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Dan posted a blog post
Fox news refuses to cover the real story.. tell them what you  thinkTell Fox news what you think of their lack of coverage concerning the eligibility issue and the phony Social security card.. e-mail foxnewstips@foxnews.com
May 1, 2012
Dan posted a blog post
go to www.Citizenlegislaturenow.com. down load the petition follow directions and get those 10 names and ask 10 people to do the same.. Or sit home and complain that you don't like the way things are in California..
Apr 20, 2012
Dan left a comment on California
"Please watch this video especially if you  live in California.

Feb 18, 2012
Dan replied to Douglas John Howard's discussion State Issued Photo I.D. in California
"While at it ask that this same ID be presented when voting. Mexico requires a biometric card be presented and a pin number used for each voter. no ballot can be obtained with out this.. They do not want voter fraud. Yet some how we put up with it.."
Jan 13, 2011
Dan left a comment on California
"October should be Voter Fraud awareness month, because if these thugs retain power in Washington if will be direct attributed to voter Fraud.
It is an old joke about election fraud. In Chicago the dead vote. In certain parts of Texas, especially…"
Oct 4, 2010
Dan posted a blog post
Would you spend $5 to secure our border ?Paul Smith is on the verge of loosing his home. and we are on the verge of loosing some one who actually stood up for border security.Paul wants to unseat a rabid Liberal in California's 5th Congressional…
Aug 24, 2010
Dan commented on Albert R Fromberger's blog post WHY IS OUR STATE DEPT. SENDING ABDUL RAUF TO SAUDI ARABIA TO RAZE MONEY ?
"1 in 5 now believes obama is a Muslim"
Aug 19, 2010
Dan commented on Dan's blog post Syria and Iran move to our Southern Border
"Also Judge can not block AZ law.
Only the U.S. Supreme Court can make a ruling involving a State.

Federal Judges and Circuit Courts of appeal can not.

No one in our…"
Jul 31, 2010
Dan posted a blog post
Syria and Iran move to our Southern Border.It has been reported that Venezuela and Syria and Iran signed a PAC to help each other develop nuclear weapons, among other things. Venezuela has the uranium needed. Several planes land every week unloading…
Jul 31, 2010
Dan posted a blog post
Paul Smith Candidate for Congress will hold a Recall Rally on the steps of the Capitol building in Sacramento CaliforniaThe City council voted to boycott Arizona over the immigration Law.Now it's time the Tea Party stands up for Arizona and Recalls…
Jun 19, 2010
Dan left a comment on California
"Spread the word
Paul Smith Candidate for Congress, is staging a rally at the Capitol at noon on Thursday.. Radio and other groups will advertise this and there will be additional speakers there.. Also local TV..
The plan is to get at least 300…"
Jun 18, 2010
Dan commented on Dan's blog post Can some one tell me
"Steve forgive me if i sound pessimistic. however I am looking at your list of success and it seems to me that they all came during a different administration.. am I wrong..? I hope so. I do not question the expense involved.. I do not question your…"
Jun 14, 2010
Dan posted a blog post
When i read that the Tea party wants money for fax blast.. I have to ask one simple question. Why..?What good do Faxes do.. No one in Washington gives a damn.. What did all the phone calls and faxes do to stop Obama care... Who in Washington really…
Jun 13, 2010
Dan posted a blog post
So you all remember James Willis who posted that random email from Mark Meckler to Larry Naritelli and we were all wondering what the REAL story was?Well...here it is:There’s no denying that in this current political climate, the competition between…
May 29, 2010
Dan commented on Dan's blog post Pictures don't lie
"yes you can not see it..? it is just as well it will make you spit fire.."
May 28, 2010
Dan posted blog posts
May 28, 2010

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