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February 18

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Glenn Neal replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Forensic Evidence in Michigan Prove Voting Machines Had Unauthorized Implant to Circumvent Security
"You are hoodwinked by Laurence Tribe (harvard Law School) who is a shill for the left on this issue.  I am a lawyer by profession and a Constitutional Scholar--I've published a book on the subject--and I would be happy to exlplain but I won't waste…"
Glenn Neal replied to Admin Dee's discussion MAGA Revolt in SC as Grassroots Sues GOP Over Cheating in Virtual Convention
"Are you familiar with Convention of States?  Amending the Constitution is the only way to overturn New York Times v. Sullivan (which, in effect, gave the press a license to lie) and remove The Supreme Court's self-given power to legislate.  Be happy…"
May 7
Glenn Neal replied to Admin Dee's discussion Kamala Claims That "Extreme Climate" Is a "Root Cause" of Border Crisis
"There is a differencd between stupid and ignorant; stupid is when you have a diminished capacity to learn and think.  Ignorant is when you don't choose to use the brain that you have.  Obviously she has the capacity to think--she played her…"
Apr 24
Glenn Neal replied to Admin Dee's discussion Virginia To Stop Teaching Algebra In The Name Of Equality?
"                                   In the end it is another leftist plot to give China more of a competitive edge."
Apr 24
Glenn Neal replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Report: Ga. fraud votes exceed margin of victory
"Col. Nelson:  A group called Convention of States (q.v. on the web) has benn working to call a convention to amend the Constitution, bypassing Congress.  Check it out!"
Apr 22
Glenn Neal replied to Admin Dee's discussion Grenell: DC Media Has Been Caught Interfering in the 2020 Election
"There is a simple solution to media bias: overturn New Yoek Times v. Sullivan.  It would require the Supreme Court overtuning one of its sacred cows; or in the alternative, a Constitutional amendment.  Congress cannot overeturn a Supreme Court…"
Apr 16
Glenn Neal replied to Admin Dee's discussion Vernon Jones: Media to Blame for Minnesota Riots
"Col. Nelson:  I absolutly agree with your sentiment, but there is one small detail we need to take care of first: overturn New York Times v. Sullivan, a Supreme Court decision that [in effect] gave the MSM a license to lie.  I will explain if you…"
Apr 12
Glenn Neal replied to Admin Dee's discussion Insurrection in MN After Police Shooting
"If they yell, "We at war," It's O.K. to shoot 'em, right?"
Apr 12
Glenn Neal replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Fauci: It’s Still Not OK for Vaccinated Americans To Eat and Drink Indoors
"Fauci is the model for "nerd gets power--becomes bully."  Why are we still listening to this buffon's a**-hole?"
Apr 12
Glenn Neal left a comment for John F Remillard
"John: I'm with you! I even have the method: Overturn New Your Times v. Sullivan. Let the tort lawyers, circling like buzzards, hone in on dishonest news media."
Apr 12
Glenn Neal replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Kevin McCarthy will offer Resolution to have Eric Swalwell removed from Intel Committee next week
"I bailed on the democrats when Ronald Reagan was President--I guess you could call me a "Reagan Democrat."  I strongly support Donald Trump [note present tense] but am disappointred with the RINOs in Congress.  I was a financial contribnutor to…"
Mar 13
Glenn Neal commented on Glenn Neal's blog post Is this a scam?
"Why Obama Doesn’t Like America
By:  Glenn Neal, AA, AB, JD
Where Obama spent his formative years is far more important than where he was born
In the heat of the election season, we are still spending time obsessing over whether Barrack Obama was “a…"
Jun 15, 2012
Glenn Neal posted a blog post
"Torm Howse has added you as a friend on Tea Party Patriots."------------My gift to you, 280 VIP Tea Party contacts!" This unsolicited email led me to do a Google search for "Torm Howse." CAVEAT: I do not know Torm Howse. I had never heard of him…
Oct 11, 2010

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