• Xi OWNS 'Not President Biden'.

  • Many American have lost the respect for our land and way of life.  That, I think, is due to have not serve in the Military at all.  That and along with the history of America not being taught are the main reason.

  • Yep! The Chinese commies are the fox in the chicken house.

    And when I think of all the Russia,Russia,Russia,Rockheads

    selling Russia as the bogeyman to mislead us,.......

  • As an American Citizen, I Personally am responsible for the safety and security of my family, neighbors, community and Nation, as is every Citizen! Once that responsibility is relinquished to others, we become subservient slaves to those we expect to protect us.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • How did he ever come up with that..? 

  • The CCP have placed their pick for President in Office


  • Our whole govt. is completely corrupted.

    • Trump made them expose themselves for what they are, THE ENEMY WITHIN.





  • In Kruschev Remebers he (nakita) states that at the height of the cold war the soviets had 500,000 operatives in the USA. The chinese have 500,000 kids in American schools, and it has been averred that if they needed 'intel' these kids would easily flip. I beleive that.

  • swalwell is still an active senator of our United States, so is the female california senator with the chinese spy driver. I believe neither one of them ever said they were "sorry". Is "traitor" a word that can be used to call thoses 2 senators or has "traitor" becaome the new "illegal alian" word ?


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