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November 2

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Is President Trump keeping his campaign promises?

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Louise Barnes replied to Admin Dee's discussion Video: Project Veritas Infiltrated Antifa
"Spead this to people you know- 
The media writes about anarchists, but does not mention specifically Antifa. The New York Post has quoted NYPD expert as saying that the rioters are coordinated and communicate through encryted messages and plan befor…"
Jun 4
Louise Barnes replied to Admin Dee's discussion Sidney Powell Brings up the Hammer - What do you know about it?
"Sydney Powell is a great lawyer and I am glad that she is representing Michael Flynn. This Hammer program is news to me!  Snowden revealed that the NSA was doing domestic spying,  and this - wow!- But do you think the American People will really fin…"
May 23
Louise Barnes replied to Admin Dee's discussion Former Democrat: I'm Sorry, Mr. President
"Amazing! I am writing a blog every day on my experiences, or news of the day, called --Day in the Time of Coronavirus. A few days ago I complained that I read that there has been an uptick in people going toward socialism. The article quoted someone…"
May 23
Louise Barnes replied to Admin Dee's discussion Benghazi Is Back: Did Obama and Panetta helped the terrorists murder American citizens
"I have seen the video, and it is ery good."
May 21
Louise Barnes replied to Admin Dee's discussion Texas: Ector County Sheriff’s SWAT team raids a peaceful protest
"I agree!"
May 5
Louise Barnes left a comment on Coronavirus
"I heard that in Italy, they have made the decision to stop caring for elderly coronavirus patients and concentrate on caring for younger patients with a better chance of survival, because emergency rooms don't have enough beds. This is what happens…"
Mar 12

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  • Louise, - All the best to YOU!  frankmusic  :-)


    EVERYONE THIS APPLIES TO MY ABOVE POST. I REALIZED THIS TODAY. IGNORE IT AND HERES WHY. THIS IS A POST I PUT ON THIS http://teapartyorg.ning.com/profiles/blogs/ft-hood-troops-deploying...  THIS MORNING.


    I think this is false.

    Go to the post Ft Hood headed to Syria and read the comments of readers below.

    This link was posted by someone. You might want to save it for future reference.


    Be careful what you read. Lately I have been finding a lot of Dis-information out there.

    The enemies of the constitution are doing it to make us look like fools if we bite.

    Here is another meant to fool you if you don't look carefully.

    One of them got me.

    Again be careful. These get mixed in with real ones.


    FT Hood Troops deploying to Syria
    by Dan Bubalo  I have been able to verify something extremely troubling in the past 12 hours.  A close and verifiable source contacted me to lament…
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