Have not been here for quite a while,  (old brain cells forgot the login)

Things HAVE changed drastically since the last time...sorry guys, but I no longer identify as a GOP Republican...you know the old saying about all politics being local...and I did not leave my party; my party left me.  Well, both have been proven to be very true during this Pandemic here in Indianapolis and Indiana. The GOP has been ever so slowly to the Progressive end of the scale. 

No, I've not been taken over to the Dark Side, rather re-defining what I consider it is to be Conservative. Never have given money to any Political Party, to this point, because my earnings are too valuable to throw away to egos that I disagree with more than I agree with.

Have recently started my journey into independence by aligning with the Libertarian Party. .Before y'all just go naaaah, those pot heads,...They are much more than what's seen on the surface. I'll still be fighting for smaller, less invasive government, but I just cannot do that as a Republican.





Indianapolis, IN


July 19

Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?


Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about TeaParty.org?

from working w/ other patriot groups.

Is America a republic?

YES; but as long as the Senate is Democrat-controlled. it won't happen.

If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?

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Dave Wooldridge replied to Admin Dee's discussion Arnold Schwarzenegger: “SCREW YOUR FREEDOM!”
"No doubt he's a Republican,...Conservative? If he is, I'M the Mr. Universe at 40 lbs. overweight and outta shape.
Why do people still prop him up as someone of substance; nor to look up to?"
Aug 12
Dave Wooldridge replied to Admin Dee's discussion Report: Dems Afraid Harris Can't Beat Trump In Election
"I was under the impression that there was no way she could walk into the WH...she's an anchor baby, not born in the US, but Canada. Am I wrong!?"
Jul 11
Dave Wooldridge replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion MadMaxine Claims, without Evidence, that Capitol melee organized by Trump Campaign
"You, I and GOD KNOWS that this woman hasn't been rooted in reality for a very long time...on the other hand, racism, elitism, greed,...may not be in reality, but she definitely rooted int the Democrat Party
Plus,, she's just a mirror image of her…"
Jun 20
Dave Wooldridge replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Lindsey Graham Threatens Dems with "Kamala Harris" video at impeachment trial if they aren't careful
"THIS is exactly WHY I'M very seriously considering leaving the GOP ranks. As important as this has been ever since the first Kangaroo Court  Impeachment, the GOP has NEVER taken this as seriously as they should've. It just proves to me that the GOP…"
Feb 5
Dave Wooldridge left a comment on Net Warriors
"We've been trying since the 2008 elections, but this type of education of the masses  is going to take a LONG time! More time than most of us have. Therefore, we need to get with our kids, and grandkids to let them know what the fight is all about,…"
Jan 2, 2014
Dave Wooldridge left a comment on Indiana
"It's been quite a while, but this site has the best references and guidelines for action, that I know of. Back on the Main Page, there are scads of pages to read, and a listing of 'committees' to get active with. Groups w/in groups who specialize in…"
Nov 25, 2013
Dave Wooldridge left a comment on Indiana
"Agreed; I've been caught up in the FB addiction, and between here, and the Tea Party site plus life in general lately, I've been remiss in logging in here. But am a lot more energized by listening to Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin ( Sounds like a…"
Nov 22, 2013
Dave Wooldridge left a comment on Indiana
"Vicki;   The explosion of Facebook, and other IM sites might be one big reason, but from my perspective, I think it.s just a BIG case of what CAN we do? Neither political party is responsive to the voter, and like a spoiled brat, they're gonna do…"
Nov 21, 2013
Dave Wooldridge commented on Gary Gatehouse's blog post ARE WE CONSERVATIVES JUST BLOWING SMOKE
"But, Maynard; WHEN is the right time, and would we be in a position to defend ourselves? I stiil hold to Valeries' train of thought by strengthening the states to be the bastion of security against the Communist-led steamroller."
Jan 6, 2013
Dave Wooldridge commented on Gary Gatehouse's blog post ARE WE CONSERVATIVES JUST BLOWING SMOKE
"Here is a question I've been asking for a while now. I listen to Limbaugh, Levin and some times even Savage, but all I get is news of the day, actions ( and inaction ) of Congress, and the Communist March in 1600 Penn. Ave. What I'd really like to…"
Jan 5, 2013
Dave Wooldridge commented on Gary Gatehouse's blog post ARE WE CONSERVATIVES JUST BLOWING SMOKE
"I believe we Conservatives are still out there, but our representation has left us for the cushion of D.C. lifestyles of the rich and (in)famous."
Jan 5, 2013
Dave Wooldridge commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Patriots, Snap out of it! America Too Extraordinarily Precious to Surrender!
"Sir; I applaud your resolve, and am trying to get to that point, also. I just have a question that I've not heard an answer to; Listening to Rush, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck et al, all I come away with every time I listen is that they are reporting and…"
Jan 3, 2013
Dave Wooldridge left a comment on Indiana
"Now, semi-recovered, and still somewhat shell-shocked, I cannot believe 1) The results of the election, and 2)Why nobody has honestly challenged the results. Have we become that much of a wuss nation, that nobody would DARE challenge King Barack I?…"
Dec 8, 2012
Dave Wooldridge left a comment on Indiana
"Just got word today that we'll be able to work the polls as a Judge on Tues!! I thought it might be too late, but there's a training session this weekend in the CC Building in Indy. Hey, it might not be too late; make sure that what happens Tues. is…"
Nov 1, 2012
Dave Wooldridge commented on Triptolemus's blog post HE’S NOT INCOMPETENT
"I have to agree 110%; he knows EXACTLY what he's doing. The Democrat Party has been moving further and further to the left ever since FDR and the New Deal; BHO has just pushed his party so far left that even some Democrats don't recognize their own…"
Jul 15, 2012
Dave Wooldridge commented on Sharon A. Peterson's blog post Tea Party
What saddens me is the rhetoric that is passed off as commentary from the left, and is taken as serious thought by a lot of people. When the leadership on the left is totally counter to what rational people are used to, they think they can…"
Apr 21, 2012