December 17

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John J. Thomas posted a blog post
Like most of us, I awoke this morning sick to my stomach.  Having to look out at the gleaming faces so proud of what they've done.  California now has a super majority for Brown to do as he please.  Obama, with no one to stand in his way as he…
Nov 7, 2012
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Mar 27, 2012
John J. Thomas posted a blog post
Hi Folks,A long time since my last discussion, I must apologize for that.  I am a commenter on FoxNew.com.  At Fox both liberal and conservative can comment on any posted issue.  The one constant theme of the liberal is, the tea party is full of…
Mar 24, 2012
John J. Thomas replied to travis scott perkins's discussion religious views in California
"I think your religion and views are wonderful.  We all hope you stay strong with America and strong with us. Thank you for your support.
Jun 22, 2011
John J. Thomas posted a blog post
After seeing the video, it reminded me of an incident that happened to me on 911.  I was driving to work, then before 0800 hours.  Pulling into a local 711 for fuel there was no attendant to help with turning on the pumps.  In the back office I…
Jun 4, 2011
John J. Thomas posted a blog post
With talk of Unions running the show, most folks aren't seeing the other side of the picture.  That being, George Soros and the Sandler Banking Family.  Our government for years, longer than my short life, have been catering to special interest…
Jun 2, 2011
John J. Thomas posted a blog post
Fellow Patriots:The following statement was made on a Fox comment page regarding San Francisco as a sanctuary city.  Please help get the word out regarding the illegal activity of so called sanctuary cities. The Statement:Here in San Francisco we…
Jun 1, 2011