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Sidney Powell, a member of President Trump’s legal team, alleged that Democrats had a widespread voter fraud operation on Election Day, saying an audit on all computer systems "that played a role" is necessary.

“The computer glitches could not and should not have happened at all,” she told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo on Sunday. “That’s where the fraud took place where they were flipping votes in the computer system or adding votes that did not exist. We need an audit of all of the computer systems that played any role in this fraud whatsoever.”

The Michigan Secretary of State has disputed such claims about a glitch in Antrim County, saying they have "no merit" and that the error was accidental, adding that the "equipment and software did not malfunction and all ballots were properly tabulated."

Powell said Biden was right when he claimed to have “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

“They had this all planned, Maria, they had the algorithms, they had the paper ballots waiting to be inserted if and when needed and notably President Trump’s vote in the blue states went up enormously,” she continued. “That’s when they had to stop the vote count, and go in and replace votes for Biden and take away Trump votes.”

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  • I'd like to know how come the Democrats are always in charge of everything? Why are they the ones who decides who is allowed to watch the votes being counted and who they won't let in even with a court order? They way they acted to hide everything that was taking place is enough to tell anybody that they were doing things that wasn't right. Otherwise they wouldn't have kept our watchers out. This should be enough for any judge to make them explain their actions.

    • Because we were overthrown from within by the Statist Pigs at Bengahzi. NOBODY IS GETTING THAT! Unite with oppresive tyrants? My ass I will!


  • And I believe he is absoltely correct and OUR PRESIDENT needs to take EVERY step and EVERY legal action to secure his rightful presidency.

  • Is Russia and China taking notes from the Democrats on how to steal an election without hiding the evidence 

  • Sidney Powell is a rock star. 

  • Firing squads are in order.

  • Isn't it strange that only Republicans are testing positive for the Chinese virus??? Is some deep-stater in the White House spreading the Chinese virus??? 

    • I wouldn't put it past them one bit. #NOTMYGOVERNMENT


    • I think there is. No such thing as coincidence, imho.

  • Unfortunately nothing never happens. And. If Biden gets in,  all issues against the Clintons, Bidens, Obama, the Swamp, etc....will go away. China will be back in power as well as the Ukrain with Hunter Buden leading the way. Republicans continue to fold because power corrupts and money can buy any politician-just ask George Soros, the master puppeteer.

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