To Read More go to www.commieblaster.comArticle is from The Blaze
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ANALYSIS/OPINION:When the founders included the “Speech or Debate” clause in the U.S. Constitution, they wanted to protect members of Congress from the whims of any outside tyrant who might abuse the power of his office to harass, control or destroy his political enemies.PHOTOS: Conservatives in Hollywood: Celebrities who lean rightToday, in this putrid era of Senate history, we realize it was a gross oversight that the founders did not extend such protections to ordinary private citizens from members of Congress. Even in their deep cynicism about the human nature of politicians, the founders apparently never dreamed that a man like Majority Leader Harry Reid would one day control the U.S. Senate.The specific purpose of Article 1, Section 6, of the Constitution was to ensure that lawmakers could carry out their duties in Congress without being delayed, arrested or jailed on trumped-up charges by political enemies.Further, “for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”This gave members of Congress the freedom to speak as faithfully and truthfully as they could without concern that their political enemies might later levy retribution against them. Members of Congress, in other words, were protected before, during and after any official business from the unbridled bullying of tyrants outside of Congress.So what protections are there for the tax-paying American citizen from a tyrannical bully if that bully happens to be a member of Congress using his powerful position to slander, smear and slime that citizen’s character and motives? Nothing, apparently.Take Charles and David Koch. They employ some 50,000 Americans and have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on charitable causes, education and political advocacy. Yet at the end of the day, the wealthy and successful brothers amount to nothing more nor nothing less than the most treasured American assets: private, taxpaying citizens.PHOTOS: Celebrity meltdownsWhat respect does this earn from Harry Reid, the man who once publicly expressed relief at the completion of the $621 million Capitol Visitor Center (that you paid for) because he would no longer have to “literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol?”It has earned the Kochs more than 100 mentions on the floor of the U.S. Senate in disjointed, confusing tirades by Mr. Reid.Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/may/20/hurt-harry-reid-hides-behind-constitution-to-hit-k/#.U3zAciwl2i8.twitter#ixzz32SnwQan5Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter
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3) US government takes aim at St. Kitts economic citizenship programThis one is concerning.If you're looking at different ways to obtain a second passport (which is a very sharp strategy), St. Kitts has probably come across your radar at some point.St. Kitts is one of the 'economic' citizenship programs out there whereby you can pay a fee and potentially qualify for citizenship.But it seems the US government has put this program squarely in its crosshairs, blasting the St. Kitts government for having 'lax controls', and comparing St. Kitts passport holders to criminal terrorists.See what I'm talking about here.US government takes aim at St. Kitts economic citizenship programbySimon BlackonMay 21, 2014Subscribe to Sovereign Man Share on Facebook TwitterMay 21, 2014Sovereign Valley Farm, ChileYesterday the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued some new guidance warning US banks against working with individuals holding passports from the Commonwealth of St. Kitts and Nevis.As you may be aware, St. Kitts is one of many nations to offer a ‘citizenship by investment’ program.This is a program where an investor can obtain citizenship in St. Kitts, and a passport, by making a financial investment in the country.In the case of St. Kitts, this can be either a ~$250,000 non-refundable donation to the St. Kitts Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation, or investing $400,000 in an approved real estate project.There are a number of other fees inolved as well, including lawyer fees (naturally), due diligence fees, and more.But when it’s all said and done, applicants can have a passport from St. Kitts in as little as six months.Now, as we’ve discussed before, there are a lot of other ways to obtain citizenship.It’s possible to obtain citizenship by ancestry. For example, if your grandparents are Irish or Italian.It’s also possible to obtain citizenship through naturalization. Here in Chile, for example, you can become a citizen after five years of total residency.But some people are on a compressed timeline. They’re looking to obtain another passport as quickly as possible, often because they want to renounce their US citizenship.This is a rapidly growing trend– more and more people each year are divorcing themselves from the US government, and its tax system, by renouncing US citizenship and giving up their US passports.And while it’s not required to have another passport to renounce your US citizenship, it’s a good idea.After all, without a second passport, you’d find it very difficult to be able to travel anywhere.So for some people, St. Kitts citizenship represents a great opportunity to rapidly acquire another passport so that they can accelerate their divorce from the US government.I have to imagine this displeases Uncle Sam. After all, the trend of Americans giving up their citizenship is growing so quickly that it’s now making front page news each quarter when they release the statistics.One way to slow the trend? Put pressure on the St. Kitts economic citizenship program.That’s exactly what the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has done; in yesterday’s announcement, they blasted the St. Kitts government’s “lax controls” and said that “illicit actors” (aka ‘terrorists’) are using the program to obtain St. Kitts passports.FinCEN asserts that several Iranian nationals who were granted citizenship there (cue the ominous music) as if being Iranian is some sort of crime.In doing so, they’re effectively labeling St. Kitts a safeharbor for terrorists… which is pretty much a death sentence for the economic citizenship program.I would be surprised to see some major modifications coming out of the program, or even an outright freeze.More to follow on this story.Until tomorrow,Simon Black
