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September 14

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Andrew replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion MSNBC's Joy Reid, Pals Accuse All Conservatives of Being Terrorists
"reid has described the democrat/socialist/communist operations in our country today (and the past 50 yuears). whtch how ny state redraws congressional district lines to get rid of conservatives (gerrymander). this disgusting terrorist speeac of reid…"
Nov 14
Andrew replied to Admin Dee's discussion London Times: Trump Haters are Silent as Russian Collusion Plot is Exposed
"hilary, bill o, biden and a host of 1 worlders are behind this plot to destroy American freedom and our Republic. They care ZERO about the American citizens. They only care about communism controling our country. Lets wish for speedy trials for all…"
Nov 9
Andrew replied to Admin Dee's discussion CDC: Wear a Mask to Protect From the Flu and Common Cold Too
"The "cdc"  is really the new "epa". Has anyone heard of an "epa" edict lately ? No because it is the "cdc" taking over from the "epa". The  "cdc" is an unelected disgrace !."
Nov 6
Andrew replied to USA 4ME's discussion Need Your Opinion: If the $3.5 Trillion plan costs nothing then.....
"Not too many people can figure that out. Don't forget 86 million people voted for j biden in the middle of the next day. How did that happen ? My elementary/junior/seniorschool district sent out a brochure on all the improvements they will make to…"
Oct 29
Andrew replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Elementary School in Fla takes kids to Gay Bar for Field Trip
"Does anyone believe indoctrination of under 10 year old children might be involved  ? Why else take children on a field trip to a bar ? This is sickening. Aren't there legal age limits for being in a bar in Florida. The state school funding must be…"
Oct 29
Andrew replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Psaki's Declares Admin Will Overturn States' Anti-Vaccine Mandate Orders
"The United States Constitution does not exist for these communist/socialist/liberals. It is completely ignoed at all times This is now a runaway dictatorship in our country The deep state and whatever they call themselves do not hide any of their…"
Oct 12
Andrew replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion AG Garland’s Daughter Married to Co-Founder of Education Company Selling CRT Resource Material to School Districts
"the original topic post, it is all disgusting !!!! puke time again and again !
Oct 6
Andrew replied to Admin Dee's discussion Report: Biden Is Offering Taliban Vast Sums of Cash to Allow Evacuations to Proceed
"biden demonstrates how important afganistan is to him by taking a vacation from his job as commander in chief. Our lame stream media have had their head in the sand for many years, they will not change now to report on biden's vacation or the…"
Aug 15
Andrew replied to Admin Dee's discussion Retired senior intelligence official says Chinese spies have infiltrated U.S. government
"swalwell is still an active senator of our United States, so is the female california senator with the chinese spy driver. I believe neither one of them ever said they were "sorry". Is "traitor" a word that can be used to call thoses 2 senators or…"
Jul 23
Andrew replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Critical piece of Sept. 11 history set to be sold to Indonesia
"thee ONLY reason our current wonderful government in dc would back down is " WE FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS SALE".
This would only add to their expanding list of embarrrasments.
Apr 26
Andrew replied to Admin Dee's discussion PA Public Schools teach that the Chauvin verdict represents America’s “pyramid of hate.”
"it is the voters who actually vote in local school board election and elect these school board members that dictate these rules in public schools for the public school teachers to follow. Please vote in local elections and know who or what you are…"
Apr 22
Andrew replied to Admin Dee's discussion Schumer: Senate will act on marijuana legalization with or without Biden
"Another crisis solved, great work chucky boy, all the junkies will now send you a gold star wrappen in legal marijuana."
Apr 4
Andrew replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Stacey Abrams Mad because Coorporations are taking her advice and leaving GA; Begs them to 'Stay and Fight'
"Thry politicians can may all the laws about elections they want t make, if you continue to use th same election software, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE. Uncle joe stalin sain it is the vote counters that really matter in elections, that miserable human…"
Apr 4
Andrew replied to Admin Dee's discussion McConnell Lays Out Trump Impeachment Trial Timeline
"This whole impeachment sham is ment to insure President Trump can never run for political office again. mcconnel, walloing in self pity, is saying please wip me, I am sorry he was the President. pelosi, schume, mcconnel are all anti American…"
Jan 22
Andrew replied to Admin Dee's discussion Pentagon blocks Biden Administration from accessing information about current military operations.
"My question is: Can the patriots who denied biden's people access be FIRED by biden as another example of "don't f**k with me" policy ? I am very happy patroits have followed our laws and denied access to ccp (red china) spies , like the chaufer of…"
Jan 22
Andrew replied to Admin Dee's discussion Report: Trump Orders Obamagate Documents to be Declassified and Released
"Who is going to arrest this scum ? chuky boy schumer., nancy babe, the fbi, the cia, the wash dc police, the congressional sgt of arms, ......... NOBODY WILL TAKE ANY ACTION AGAINST THESE SCUM !!!! Our country is imprisoned by entire…"
Jan 16