City councilors in TulsaOklahoma, agreed on July 29 to remove a “Black Lives Matter” mural from its Greenwood District.

The decision to remove the mural, which was painted on the street surface on June 20 without a city permit, followed a Tulsa City Council meeting on Wednesday.

Councilors were reminded that street signs aren’t legal in the city. Markings on public streets are prohibited under federal traffic laws due to safety issues.

They were also told that if they allowed the mural to remain in the district, requests from other groups to write their own messages would have to be granted, given they do not incite violence or are not sexually explicit in nature.

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  • I find it totally DISGUSTING!!! Only in New York could you get away with something like that!

  •  The REAL problem is twofold. First, the inner cities where blacks have been herded into ghettos by blacks and second it isn't the whites who caused this race problem so blm is a moot point.

  • black lives matter incites violence as it is an affront to any real American. It is marxist motivated and those pos have the right to leave America, no one is holding them here. Whoever applied for the permit should have to remove it, likee yesterday, along with the azzhole that approved the permit, being anti-America should have consequences.

  • BLM is just a name front for the anarchists.

  • How did vandalism and defacing public property beceome art... fire the city officials who refuse to prosecute and too stop such illegal defacing of government property.

  • Remove all BLM mural they do not do anything good for the people all they do is terrorized, destroy and burn the neighborhood.

  • You can't help but notice that all these "street murals" are painted exactly the same way. So clearly, they are not the product of local sentiment but part of a planned national effort. 

  • if you insist that only your views are shown then move to north korea or china where the only images/messages you see are party related

  • When is New York City following federal traffic law? When will the Trump administration enforce the federal traffic laws? - I am sure Trump won't wait long until he cleans up New York City just like he cleaned up Portland, where he imposed the federal might on a poorly run city. As soon as Trump's people showed up, the city was pacified. We need more of the same.

    • Stop smoking whatever it is you smoke... Trump's federal law enforcement task force did not encroach on State Jurisdiction,  it did not seek to or enforce state law. The FED's did not engage riot or crimes committed against the City or State... they defended Federal Property.... the Federal Court House, other federal buildings and property.

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