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I happened to see this on Yahoo News :Howard Dean Tells Republicans: Leave America, Go Back To Russia [VIDEO]Howard Dean, who is still alive, told attendees at a fundraiser for a Democratic congressional hopeful that Republicans “are not American” and would “be more comfortable in the Ukraine or Russia.” He also screamed that GOP supporters should “stay away from our country.” Dean, a former Vermont…The Daily Caller.Howard Dean Tells Republicans: Leave America, Go Back To Russia [VIDEO]Howard Dean, who is still alive, told attendees at a fundraiser for a Democratic congressional hopeful that Republicans “are not American” and would “be more comfortable in the Ukraine or Russia.” He also screamed that GOP supporters should “stay away from our country.”Dean, a former Vermont governor, a former Democratic National Committee chairman and a 2004 presidential candidate, made the statements last week in a fit of zeal as he was speaking in support of Colorado 6th Congressional District candidate Andrew Romanoff.“This is a Republican party that has decided they like power so much that they think it’s okay to win by taking away the right to vote,” Dean told the gathered assembly of 750 people at Dora’s Mexican Restaurant in Aurora, Colo.“They are not American,” he bellowed. “They could be more comfortable in the Ukraine or Russia but stay away from our country. This is based on the right to vote.”read more at:http://news.yahoo.com/howard-dean-tells-republicans-leave-america-back-russia-115029601.html
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Sentenced to death for her religion‏ActionsChange.org 11:02 AM NewslettersTo: louise.50@hotmail.comLouise - There's a new petition taking off on Change.org, and we think you might be interested in signing it:Government of Sudan: Don't execute 8 months pregnant Mariam Yehya Ibrahim for being ChristianBy Emily ClarkeMalmesburySign Emily's PetitionMariam Yehya Ibrahim, a Sudanese mother, doctor and Christian, has been sentenced to flogging and death unless she recants her Christian faith. She is 8 months pregnant and has a two-year-old son. Please, join the international community in asking Sudan not to execute her for being a Christian.Ibrahim is charged with adultery on the grounds that her marriage to a Christian man from South Sudan is considered void under Shari’a law, for which the penalty is flogging. She’s also charged with apostasy, or abandonment of religion, for which the penalty is death.Mariam is the daughter of a Christian woman and Muslim man. She was raised Christian after her father left. However, Sudanese law mandates that children born to Muslim fathers are considered Muslim.The fact that a woman could be sentenced to death for her religious choice, and to flogging for being married to a man of an allegedly different religion is abhorrent.Call upon the government of Sudan to respect the right to freedom of religion!Sign Emily's PetitionStart your own petitionThe person (or organization) who started this petition is not affiliated with Change.org. Change.org did not create this petition and is not responsible for the petition content.This email was sent by Change.org to louise.50@hotmail.com. You can edit your email preferences or unsubscribe from Change.org emails.Start a petition on Change.orgMailing Address: 216 West 104th Street, Suite #130 · New York, NY 10025 · USA
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Shock FedGov Court Ruling: Police Can Kick In Your Door and Seize Guns Without Warrant or ChargesMac SlavoMay 19th, 2014SHTFplan.comComments (88)Read by 6,774 people303Door-BreachThe 7th Circuit Court of Appeals may have just dealt a serious blow to the U.S. Constitution.In a unanimous decision earlier this month the Court determined that law enforcement officers are not required to present a warrant or charges before forcibly entering a person’s home, searching it, and confiscating their firearms if they believe it is in the individual’s best interests.The landmark suit was brought before the court by Krysta Sutterfield of Milwaukee, who had recently visited a psychiatrist for outpatient therapy resulting from some bad news that she had received. According to court records Sutterfield had expressed a suicidal thought during the visit, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, when she said “I guess I’ll go home and blow my brains out.” This prompted her doctor to contact police.For several hours the police searched for Sutterfield, speaking with neighbors and awaiting her return home. They received an update from her psychiatrist who said that Sutterfield had contacted her and advised that she was not in need of assistance and to “call off” the search, which the doctor did not agree to. Police eventually left and Sutterfield returned home, only to be visited later that evening by the lead detective on the case:Krysta Sutterfield vs. city of Milwaukee, et al.Sutterfield answered Hewitt’s knock at the front door but would not engage with her, except to state repeatedly that she had “called off” the police and to keep shutting the door on Hewitt. Sutterfield would not admit Hewitt to the residence, and during the exchange kept the outer storm door closed and locked. Unable to gain admittance to the house, Hewitt concluded that the police would have to enter it forcibly.…Sutterfield called 911 in an effort to have the officers leave; as a result of that call, the ensuing events were recorded by the emergency call center. Sutterfield can be heard on the recording telling the officers that she was fine and that she did not want anyone to enter her residence.…After informing Sutterfield of his intention to open the storm door forcibly if she did not unlock it herself, Berken yanked the door open and entered the house with the other officers to take custody of Sutterfield pursuant to the statement of detention. A brief struggle ensued.Sutterfield can be heard on the 911 recording demanding both that the officers let go of her and that they leave her home. (Sutterfield would later say that the officers tackled her.) Sutterfield was handcuffed and placed in the officers’ custody.read more athttps://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/shock-fedgov-court-ruling-police-can-kick-in-your-door-and-seize-guns-without-warrant-or-charges_05192014
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