White House allies believe Joe Biden could be laying the groundwork for a Stacey Abrams-style challenge to a Trump victory in November with his repeated claims that the president is preparing to steal the election.


In an interview with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, the presumptive Democratic nominee said he was worried Trump would refuse to leave the White House if he lost.

The president has said repeatedly he would accept the results, leaving advisers and allies to conclude that Biden may be preparing public opinion for a protracted tussle over the outcome.

“We all know that Biden isn't all there these days, but in the infamous words of the Mooch, he's beginning to sound like a paranoiac,” said a former White House official, referring to Anthony Scaramucci, the short-lived White House communications director. “Is he getting these crazed talking points from ‘Governor’ Stacey Abrams?”

Abrams challenged the outcome of the 2018 Georgia governor’s race, in which she lost narrowly to the Republican candidate, Brian Kemp. That sparked a bitter 10-day battle as Abrams argued that "deliberate and intentional" voter suppression had delivered victory to her rival.

This week's long lines and malfunctioning voting machines in Georgia’s primary were cited by Noah as he asked Biden if he had similar concerns about November’s election.

Voter suppression was his greatest fear, Biden replied. “This president’s going to try to steal this election,” he said.

And he added that he had considered what would happen if Trump refused to leave the White House in the event of a Democratic victory but was comforted by the recent actions of senior military figures.

“I am convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch,” Biden said.

The exchange delighted his opponents, who see an opportunity to remind voters that many Democrats refused to accept Trump’s 2016 victory.

Tim Murtaugh, director of communications for the Trump 2020 campaign, dismissed it as a “brainless conspiracy theory” designed to undermine confidence in American elections.

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  • I hate to say this and maybe I shouldn't but with all that's been happening with the rioting and such the thing that will finally set off the volcano is if Trump loses. Then I can see a reason for a revolution.

  • the only hope for the Democratic party is for the AntiChrist to be in power.

  • No matter who wins in Nov we're likely in for some very tough times. 

    If, God help us, Dems get in, they'll immediately reverse all Trump's work and they'll start adding all the insanity they can muster and conservatives will NOT stand for that... no way! 

    If Trump wins, of course the libs will fall apart and possibly resort to even greater insanity than now.  Either way... it's apt to be difficult time gor a while. 

    And we know for certain the libs will do ANYTHING to skew the votes. They have no qualms about it. 

  • OMG BIDEN cannot win , we have to be sure TRUMP DOES.

    • that's right


  • Steal the election? How can you steal something when it's given to you freely?

    • Elections belong to the public... but are supervised and certified by the State and its electoral apparatus.  Whenever the state fails to secure our vote and too properly regulate who has access to a ballot are our elections fair and representative of the true vote.  What is happening today doesn't reflect the will of the public... allowing multipule registrations, illegal aliens to gain access to ballots, the dead and felons are voting and they are all registered Democrats... voter harvesting, mail in ballots, failure to prove US Citizenship before voting, and permittng the dead to vote by absentee ballot or in person... all are forms of stealing an election.

    • Oh I know that Ronald, tell me something I don't know!  What I meant by my post was that we don't have to steal the election for Trump. But I can't say the same for the Demorats.

  • If the Democrats a.k.a Domsestic Enemy,lose the elction............They'll try burning the rest of the country down over it. Mark my words.

    • Not just that they may try to kill Pres Trump.

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