Strathcona, MN


July 24

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about TeaParty.org?

A lot of ways, National news, Facebook and Emails

Is America a republic?


If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?

Anything I can do to help

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Dave Janes posted blog posts
Aug 14, 2013
Dave Janes commented on Daniel Ray's blog post How Senator Cruz needs to answer question about his eligibility
"My God I said the exact thing today about no one listening to me. I wrote a page long introduction to a link the other day and got not even one like. Nobody is doing much outside the senate and the House either. I don't know if the NSA stuff got to…"
Jul 31, 2013
Dave Janes left a comment on
"The UAW and greedy owners ruined our car business. Foreign companies are bringing it back with non union workers who make cars better than the countries where the business started. It is a shame Michigan is so ruined though. It is my home state and…"
Jun 19, 2013
Dave Janes left a comment on
" I just wrote a long post that I am going to erase. Bottom line I agree with Sid Green in principal and I won't post any more information to the opposition so to speak. God Bless.
PS reach out to any younger soldiers you know especially those who…"
Jun 19, 2013
Dave Janes left a comment on
"Reach out to all vets and solders, sailors, Marines and airmen to become or stay oath keepers. Home land security will then deny any knowledge of plans to confine or kill patriots. God they have the nerve to call us terrorists Patriot means someone…"
May 25, 2013
Dave Janes left a comment on
"Boston was practice for taking us out when the dollar collapses and there is social unrest they will use that as an excuse to take us out. Then preppers. Then Christians.
Think its time to get ready? I don't want to have to fight an insurmountable…"
May 2, 2013
Dave Janes replied to 3ozt6gobts7m9's discussion Al Franken, a Comedian Liberal Democrat Socialist, says Shut up to the PEOPLE..... He represents US not himself pink slip him in Minnesota
"He is a joke.
But I have talked to him and wrote him a lot of letters. It is always better to do something than just bitch.
Are you in his district I voted for Coleman and was so disappointed when he lost. In Minnesota state government there is a…"
May 2, 2013
Dave Janes commented on C. J.'s blog post UN Agenda 21 the Hidden Fascist in the Living Room
"I live in rural Minnesota now and rural Michigan where I was born and suburban Pennsylvania where I worked 35 years after 7 in the USN holding off communism with Missals. I worked rotating shift work all those years and so couldn't sit with the town…"
Mar 24, 2013
Dave Janes left a comment on
Do not confuse the federal government with Barack Obama. By his actions and phobias (like not eating at a Maine GOP Dinner, hiding all of his documents he likely a FROUD who is crazy and becoming more crazy all the time or a plant of…"
Mar 16, 2013

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