Rush Limbaugh...Biden will not show for debate

Marla Hohner on Twitter: "We can't let Donald Trump destroy fax machines,  either, can we, Joe Biden?… "

Oh, you can’t? Why would she say this? Why would Pelosi be out there four days before the debate urging Plugs not to do it? Particularly on the basis that he’s entirely capable, it’s that Trump is impossible to defeat because Trump is a lying skunk orange man.

Okay, folks, look. I don’t mind — see, here’s the thing. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. It doesn’t happen much. So it doesn’t cause me to lose any self-esteem when it happens. In fact, there’s a part of me that thinks it’s good for me psychologically to be wrong now and then so that I don’t think of myself as invincible. And if I’m wrong about this, then I’ll be wrong about it.

But I will double down on it. I will tell you I don’t think — and I’m not even gonna issue any caveats. I don’t think — I could say I don’t think there’s gonna be a debate Tuesday. I can say I don’t think there’s gonna be a debate Tuesday night. I don’t think there’s going to be a debate, period, between Trump and Biden.

Let me ask you this. Suppose something happens and Biden just can’t do it, oh, but wants to be there so bad and they offer Kamala Harris as a substitute. And thereby put it on Trump to say “yes” or “no.” Why are you shaking your head “no” to that? You don’t think these people are capable of this? You know, it’s no wonder, despite 30 years of telling people who the left in this country is, who the Democrats are, my own staff still doesn’t understand who they are and what they’re capable of. Man, it’s frustrating sometimes.

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  • If Biden doesn't show up for the debate and they want to send Harris then Trump should send Vc President Pence

  • If it happens Trump will make mincemeat of harris.

  • If that happens then Trump can say, if he can't handle a debate how could he handle another foreign leader? Would he give in to whatever they wanted or have Kamala take care of it? This is what his fans should think about. Oh and can't you just imagine how it would be with China with him being president? Better brush up on our Chinese.

  • We have monsters like Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mao in OUR MIDST. They don't look like monsters right now, or act or talk like monsters right now, but neither did the aforementioned monsters in their time. We learned that they were monsters after it was too late to stop them. We should have learned to recognize them before they committed their crimes against humanity.


  • To Rush's point about even his staff not realizing what the Left is capable of, I experience that feeling almost daily. They can stage riots, exact violence on innocent people, burn down businesses, threaten to "burn down the system" but substituting Harris for Biden is beyond even them? What many people don't fully realize is this: there is NOTHING the Left would not do to gain and retain power. How do you think that Stalin and Mao killed over 50 million people between them? Why do you think Antifa and BLM can attack elderly women or shoot police with total disregard for their age, health, or husbands, wives, children and other family members. How callous and diabolical can you be to commit such crimes? Maybe what you need to realize is that given the chance they will burn down your house, your business, kill you and anyone else in your household. You can't defeat your enemy without understanding them completely. It was this lack of understanding that produced monsters like Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao and which makes even us in the US vulnerable to the same fate.

    • You understand a lot more than most people in this country, and it's frightening because they are willfully ignorant, turning a blind eye to what's being done. It's impossible to get the truth through to such people. It's frustrating and sickening.

  • quid pro quo joe blow obiden will call for a stunt MAN michael obama to step in for him at the debate.

    • I wouldn't be surprised.


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