• Starving people will follow anyone who offers them food. Look at Germany after WW1 broke, defeated and discouraged....then came Hitler. OMG! 

    • Isn't that the truth 

    • That's what the people are afraid of.

    • You nail it right on the head

    • That's why people  all over this country came out to cheer on the People's Convoy going to fight for all of us.


  • Bob,

    I removed the comment I made for which I was called a 'potty mouth' used that terrible 4 letter word that is the often used term for feces.

    Yes,  that really deadly potty word that starts with 's' and ends with a 't' that so many are offended by.

    Bet you never heard it before.   Much less used it.

    Just wanted to clear up the big mystery.   It's good to have a laugh now and then.

    God forbid anybody should use the day to day term for urinating.

  • Who knew that 50% of all baby formula used in the US is produced in CHINA.   How is we have become so dependent on an enemy for basic survival needs?   Have we gone totally stupid?    Are we the braindead country pathetic in its ignorance and dependence?

    Abbott Co produced 43% of infant formula in the US.   The Government shut them down 8 months ago and has done nothing to see that they get back online in producing again.   8 months.

    Being basically monopoly producers, isn't there an implied duty of one of our multitude of agencies to get involved in getting them online again?

    And, then commandeering my guess is about 80% of the available supply and providing it AT OUR COST TO PEOPLE ILLEGALLY IN OUR COUNTRY while US INFANTS STARVE IS TREASON.

    • Most of the illegal aliens have never seen formula... they use breastfeeding almost exclusively and when not.... they use... yes... Goats milk. Besides just how many infants needing formula are being caught crossing the border illegally?  I would not be surprised if the formula being held on the border goes out of date or was already out of date... With the pandemic significantly reducing the birth rate in America demand for formula undoubtedly crashed dramatically and consumption is still well below an average... The resulting drop in demand undoubtedly created huge stockpiles of unused formula, formula about to expire and needing to be dumped...

      Oops... Big Pharma can't have that happen... millions in revenues lost for a lack of demand... any more than Big oil was willing to accept the loss in retail sales due to the serious drop in demand for fuel and electricity associated with the shut down of the economy... commuting nearly stopped, factories and business closed, people working from home, travel for vacation and holidays canceled... and no school busses burning fuel.  Both now want their losses to revenue compensated overnight... so create phony shortages and artificially drive up retail prices... we don't have free markets they are Managed Markets... monopoly and international price-fixing by the major corporations of the world...and the failure of the DOJ to enforce our pricing fixing, monopoly, and antitrust laws. The Sherman Act.

      See:  United States antitrust law - Wikipedia

      Voila, Big Pharma and Big Energy use their monopoly powers to create phony shortages... jack up retail prices to make up for all the lost revenue they experienced in their PHONY PANDEMIC... all these shortages are the tail wagging the dog... or plain old fashion 'shaking-down' the dog owner for all they can get?

      United States antitrust law
      In the United States, antitrust law is a collection of mostly federal laws that regulate the conduct and organization of businesses to promote compet…
    • joe biden and the obama are good friend of the chinese government because they are communist themselves since communist is the way to go in the Democratic party that is the reason why joe biden want the American people to depend on China.


    • Guaranteed any American depending on either biden or obama is deaf, dumb, and terminally stupid.

      If either of them suggests one action, DO THE OPPOSITE.

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